Friend?s Nepali Restaurant

212 Main St, Winooski
(802) 654-8000

Recent Reviews

Christopher Eling

A little bit of spice and a lot of delicious

Toran Dulal

I go there pretty much every monday to get my chow mein. they make the best. Nice and friendly staff, quick wait,

Wendy Cannan

Great prices, excellent vegetarian curries. It's not "light" fare though so bring a good appetite!

Mari A.

The food is disgusting!The photos and reviews must be fake, or be written by drunk college students. Our food did not look or taste anything like what is posted! We ordered the chicken kebab and were given fried, processed mystery meat. The vegetable stir fry was a major disappointment; overly cooked and soggy! Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place. McDonald's would have been better and cheaper!

Britton B.

Love this place! Not only is the food great and authentic the price is also great. They give you so much food no matter what you order. Huge fan of Nepalese's food and they do it right at friends !

Jen Way

Delicious food and a large selection of choices! It was difficult to pick one (or two...). samosas are amazing, as is the chicken tikka masala and the naanâ??oh the naan! Definitely will be back!

Sergio Apuzzo

This place is fantastic. The food is amazing. I love the Napa bread. I think it's called Nan bread. I am definitely going again. I am definitely bringing friends there to eat when they come and visit me from out of town.

Sandi Omanovic

Got the Chicken Tiki Masala and wasn't dissapointed. Family owned, friendly staff and great food. What more could you ask for?


Tiny but great. I ordered mixed Chowmein with chicken, pork & shrilp for my lunch today and I have to say that these guys have the real cooking skills. They prepared it with enough spices, heat and softness to balance the flavor. The portion size is so big that you can share with one other person and still get full. I asked for spicy sauce and momo sauce and they're awesome. All other items on the menu are my to-do list at Friends. Having said that, momo's next. Way to go friends at Friends Restaurant.

Nathan Guggisberg

Great food, huge portions, cheap prices, nice staff. Why not check it out?

M L.

Excellent little no frills spot. Everything we got was delicious and freshly made to order. Very reasonable prices. Seems like it's probably BYOB. I'm super happy to have finally discovered this place and wish I'd found it sooner!!

Daphnee Cardella

Best chicken tikka masala Iâ??ve ever had

J T.

Awesome. Average to large portions for less than almost any place I've been, and the food is delicious. Best place around here.

Michael Servidio

I absolutely love eating here. Food is so good, and the portions are large. I love Nepali food and the enjoy the friendly staff.

Khagen Sharma

I have been there once a week , the food was fabulous,owner are soo friendly, so they have the name friendly .. jk . They always make the best food and also I order for my work for the party and all the employees want me order from there .. one of the best restaurant in the area for sure .. I will recommend you all come and try it once , you will never go to other places anymore . .. Best of the Best .

L H.

This place is a perfect example of don't judge a book by its cover. The outside looks a little rough, but the food and the service are fantastic! The bathroom is in rough shape, but you forget about that wince you start enjoying your meal. You can either eat in (probably enough seating for about 12-16 people total inside) or get take out. The three people cooking/working the register are very friendly and help make accommodations such as if you want a dish more or less spicy. Everything we ordered was extremely fresh, well flavored, and generously portioned. They accidentally served us the chicken lo mein which we didn't order, but gave it to us for free! I would highly recommend the chicken lo mein, chicken tikka masala (spicy dish), and the pork dumplings. The dumplings were incredible and for $9.00 they give you 18 of them! For two of us we ordered a total of 2 main dishes (got a third by accident since they gave us the lo mein we didn't order) and an order of dumplings and left the restaurant with FOUR to go boxes. Really only need to order 1-2 dishes and you'll have more than enough. I will come back for sure!!!

Peter Deng

This is a wonderful restaurant run by ones of the best chefs in the area. Delicious food to make your mouthwatering. I would encourage everyone who visit Vermont to stop by try some of the delicious dishes of Friends Nepali Restaurant. The owners are so friendly and the name said it all.

Seiji Ohashi

My first time here and I will definitely be back. The Tandoori chicken plate was large enough for two and very tasty. Good option for a cheap lunch with about half the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes.

Corey W.

So good! Friendly and yummy food! Definitely a good place to go to! It's even open on Monday's when most places are closed.

Eric O.

Nice little spot in Winooski. If you are looking for something a tad different than Vietnamese food this is it. Very fair portions and unique menu. I've tried a little bit of everything, Peking vegetables with noodles stands out. Would recommend giving them a try.

Joseph Ercole

Finally, something outstanding in this location. A mix of Indian and Nepalese food, FoN is sporting some ridiculously tasty dishes. I haven't had curry this good around BTV.

Sarah Heusner

So delicious and fresh. I had the vegetable flat noodles and the sauce was amazing.

Sujan Shrestha

They need to change this Itam to item.


A place that is not afraid of flavor...finally!!! The amount of food they give you is also great. A wonderful addition to Chittenden County, love it!

Lal Pradhan

We, Liaisons from Burlington School District ordered different foods(chicken briyani, Momo-veg and chicken, and chicken chowmein) for the potluck. All these foods were very delicious and wonderful with different flavors. All loved it and the common word came out of all of us was â??so deliciousâ??.

Sarah H.

So delicious. The food was fresh and flavorful. Definitely go out and give it a try. Service was helpful and nice as well. A great addition to the community.

Madeleine S.

Really good food, friendly and unfussy atmosphere. New favorite in the area! I love how the food has character- well balanced with interesting flavors and textures. Delicious and plentiful, but affordable. Lots of awesome veggie options for me (especially the samosas and aloo dum) and my partner loves the fish pakora.

T F.

Honestly, I don't write reviews about anything, but this place really is special. The second you walk in you are greeted by the friendliest people in the restaurant business who seem to be really genuinely happy about what they are doing. The menu is fantastic, with all different types of Indian, Bhutanese and other types of noodles on the menu. I have gotten takeout from here 3 times and eaten in at least 5 times and have ordered an extensive part of the menu, all of which I can say is fantastic. The standouts for me are the garlic naan, the chicken Biryani and the peanut noodles with pork. The portions are all large and the prices really can't be beaten anywhere. The food is as authentic as it gets and it is 100% worth a chance.

Suraj Bhattarai

A great place to experience near-authentic Nepali food in Vermont. Generous serving size and reasonable price. Staffs are friendly and welcoming. Definitely try this one if you like Nepali food. I have eaten Chicken fried rice, pakoras and chowmin and they all are flawless.

Julia Luckett

Authentic, full flavor food with big portion sizes and super friendly staff. I'll be back often!

John Depaula

We started out with Veg Pakoras which were absolutely delicious. It's a generous serving - enough for 4 as an appetizer. Next we had the Veg Chow Mein. It had a variety of onions, cabbage, chickpeas, and (I think) mung beans, and noodles. Also absolutely delicious. This, too, was a generous serving so we had enough to bring home for another meal.Tea is complimentary and we had Chai (with milk) and Black tea.

Keith Longmore

Friendly, family oriented neighborhood restaurant. Amazing cuisine! An exceptional array of Nepali food. Unbelievable value! Vermont is very fortunate to have these folks grace the Green Mountains with their food and culture.

Ada L.

Amazing food - had the Samosa Chaat and naan and it was superb. We'll be going back soon !

Kevin L.

This is a great up-and-coming Nepali/Indian Restaurant! We visited on a Friday night and ordered the stuffed tomatoes (# 25) and chapati roti (# 9). Both were excellent, filling, and generously portioned. The curry in the stuffed tomatoes was incredibly flavorful and we soaked up every last bit of it with the roti. The roti was also served with a soup in case we had already eaten all of the curry! The place was a little bit hectic with a lot of to-go orders, but the staff was keeping up just fine and it looked to us like pretty typical new restaurant growing pains.

Nathaniel B.

Really delicious curries and stir fries. Their paneer (cheese) is delicious. Prices are fair, portions are large. We ate in and the service was quick (order at the register, and pay at the register at the end of meal).

Rick H.

Great place and friendly staff. This used to be the Pho Man restaurant that was sold to new owners. The menu is completely different and very fresh food. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.

Sarah Tortora

Just had a delicious lunch here- paneer pakora, chicken hot and sour soup, pork dumplings, chicken peanut noodles. generous portions, incredible flavor, incredibly affordable prices, friendly staff. Highly recommend! New management/owners since August 2018.

Friend?s Nepali Restaurant

212 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404
(802) 654-8000