SuBI Japanese Restaurant

403 Madison Ave N #150, Bainbridge Island
(206) 855-7882

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Jinrong Chen

This is my first visit on Bainbridge Island. I found this place on Google map. Currently, SuBI only opens for lunch. We had butter geoduck yaki, tonkutsu ramen, and chirashi. The egg in ramen was not the hot spring egg (liquid yolk), which we were a little disappointed. But the geoduck within chirashi was fresh and sweet. I really like it! All staff were very friendly. I would recommend this restaurant if you like Japanese food. ?

Rav E.

Admittedly wasn't expecting much for sushi on Bainbridge, but SuBI serves up fresh fish and delicious rolls! So good that we went back for lunch after getting takeout dinner the night before. Their online ordering makes things a breeze!

Eric F.

Best fresh fish! I'm on a keto diet so SuBI totally works for me. I had their "Very Good Salad" for lunch which is made from fresh mixed greens, Ahi, Dungeness crab and tobeko. That, a bowl of miso soup and complimentary edamame and my delicious meal was under $20. Great place for the best sushi too, when I'm back to eating rice again.

Sabrina C.

Good service! Very kid friendly and good food!! We enjoyed it and felt lucky to find this restaurant.

Lynn Tran

I’ve been apprehensive about trying SuBI, maybe because the other Asian restaurants on BI are overpriced and mediocre. But after a week of tooth ache and canned soup, I was craving ramen and decided to finally try it. Wow, the miso ramen was SO great. And I loved the side salad that came with it. It was exactly what I needed and perfectly filling. Good miso flavor and the broth was a good balance of creamy and clarifyingI’ve been back since and enjoyed everything I’ve ordered. Some other items to consider trying: Coconut Prawns, Salmon Kama, Baked Scallop California roll, and any of their salads!

opentable dinner

Fabulous as always! Love this place. ❤️

Russell Ackland

After 5 years of excellent experience, I have experienced a delay in pickup during my last 4 orders. Today I decided to show up 15 minutes late, then still waited another 15 minutes. The WORST typical customer service excuse was told to me by the owner: "oh we just noticed one roll was missing." I did call him on it. 3 orders went out after mine....15 minutes to make one order arrived......yah ok....I still left 15%.....not next time. Until in-house is restored....I am not able to recommend this establishment.

Halie Hajek

So happy to have a great place for sushi so close to home! Great food and staff!

Jessica L.

I've only been here once and it was take-out (during COVID), so I can't speak to the atmosphere of the restaurant. It took ~15 min to make 4 people's food. The Salmon Teriyaki Lunch Bento w/ Tempura and Salad with Ginger dressing is amazing. It had two LARGE pieces of salmon on a small bed of well-seasoned squash/veggies. The tempura was crispy and other sides were great. Very filling. Ginger dressing is pretty unique, so I would recommend it. Miso soup could have more tofu/seaweed, but given the rest of the meal, I don't mind. All the food came hot. The restaurant itself really close to the Bainbridge port (walkable, but a car would be easier), and is only the first floor, so there is no worry about climbing stairs. Parking is easy; it's shares a parking lot with other stores/restaurants.

Chris E.

Best Sushi I have had outside of the Japan. The quality of the fish was as good as I have had anywhere. And even for takeout, the presentation was perfection.

Julie C.

Great sushi and sashimi! We came for the weekend and this was our best meal. We ordered the sashimi appetizer, the half albacore and salmon roll and the kids ramen for my son. The fish was super fresh and everything tasted great except the ramen miso broth was a little salty for our taste. We will stop by again next time we are on the island!

Joe Garber

Great food awesome atmosphere.

Helen Smith

I picked up takeout for lunch recently, and it was excellent! Not only were the delicious rolls far better than most other sushi places in the area, but their takeout procedure is efficient and safe. I will be back!

Helen S.

I picked up takeout for lunch recently, and it was excellent! Not only were the delicious rolls far better than most other sushi places in the area, but their takeout procedure is efficient and safe. I will be back!

Finn Moerchen

Great food, very lively. Has alot of people there though had to order takeout.

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