The Skinny Pancake

454 Mountain Rd, Stowe
(802) 760-6588

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Al Hofman

The concept of the new food is good, however I prefer the previous owners' food. Everything else at this place is wrong (in my opinion of course).First of all the host: that person had no clue about sitting arrangements, strategy, etc, completely incompetent for the job. We were waiting for the table about 15 minutes: I saw at least 4 empty tables during that whole time!!!!! You get the table and you must walk to the counter to order food, which wasn't explained by the host!!!! It's a shame that chefs hard work was spoiled by incompetence of the front of the house personnel.

Dennis K.

This place is a must visit if you’re ever in Stowe. Every breakfast food is local. Even the beer.

Amy F.

I originally walked up Mountain Road with all intention to go to The Bench (a pub restaurant next door). But then I saw my two favorite words on a sign: Skinny and Pancake. My heart was torn in two; should I choose a more hearty meal, like a hamburger and fries? Or should I choose the less healthy option of a crepe? My gut wrenched and I knew in that moment that I had to go where my heart was leading me: The Skinny Pancake. Upon arrival, it was even more beautiful than I had initially imagined. A super clean and modern eatery, with lots of fun decorations. The menus were clean AF, none of that stupid schmutz that gets on some restaurants' menus. There was no line, and the girls at the register were so sweet. There were tons of options for crepes and they were absolutely scrumptious. We ordered a blueberry pie crepe and asked for a gluten free wrap (at no additional cost! and the gluten free wrap (or whatever it's called on a crepe) was actually really freaking good for gluten free food). I ordered a Heartbreaker (strawberries, bananas, and nutella on a crepe with whipped cream on the side), and, boy, was it good. I'm telling you I have never had a crepe this freaking delicious before. Altogether, I just want to say that I will be adding a "thank you for allowing such a delicious place to exist" to my regularly scheduled prayers to God from now on. 10000/10 experience.

Kait S.

Other than some initial issues with the website (the hours were different depending on which page you found yourself in) and online ordering (it had accidentally been turned off), our experience with skinny pancake was fast + delicious. I ordered the vegan monster with an over hard egg and it was SO filling! The pesto mayo was super flavorful as was the fun seitan patty. Can't speak to table service as we did takeout but noticed the wifi pwd was prominently listed and takeout was contact feee, a win in my book. Fast, filling, and yummy makes this a winner for me!

Mrs. McCorry

Not a lot of places are open during the off season, middle of the week scenario. Happy to find they were open on a Wednesday! Stopped in for some burgers? I know, burgers at a crepe place. They also had quite an assortment of delicious cocktails?. My junebug cocktail was super refreshing. Everything tasted as if it wad made fresh. Maddy was super helpful in putting our orders through and checking in on us to make sure everything was satisfactory. Be sure to stop in and try this cute little local place ❤

Diane Thompson

I love the Skinny Pancake. You can easily eat here if you have food allergies, are vegan or want to eat light or heavy. They can fulfill your savory or sweet urges in the form of a crepe.

Nathan Samuel

The staff serms fairly disinterested in their work. Long waits as apparently reservations are not required but optimal. After waiting, we were brought to our table, where we find that we take our own order from our phones. 18% tip comes up automatically, which is strange because all they do is bring out your food, after another fairly long wait. Food is good, but overpriced. Lots of sugar.

Alysia Marchand

Very expensive, poorly made breakfast with a surprising lack of service for how much they charge. Two crepes, a coffee and an iced latte came to almost $40 with tip - but what am I tipping for? I had to get my own coffee and the server wouldn’t even bring us napkins since those are apparently also self serve. Over 45 minutes to get our breakfast and both crepes were lukewarm at best. My chicken pesto crepe was watery, and the crepe itself was kind of gummy. Total waste of time and money.

Jason Hall

Solid breakfast spot! Little bit of difficulty with the QR code menu at first, but once we got orders in things went smoothly. I got the Noah's Ark meal, and a side of hash browns - a great combo. Crepes were a little thicker than I'm used to making but still wicked good.Recommend calling ahead if you have a large (>6) party, to give them a chance to move some tables.

Kurt A.

Food was average, service bad. You have to order using the QR code at the table or walk up to the checkout to order. They will bring you the food but that is the extent of table service. Need extra ketchup or a drink refill? You'll need to flag someone down or go back to the front register. The only table service was cleaning up our plates before we were finished. When you order with QR code they will suggest an 18% tip and require you to pay up front. Suggest cash tip on the way out after evaluation of your experience. Hope this helps!

Robert J.

So disappointed. I love coming to Vermont and always eating at the skinny pancake. My friends and I made a reservation over a week ago for a table of 3 at 10:30. Knowing the restaurant was in Stowe and would be very busy we took the precaution of making the reservation to ensure we had a table Tuesday morning. We left our house around 9:30 and arrived at 9:55 and upon entering the restaurant it was obviously busy. We then went to the hostess and she informed us she had no reservation for us in the system. We then showed her our confirmation email and she simply told us what she told the party of 4 in front of us (that had no reservation) that it would be an hour long wait despite our reservation we had made and showed her. I am very disappointed in this encounter but hope that next time it will work out.

Aaron Lyon

Excellent food! Very tasty,got some sweet and savory options. Friendly staff. Lemonade was super tart of you like it that way. A little bit of a wait for food but awesome experience.

Nika V.

While visiting Stowe, we came across this place for breakfast. Really loved the atmosphere. The sitting area indoors and outside was nice. The food was great too. But it's definitely not cheap. Although the food was great, I could not help but notice how small the portion of scrambled eggs was. For $5.50 it was just enough for my 4yo. Tiny to say the least. Overall, highly recommend this place for anyone looking for delicious crepes for breakfast/lunch or dinner. We stayed in Stowe sun-wed and were shocked how many restaurants were closed during those specific days. We loved the food and came here 2 days in the row for breakfast. The service was great. Delicious coffee with free refill.

F Kim

Not sure the “skinny” pancake helped my diet. The food was good. Service was better. Nice vibe and layout. Forgot my shades there. They were nice enough to keep it for me. I would highly recommend this establishment.

Mary LoMonaco

Delicious! Sustainable, local, fabulous crepes.

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