4152 Meridian St Suite 102, Bellingham
(360) 715-9190

Recent Reviews

Brett Thomassen

Not your standard subway. There was mold visible on the tomatoes. Coke machine was out of syrup. Guy was cool and gave me a bottled coke instead.

johnathan hawkins

Best food ever

Nick F

Wasn't too bad, good location

Douglas Hagerman

I love there meatball marinara sub. They have good food there.

Servando Osorio

Good food and delicious fast.nice people.

Dylan Kennedy

They are slow and customer service is meh and tables are dirty

Indirect Pointer


Ivan Zhuk

Good customer care, decent food. Get a bite anytime at the meridian subway. Try some of the best food on earth!

Brandon Davis

Quick and friendly service.

Ryan Christensen

Sandwich and drink for $15 seems a little steep. Nice workers but overpriced.

Joe Chavira

I have been going here for awhile but kinda stopped once Jimmy John's opened up down the street from here. And periodically come back. But almost every time I have been to this location it seems like the staff are almost annoyed with me or anybody else being there. And the veggies are rarely fresh lettuce is usually browning and tomatoes are usually kinda squishy. So if you want a good sandwich with fresh ingredients and just go to jimmy John's next to best buy. It's better and the staff are friendlier.

Kristyn Kloeckner

I always love subway - this one was quiet and had an excellent assembler.

Michael Leech

Just good healthy food 👍

Allison ross M.

Very helpful and made great Subs.


The employee didn’t greet us when we walked in, she kept her back to us while switching the bread around and failed to acknowledge us.My husband used the bathroom and she still hadn’t said one one to us. She had the personality of a mop and clearly didn’t value her job or customers. It was 11:00 in the afternoon and she said she was out of rotisserie chicken and steak. Probably because she hadn’t bothered to prepare it.We wont return to this location. What a joke. The food was fine, but she was the slowest human to ever prepare sandwiches.

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