Subway Restaurants

4152 Meridian Suite 102 Pacific Meridian Plaza Bldg, Bellingham
(360) 715-9190

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Ivan Zhuk

Good customer care, decent food. Get a bite anytime at the meridian subway. Try some of the best food on earth!

Brandon Davis

Quick and friendly service.

Ryan Christensen

Sandwich and drink for $15 seems a little steep. Nice workers but overpriced.

Joe Chavira

I have been going here for awhile but kinda stopped once Jimmy John's opened up down the street from here. And periodically come back. But almost every time I have been to this location it seems like the staff are almost annoyed with me or anybody else being there. And the veggies are rarely fresh lettuce is usually browning and tomatoes are usually kinda squishy. So if you want a good sandwich with fresh ingredients and just go to jimmy John's next to best buy. It's better and the staff are friendlier.

Kristyn Kloeckner

I always love subway - this one was quiet and had an excellent assembler.

Michael Leech

Just good healthy food ð??

Allison ross M.

Very helpful and made great Subs.


The employee didnâ??t greet us when we walked in, she kept her back to us while switching the bread around and failed to acknowledge us.My husband used the bathroom and she still hadnâ??t said one one to us. She had the personality of a mop and clearly didnâ??t value her job or customers. It was 11:00 in the afternoon and she said she was out of rotisserie chicken and steak. Probably because she hadnâ??t bothered to prepare it.We wont return to this location. What a joke. The food was fine, but she was the slowest human to ever prepare sandwiches.

Gabriella S.

My friend and I went to subway for lunch as we do often and the lady making our sandwich called my friend fat and asked if she gained weight. So unprofessional and rude, and she ended up being the manager! Very disappointed.

Evergreen Life

My biggest gripes with this place:

STar Z

Good food, friendly people.

Rebecca Hayes

I have been to many subways and many different fast food type restaurants. I have never felt to write a bad review about any experience I have had before but, today, I went to this subway over my break. I work at the dairy queen just down the way and from working in this type of job, you learn that itâ??s more than just getting a customers order out quickly but making sure they are satisfied with the whole experience in how the employee treats us as the customers. The morning worker for march 8th I remember her name was parjeet? or something similar to that. I walked in and there was a family of three sitting down and no one watching up front, took about a minute before she came up and she has her headphones in, she had one of them still in her ears through the entire duration of my order. As Iâ??m trying to tell her my order she keeps having me repeat myself, and Iâ??m repeating myself on several different occurrences, like girl just take them out! Before she puts the condiments on my sandwich she has me pay before she finishes me sandwich. After I pay we get to the toppings part and I ask for avocado on my sandwich but I already paid so I have to then pay again wasting mine and her time. She shouldnâ??t be working there if you ask me, a person who knows how customers should be treated....

Gurinder Aulakh

Friendly staff. Good collection of stuff. Very nice and helping people.

Joann Childs

Wait people very ice and patient with my orders. I would recommend this place.

Sarah M.

Standard Subway. Kept clean, and the employees are nice. Food seems fresh and the seating area is usually kept clean.


Typical Subway. Always fresh, inexpensive and in a convenient location. This is my go-to lunch as a vegetarian when on the go in a strange city and this chain of stores never disappoints.

Clarence Malveaux

They got over on me for a breakfast sandwish and drop no for $10. Egg whites and tuna, rally $10. I get; ver on out of towners place this is.

Dana Edmonds

Average but definitely a healthy option.

Aurora Toast

Veggie Patty is amazing


Always a good bet when you are hungry and want something quick and reasonably priced. My boyfriend and I can split a foot-long and the y will put different ingredients on each side for us!

Amelia H.

Shitty place. The ice machine has mold in it most of the time and their tomatoes come to them sometimes full of mold and they say to just rinse off the good ones and throw the rest away. I worked here for two years before I finally had enough and quit. The owners are terrible and they don't treat the staff with respect. The male owner is an asshole to the new people, once told the staff to not talk to a coworker that had put in her two weeks. They constantly promise raises and never deliver. During 5 dollar foot long months the owner tells their employees to only put 7 pieces of meat on instead of 8 to cut costs. I wouldn't eat here if I were you, you're supporting very horrendous people and you're getting skimped on food at the same time. Go to any other subway in town. Take it from me.

Gurneet Purewal

Best Subway in the town.


Decent, business as usual. No mystery here, specials change weekly I think, so if you're looking for something you had once, it may not be available. Try, try again!

Keith Rumburg

People and how fast the food is done being made or cooked!

Chris Frauts

Usual stop after our Costco ship before we go home. Clean store and friendly staff. Quick service.


Cannot go wrong with Subway. This one is conveniently located to the Holiday Inn Express, quick place to grab a sandwich when staying at the Inn.


Cannot go wrong with Subway. This one is conveniently located to the Holiday Inn Express, quick place to grab a sandwich when staying at the Inn.

Ali Purdue


Jonathan N.

Just down the hill from Holiday Inn Express. I have to at least give a 4 star simply because hey... It's Subway. Great selection and always healthy options as well. Service and cleanliness at this location was very good. My kids love their meatball subs and I myself enjoy having just the cold cut combo or turkey club.

lynne b

we go to subway for a fast lunch. I like the selection of toppings and that i can have as much of one topping as i want.When they have specials it is even more of a deal.

A Google User

People and how fast the food is done being made or cooked !!