The Food Atlas

5148 Auburn Way N, Auburn
(206) 966-0686

Recent Reviews

Manish Ror

Best Cateing everLove the food and the person;

My Trigger Time

Loved every bite! Wish there was a restaurant!

Christina McDonald

OMG, this food is delicious!! I had some at Edmonds Sat Market and will now follow them on Facebook so I can visit for delicious food during the week!

Brandon Booth

Great food! Always look forward to seeing them at the farmers market in Everett. Get the chaat, and get it spicy.

Birk Wesrley

Uvi is a wonderful, charismatic guy who knows how to cook some nourishing and delish opus food. It’s FAST! (Spicy warning if you have a sensitive stomach for medical reasons, like myself. It’s great spicy if you’ve got the furs!)

Kim Forbes

The Food Atlas has flavors and service that will make you wonder how you made it this far without trying Indian street food! Chef Yuvi catered our staff appreciation event with a tasty menu. Our 150 staff members had an amazing lunch that was made right in front of us. We had fun trying new food like Pakora and learning what “Chaat” means! (Find out for yourself by visiting Chef Yuvi at his next event.)Yes, you NEED to find a time to visit The Food Atlas. Not only will the layers of flavors explode in your mouth but your eyes will be pleased by the colorful food and your nose will be delighted as well. I am so excited that our local Farmer’s Markets, (Everett, Snohomish and Lake Stevens) are opening up soon. I can’t wait to enjoy delicious food made right in front of me once again! You will be so happy you tried Indian Street Food!

Mahia Sarden

Came down to my big brothers baby shower in the park and served some amazingly tasty food with excellent service !!

Rica Sharpe

Amazing Indian street cuisine!

ryan mansour

The food was absolutely amazing! A good variety to choose from! Some of the best food I have had in a while! I love how it was made fresh on the spot! So cool!

Bite Sized Ramen

One of the best food trucks I've ever tried! Would recommend any day

Ricky Walker

Amazing cook and fun to interact with. Excellent experience and excellent food!!!

Tyler Balazic

Every time I come here I like them more and more. If they're at an event just eat there, literally everything else is a waste of money.

Starret Carless

Saw Yuvi and The Food Atlas team today at Snohomish Farmer’s Market and I can’t recommend them enough! Yuvi is such a good chef and the food is mouth watering. The pakora is so good with some spice and the Chaat was my favorite - the curry and chutney dish. Don’t forget to grab a Mango Lasi! You will have dreams about the food.

Jared Zengulis

Amazing service!! The owners are super friendly and personable. They’re at the Everett Farmers Market every Sunday, so check them out for some fresh, delicious food! I am obsessed with their Pakora and Mango Lassie. I will for sure be going back many, many times!:)

Savvy Exploring

Great food and great personalities! Got a samosa and an order of pakora at the Everett Farm Market and the both came loaded with toppings! So many textures and flavors and they all blended beautifully.

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