Shabu Shabu Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

627 156th Ave SE, Bellevue
(425) 502-9489

Recent Reviews

Judy M.

Pre corona I used to go here for a well priced lunch

Tricia P.

Came here with a party of 3 people and the overall price was very decent for 3 Shabu Shabu meals and an appetizer. Staff appeared very nice, soft spoken, and highly attentive. For appetizers, I got spicy chicken kara-age which was good, it came with a sauce that tasted sweet/tangy. I got the pork Shabu Shabu which came with a variety of dishes such as rice, veggies, noodles, thin pork slices, two sauces, and of course the infamous hot pot. Although I was really full, the dish was very flavorful and light. I recommend coming here, especially during their lunch time! Parking: Decent, might vary depending on day/time Cleanliness: Good. Looked very clean when you walk in!

Ms. A.

THIS IS UNDER $14 lunch TO GO AT SHABU SHABU KYOTO!! Our CEO of the company is providing us a lunch for us every week and we chose Shabu Shabu Kyoto restaurant at this time! I enjoyed everything and this is very good price for lunch and karaage bento cane with rice, miso soup and sugimito tea separately. I highly recommend this restaurant for lunch because I was satisfied with their portion and price!

Amanda L.

This is probably my favorite sukiyaki place in the PNW. When I first came here I ordered a half half sukiyaki Shabu Shabu but felt it was too weak flavor wise for my liking. Instead I have continued to order the sukiyaki with usually pork or beef and it has always been amazing. The raw egg gives it a real authentic flavor. My bf loves it but I prefer to cook it in my soup for sanitary reasons I usually go for lunch since it's cheaper slightly and on Sunday. The service is prompt and they explain well how to eat and what it is if it's your first time. Highly recommend anyone on the east side to try!

Joon Park

Very clean, friendly, fresh meat and vegetables for shabushabu. Importantly, it is not overpriced. The only thing I'd like them is the quality of udon. It would be perfect if udon tastes better. But, overall, one of my favorite brunch, lunch spots.

Ron S.

Before when we came, we had Sukiyaki and Shabu Shabu. This time I tried Tonkatsu. The Tonkatsu was tender. The breading was pretty good. Sauce so-so. I like Bulldog sauce and this tasted slightly different. They had some seeds too that you could get to adhere with the sauce. Rice and Miso soup with Deep Fried Tofu were excellent. Shredded Cabbage OK but nothing spectacular. Their potato salad had almost not flavor and it was just a little dab with a piece of corn in the middle. I like Japanese potato salad that is a little stronger with cucumbers and carrots inside. They had Japanese pickles that were red and yellow peppers-so so again. I like Japanese pickles with daikon,Japanese turnips, Rakkyo-Japanese onion, eggplant the best for pickles. $11.99-very good price for what you got. The restaurant and bathrooms were very clean and sterile and the they had a nice counter which I don't remember before and you can see kitchen preparation that was nice. I could see the meat slicing was very meticulous.The two young people at the front counter watched for orders but otherwise stood around and did not look if someone needed something. I was ready to leave and take some food to go but it took them a while to realize that. The restaurant is quite cold-I think due to the ceiling fan but I think its purpose is to keep the restaurant from being smoky. I wish that had that down lower during colder months.

Ed McCulloch

Walked in before 3pm; sat down w the menu and ordered (no problem). Server comes back w the dinner menu and lets us know that actually since it's just after 3pm now (mins after) - we have to re-order w the more expensive dinner menu.

Jason A.

Excellent service, great selection, happy hour on appetizers, great sake selection, the meat was perfectly sliced and the taste was phenomenal

Ed M.

Walked in before 3pm; sat down w the menu and ordered (no problem). Server comes back w the dinner menu and lets us know that actually since it's just after 3pm now (mins after) - we have to re-order w the more expensive dinner menu. Wait, what? I find this behavior unacceptable - if I had showed up past 3 and had received a dinner menu to begin with I get it. But switching menu's after we ordered smacks of greed. We left for a much nicer late lunch at Joybox.


Japanese Shabu Shabu in the heart of Bellevue neighborhood. Pork Belly was mentioned many times in other reviews, but I enjoyed the beef more. They have a friendly setting inside, and the stovetop is touch screen.

Havoczx 00

Pretty good place for a casual shabu shabu experience. Recommend the short rib with extra wagyu. Their sake sampler is also nice.

Rachel P.

Good, and clean with Attentive service. Great price for family lunch. We tried both beef sukiyaki and spicy miso shabu shabu. Sukiyaki was much more flavorful because of the concentrated broth. Btw you are supposed to dip it in raw eggs but don't let that deter you! I highly recommend you try it!

Alex P.

High quality Hot Pot at a very affordable price! This place is one of the go-to's now whenever I am craving hot pot, which is almost all the time now since it has been so cold this winter. Food: 5/5 The usual order: - Mushroom Dynamite ($9.75) Now going here you would usually think that the only thing that would be good would be the hot pot, but this the mushroom dynamite is straight fire! Perfect dip made with mushrooms, cheese, tomato, ad avocado served with some nice crisp bread. Great start to your meal. - Pork Belly Shabu Shabu ($19.50) This is what I always order whenever I come in, I love how thin and fresh the pork belly tastes. I think that the best broth is the spicy miso, just enough spice to complement all the veggies and meat without overpowering anything (For most shabu shabu places you don't normally drink the broth, which is why no spoon is given to you). - US Choice Rib-Eye ($27.00) My fiance loves getting this cut of meat, as it is a pretty high quality cut of meat for a pretty good price (compared to the higher end options they offer). It is very thin and tender and cooks in like 30 seconds, perfect for the impatient eaters out there. Service: 3.5/5 I think that the service is good for what it is (everybody is usually pretty nice), they are a newer spot so I think service will only get better. I do think that at times the servers have too many tables to be able to take care of at their peak hours, but that's all good in my book. Hot pot is meant to be eaten slowly anyways, so be patient with the servers. Parking 5/5: Big lot shared with the library and other restaurants in this relatively new plaza. Overall, Really good spot to come in and get a break from the cold! Waits can be long for a party of 4 or more since the actual restaurant itself isn't that big and doesn't hold that many tables. Tip: The sesame sauce is BOMB. Ask for some chili oil if you like things a bit spicier and go to town. (Don't be afraid to ask for refills of the sauce)

Donut D.

I overall like this the dinning experience here. Not overally crowded, good space between tables, fair price, clean tabletops, quick service, attentive staffs, family friendly with kids menu and door front parking spaces. I have to minus a star because the veggies that came with my sukiyaki shabu were not wash. There were dirt on the stem that I had to rinse off with my iced water. The soup base can use more flavors but it's my preference only. If I'm in the area, I don't mind to dine here again.

Emily Z.

Cute Japanese restaurant with good food. I got the spicy karaage meal, which came with delicious miso soup, picked radishes, and salad. The chicken was perfectly fried and the hot sauce tasted like Tabasco, which was a wonderful flavor combination! It was simple and good, nothing amazing, but I would have it again. The curry was also very rich and flavorful -- when paired with the pickled vegetables, it was delightful on a snowy day! I went during happy hour (I believe they're Monday to Thursday from 5PM to close). You can get 50% off sake, wine, and beer and 20% off appetizers. Good deal!

Ron M.

Wow, I had no idea this place existed but the food selection was fantastic - even if you don't want shabu shabu. That said, we tried lots of things on the menu including the Shabu Shabu and my Korean born (Kyoto raised) wife absolutely loved everything we had. The wait was horrifically bad so they really need a better system. I think we waited 90 minutes with a 3 and 10 year old fighting each other so it felt like 90 days. I'd go back - alone with without the kids for a fun date nite.

Natalie Nicolas

Tasty food, nice atmosphere & excellent service!

Cheng Wei Yea

What a pleasant surprise! We both had the shabu shabu with beef and it was absolutely delicious! We will be back!

Isabel L.

I came here five times during my internship in Seattle, and I can't wait to revisit once I'm back in town. Definitely my favorite restaurant across the places I tried in the Seattle area, Vancouver, and Portland. For my appetizer, I enjoyed the salmon sashimi (though it is farm-bred, if that matters to you). If you like fusion Japanese food, I'd recommend the crispy rice with spicy tuna. The kara-age was pretty average to me, nothing special. Do yourself a favor and get the US Choice Rib-eye Beef Shabu Shabu (absolutely worth the small price premium). I'd recommend getting the traditional base and asking for spicy miso sauce on the side (no extra charge, and you can try both style broths). If you're with a friend and y'all aren't too hungry, the two of you can share one broth and order some extra meat. The choice ribeye is so ridiculously tender and literally melts in your mouth. It pairs nicely with both dips. The vegetable platter rounds out the meal nicely. All together, it's a nice, healthy change from the salty Chinese-style hot pot I'm used to. I wouldn't recommend sukiyaki unless you like things that are sweet- it's pretty good at the start but it gets super syrupy and sweet towards the end as the broth evaporates. I came here with people of varying cultural backgrounds on each visit, and everybody enjoyed it. It's a great place to go in a group but also a comfortable place to eat by yourself (there's nice bar seating with a view of the kitchen)

Robert T.

One of the first places we are at when we moved to the area. Authentic in every way. The spicy ginger chicken is crispy with just the right mix of sweet and spicy. If you are in the mood for Shabu, Shabu the spicy miso is the broth to go with. The vegetables are fresh and yummy. The beef or pork is great and if you want a vegetarian option there is tofu. The staff is patient and assisting in any way you need.

James Johnston

Very good quality ingredients, good saki, the portion was a touch big for an older guy, and the broth might have been a bit more strongly flavored.

Taylor Black

Incredible experience. Fresh, delicious, memorable. Thinking we'll make this a weekly coworker haunt.

Eileen Bailey

Came here tonight with a few friends and had a wonderful experience! Our server was super friendly and made many great suggestions on things to try and how best to eat our dishes. We ordered the Karage, crispy rice with spicy tuna, and the mushroom dip as appetizers. They were all excellent! The Karage was fried just right and the Mushroom dip was actually a surprise favorite! We also ordered a pork shabu shabu and a beef sukiyaki. Both were amazing! The food was so fresh and good and the dipping sauces were spot on!

Michelle B.

I had heard a lot about this place and was super excited to try this place. It did not disappoint. From the time we sat down to the end if our meal everything was fantastic. We were there on a Friday but get there right at opening so you beat the line! I ordered the Beef Sukiyaki & my bro visiting from out of town selected the Spicy Miso Base with Beef as well. The brown rice green tea went well on a chilly evening. Salmon Poke app & Spicy Chicken Kaarage was delish! Atmosphere was open and non descript but the ingredients were fresh and food was yummy and amazing! Fun & interactive as you cook your food on the burner in front of you. Fantastic service too very smiley and accommodating. The best Shabu Shabu on Eastside! You will love it!

Jamie Fristrom

This might be the best shabu shabu I've eaten and I've had it in little Tokyo in LA and that's the one to beat.

John S.

We got the Katsu Curry and the Beef Shabu. Maybe my expectations are high coming from SoCal, but I this didn't feel like anything special, and there was a near 40 minute wait for dinner. Prices were decent and I didn't dislike anything I got, but if I came here again and wasn't immediately able to be seated, it's really not worth waiting for.

Paulin L

We had poke and hotpot. Food was good. It's a relaxing space for dinner

Andrew Weng

By far our favorite しゃぶしゃぶ joint. As transplants from Los Angeles, we were sorely missing our favorite spots in little Tokyo. Thank goodness Shabu Shabu Kyoto opened up to satisfy our cravings for perfectly tender beef!

jianan duan

We ordered chicken Karaage( Well, it is delicious but it’s not spicy at all even we ordered the spicy one), hot pot(the quality of the meat is good and the broth is delicious) and Beef curry.

Mindy Y.

If you are here on business travel, you do not need to feel awkward as the place is set up in a way that even if you do not sit at the bar, you will feel fine. I ordered the US rib eye beef shabu shabu and it comes with a generous portion of veggies. The waitress was also super nice. She recommended that I order the spicy miso soup base, which was pretty good. Food was really good, but I got a bad bellyache afterwards. I would still come back of course!

Cj R.

We waited over an hour and expected great food. When we got seated, we were only then informed that the kitchen is short staffed and the menu was limited to only Shabu Shabu and kids plate. Broth was bland as if I bought beef from the grocery and dipped it into plain boiling water.

Frances L.

A great hot pot place for a cold, rainy day! We ordered a plate of spicy karaage, pork belly sukiyaki, and beef sukiyaki. The waiter explained that the main difference between the sukiyaki and shabu shabu is that the sukiyaki broth is more concentrated than shabu shabu. The spicy karaage had just the right kick of spice - highly recommend as an appetizer. The pork belly and beef were both great and easily shareable. They come with raw eggs, which you can use to dip the meat into to add additional flavor. A pro tip - don't leave the veggie, tofu, etc. in the pot for too long. They get super salty by the end of the meal. Overall, we left feeling extremely full and satisfied.


We had poke and hotpot. Food was good. It's a relaxing space for dinner

Bruce Lee

Service is good, pork belly for shabu shabu is awesome, dont like the veggies especially the cabbage root from shabu shabu.

Like the sukiyaki and shabu shabu. Fresh ingredients and pleasant environment. Will definitely come again.

Tayler Stevens

This place has such good Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki!! Makes me feel like I am in Japan again. Highly recommend.

LL Lee

So my husband and I have been a regular at this place for the past 2 months.

JaeHee Cho

In terms of food, they are really good and I’m going to visit here many more times from now. In terms of the service once you get your seat, it is also good. Don’t really have any complains.

Jess C.

This is our first time here and first experience at a hot pot restaurant! We all really liked it! Our waiter was wonderful and explained everything about the shabu shabu and provided recommendation for the dinner dishes. We got the pork loin and the rib eye. Both were tasty and the entire experience was nice. Two people got Kara Age and the Spicy Kara age. We all liked the spicy option better. The kid's dinner plate was cute and the kiddo liked it. The inside decor and appearance were pleasing. They were able to sit out party of 6 quickly at 6 o'clock on a Sunday. Their is an 18% gratuity for parties 6 and over. We didn't have an issue with this as the service was great. The salmon sashimi was fresh and tasty. For 6 people 6 entrees, 2 beers and 3 drinks with the 18% gratuity it was $148. We will be back. Oh and only one restroom.

Rudy L.

All can say is Damn... please go and have a good time..Completing the review now - Nice decor - the waitress was awesome (Judy), She knew the menu, was patient (my first time here), and the food was exactly as she described. We ordered the following - Sweet & Vinegar Kara-age (Japanese Fried Chicken) - Very Taste - the vinaigrette was taste - I would order it as a dipping sauce next time Spicy Chicken Kara-age - Very good - we ordered the sauce on the side - not as spicy as I'd hoped - I will ask next time for extra spicy Note - the chicken was not piping hot like I like it - I believe this is done for the impatient. I was ready for the pain of burning mouth.. lol I order the Pork Belly Sukiyaki - Check the menu for the items included - The AWESOME Judy - explained the reason for the raw egg dip - The Sukiyaki flavor is strong - the ingredients are dipped into the cool egg to balance out the flavors... have to say it was GOOOOOOOD... Marked this place as a fav... Make this a stop... I went with co-workers bringing the Fam next time...

Shabu Shabu Kyoto Japanese Restaurant

627 156th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98007
(425) 502-9489