Steve's Bar & Grill

14230 NE 20th St A, Bellevue
(425) 747-4493

Recent Reviews

Alonzo White

This place doesn't have your typical bar food! I was impressed by the menu selection. It's another hole in the bar with great food. The people there were nice. Not a lot of TVs but hanging out at Applebees?

Spencer Hill

Amazing fish and chips. I think the chips are homemade

Jamie Ross

Good food, great service, and well-poured cocktails. The bar is so close to downtown Bellevue but it isn't packed or crowded - love that.

Katherine Boles

I love their daily specials! This is a nice hole in the wall type place with good food for a bar. It’s not fancy. They have a juke box that is operated by a phone app that’s fun to use.

Marisa Cats

Adrienne is thr best thing about this place. She is Steve. ?

Richard W.

It's not five star dining, but it's a five star dive bar. I come here infrequently, but a few of the waitresses always remember me and chat for a bit when I sit down to grab a beer to wait out traffic. The food is pub-grub crossbred with Italian comfort food, and well executed. Jukebox that gets a remarkable variety of pop and classic rock. They have a constantly running trivia game. Join with a free app. It is casual and fun. This is a great place to relax and unwind after a hard day. Without a doubt my very favorite place to do so.

Elyse C.

My boyfriend, his family, and I went to Steve's Bar and Grill for a Seahawks game and lunch before we had to head back to Vancouver, WA. We were strangers to the locals who seemingly frequent the bar, and we didn't pack our Seahawks gear for that weekend, so we may have received a few questionable looks. :) We showed our support for the Hawks, though, and all was good. We all were surprised with how delicious our food was, to be honest. It's definitely a dive bar, and the location is a bit strange, but the food really hit the spot, and we loved the Seahawks camaraderie!

Shannon Giles

We love Adrians service and the food was to die for!!! Great drinks and great friends

John Rollins

Nice time with my sister and brother great prime rib dinner

Kitty L.

Just a very chill place, especially to go knock back a few after work. Great food, the staff is really funny and cool. Plus, pull tabs!!!!

Edna D.

Came here with hubby to watch a Seahawks game. Great little place, wait staff, server and regulars were warm, courteous and friendly. Great food and service. I ordered the French dip and I like it! We'll stop by again when we are in the area.

D.L. Nichols

It’s a cool place you dig. Snaps to the vibe,Atmosphere, Spirits and food.

Dick H.

The service and food were pretty good. I went on a football night (it's a sports bar, people! :) ), and it was as little on the noisy side for a nice quiet meal. Other than that, a good place for dinner. And a beverage :)

Doyle 8

Great food. Great atmosphere. Awesome bar staff. It’s the everything bar all compacted into 500 square feet.

B-wrecka D

One of the few dive bars in Bellevue. And I say that with all the love in my heart.

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