Steve's Bar & Grill

14230 NE 20th St A, Bellevue
(425) 747-4493

Recent Reviews

Terrie B

Great food, everything tasted great and came out fast and hot. Great prices and great service. Cooked perfectly and friendly staff. From out of town and we happened to stumble on this place for local late night dining and glad we did!

Lea G.

Well I stopped in here today when I saw this place as I was walking by. It is in a strip mall with an unassuming front. As soon as you open the door you walk into a comfortable, Old school pub. The bar is fully stocked and the beer is cold. I enjoyed a kolsh. I was not yet hungry for a for lunch but I wanted to try something. I end up getting a cup of their enchilada soup. This was so good! A hearty broth with veggies and pieces of chicken. Tortilla strips and avocado with cilantro topped it off. Very good. Their bartender/server was super attentive and helpful about the food. I brought my husband back in the evening because I saw they had a prime rib special. On Wednesdays! We walked in and found a seat right away. It was a different bartender but she came and was attentive immediately. We both got the prime rib dinner. It comes with a baked potato, loaded or not, and fresh broccoli spears. 2295$. We were very excited. My husband tried the soup to start because I recommended it. It was very good and he enjoyed it. When our prime rib came the first time it was completely well done and unappealing. We had ordered medium rare. The waitress took them back immediately and apologized. A short time later she came back with two more pieces that were medium rare. The prime rib had good flavor although it was a bit chewy. It came with creamy horseradish sauce which I like a lot! The say Jus was tasty and hot. And the potatoes were loaded with bacon cheese and sour cream with some chives. I husbands potato was nice and fluffy. Mine was a bit dark and overcooked. The broccoli was fresh crispy and tasty. Overall a nice meal. I may come again next time I'm in the area to try the prime rib again. Maybe we came a bit too late? It was 7:45 in the evening. The service was prompt, friendly, and she definitely took care of our needs. The atmosphere is public with a few TVs playing sports. People were enjoying themselves which made for a good atmosphere.

Yoon Hee Chang

This place is the Bellevue version of Cheers. Good food, nice cold drinks, friendly server (I’ve yet to catch her name), hip yet comforting atmosphere. I’ll be frequenting this spot for sure.

Yoon Hee C.

Local dive with hip yet comforting atmosphere. Food is quite delicious and their portions are huge. The locals frequent this spot for sure. It almost feels like the Cheers... where everybody knows your name~~

Elaine P.

I love this... "Excellent" cleanliness according to County Public Health. Certainly nothing fancy. Friendly service and really good comfort food. Opens early for those who have the day off and want to have a 'lil drinky. I feel like I could come here in my pajamas. I wonder what the nights are like? I want to find out!

Pamala Wilson

Our server Katelyn was amazing. She was so busy, but kept checking in to make sure we were all good. And the food was superb.I highly recommend this hidden gem.

Bryant Givens

Katelyn was superb this evening, everything put on our table was exceptional! Tonight my Grandfather and I had the prime rib special and my Mother had the supper nachos. I would also highly recommend the bacon wrapped peppers. Oh and the music was pretty good too! 5 of 5 for sure. Tip your bartender.

Lori Henry

Stopped here for the first time for dinner and a beer was hesitant to go in at first but super glad we did. Steve sports bar is a GREAT bar with really good food and the staff is awesome. I would highly recommend this bar if you are looking for a great local bar.

Erin H.

Very small interior, but even so, they did a pretty okay spacing out people (ventilation/airflow wasn't really existent though if that bothers you) Overall though, this was a good little hangout - slightly dimmed lighting and a more calm ambiance than you would expect from a dive bar. We didn't order food, but the people next to us did and it smelled delicious!! I thought the seasonal drinks were overpriced (Mainly since mine was basically a small margarita since I didn't even get my basil!) I would still return though for normal stuff on tap or a well drink though.

Kirby Sorensen

Warm atmosphere, wonderful staff. A great place to grab a beer after work let's out.

Theresa Burch

Comfortable, good food, and awesome service.

Rhino Pro Floors

Ate here twice while traveling for work. A cool little dive with friendly wait staff, cold beer, and absolutely fantastic food. Had the taxo salad with pulled pork for dinner one night and the California burger for lunch a few days later. Both were exceptional. Highly recommend searching this place out.

Katie Kelly

Place was a lot smaller and slower than I imagined. However, the bartender was very sweet and attentive. Thank you

Crystal Holley

Hmmm .. took a trip to Bellevue.. I was feeling fancy but not though right? .. found Steve’s Bar and Grill had the Prime Rib Dip... uhh huh fries were hand cut... kinda divey like I like em... destroyed them ranch on point.. everyone’s having fun! 5 Stars! I’ll be back!!!

Ron J

I was waiting for my car to get fixed so I took a walk looking for breakfast.I saw Steve's Bar & Grill so I stopped in.I had a chicken fried steak breakfast. The scrambled eggs were yellow, the steak was good sized and the waitress was top notch.Stop in if you're in the area and I'm sure you will enjoy it.Ron

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