Sweetheart Dessert Club - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

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14320 NE 20th St ste d, Bellevue


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The drink that we got, the mango and Taro shake was actually good but the SERVICE IS BAD :( the cashier felt as if she wanted us to get out there quick with the attitude she displayed. Me and friends definitely felt the unwelcoming mood of the place. We were looking to try it due to the mouth watering pics but its definitely a bit of a disappointment :(

I always feel bad for giving a business one star for service but then mediocre food justifies it. So the service definitely sucked. The cashier spoke to us like she hated her life and was pretty rude. I get it, I've worked in food service but if my customer isn't an asshole, I'll treat them with respect. But who knows, maybe that's just naturally how she is as a person. Most of the things that sounded good on the menu weren't available and I had probably asked for 3 menu items...read full review
We were visiting from Portland and had this place bookmarked because of their dessert menu. They had so many durian dessert options. It was about a 30 min drive from our hotel, I should have known to call ahead of time. Ordered durian lava cake, the lady at the counter said "we don't have that" - then we went back to the menu and ordered "durian tiramisu" .... "we don't have that" she responded. Ummm ok... "durian crepe?" "We don't have that" - ok lady, "what do you have?!" ......read full review

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Sweetheart Dessert Club - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

14320 NE 20th St ste d, Bellevue, WA 98007
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