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I have been going here for awhile but kinda stopped once Jimmy John's opened up down the street from here. And periodically come back. But almost every time I have been to this location it seems like the staff are almost annoyed with me or anybody else being there. And the veggies are rarely fresh lettuce is usually browning and tomatoes are usually kinda squishy. So if you want a good sandwich with fresh ingredients and just go to jimmy John's next to best buy. It's better full review
The employee didnâ??t greet us when we walked in, she kept her back to us while switching the bread around and failed to acknowledge us.My husband used the bathroom and she still hadnâ??t said one one to us. She had the personality of a mop and clearly didnâ??t value her job or customers. It was 11:00 in the afternoon and she said she was out of rotisserie chicken and steak. Probably because she hadnâ??t bothered to prepare it.We wont return to this location. What a full review
I have been to many subways and many different fast food type restaurants. I have never felt to write a bad review about any experience I have had before but, today, I went to this subway over my break. I work at the dairy queen just down the way and from working in this type of job, you learn that itâ??s more than just getting a customers order out quickly but making sure they are satisfied with the whole experience in how the employee treats us as the customers. The full review

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About Subway

If you want to eat fresh, eat at Subway. Here, you'll find tasty footlong subs filled with fresh meats and vegetables just the way you like. Fresh-baked bread makes for the best foundation for which to enjoy your sub. Get a classic tuna Subway sub and stack it high with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, olives and more! Or make it into a salad for a low-carb option. There are so many choices to make your meal at Subway fresh just the way you like it!