Westside Pizza

208 1/2 N Main St, Colfax
(509) 397-0000

Recent Reviews

Roy Withey

This place used to be one of my favorites. But after changing the menu and not giving any more deals its over priced. Their pizza is definitely tasty just price is outlandish.

Laurie Holdt

Ordered pasta with marinara sauce, asked for no cheese, got cheese. Couldn't eat for dietary restrictions.Also, ordered a cheese pizza, extra cheese, light sauce. Got a pizza with normal cheese and normal sauce.We went in at a very slow time at night, it wouldn't have been that difficult to get the order right considering we were the only customers.Won't go back again.

Mike Garcia

Really good pizza! Love the crust


The pizza is just garbage. Sauce is to thick topings are always light and it always comes with complementary heart burn. It's the same at the Newport WA branch. Must be a westside thing. Gave them many chances. I'm done.Food: 1/5

Jason McGlamery

People where cool. Pizza was OK. Take out only. All in all, just okFood: 3/5

Justin Smith

Great service, just call do NOT bother with web ordering if youre new to this pozza chain. Typically parallel parking spaces open on Main St. Nothing in the way of seating to eat, and the Carry out deal is the best buy. Friendly crew is swift as they can be on getting your order up.Food: 3/5

Alan Hengen

Expensive, ordered online at 3:30 for a 6 pm pick up, order wasn't started until 6pm. $72 for 1 large and 2 medium pizzas. I've had better for cheaper and less wait time. Dough was undercooked.

Mike Manning

Called the restaurant at around 9:45 and asked if they still take the delivery. The guy rudely told me nope we stop at 45. I looked at my phone and it just turned 46. Glad he stopped me from giving them my business.

Philthy content

If I’m being honest this might be worse than little Cesar’s. It tastes like it was ordered of off eBay and held up at customs.

Daniel H.

Preparing to move from Portland to SE Washington, needed some food last night so 45 minutes from Colfax was one of the best options from the 40-50 miles away in the country where I'm located. Drove up to Colfax and went into Westside pizza. The staff was very friendly and looked to be wrapping up their rush. I was told 15 minutes and it was ready in 10. The pizza is baked in a pan so I grabbed multiple napkins only to find that after my first slice that my fingers weren't covered in grease. The pizza was perfect thickness, perfectly well done, layered perfectly and the ingredients worked really well to make a real nice pizza. I have 50 pizza shops in Portland to choose from and Westside Pizza was better than almost all of them. I can't wait to live n the country full time and make the return. Well done Westside Pizza!

Cori Nicole

Delicious pizza. Expensive but not much else in town to eat for vegetarians.

Carla Evans

Delicious but too expensive. Make sure you ask what their specials are for the day They will not offer that your order fits in with the specials so you end up paying full price.Their Westside is the best (with substitutions).

Brooklynn Stankiewicz

Absolutely ridiculous. I love this place but the people working there just don’t use any common sense. Told them what I wanted which I had said chicken bites instead of boneless chicken wings. (If they had used a little bit of brain power they would have gotten it.)Instead they had me believing that my order was made and when it got here there was no chicken. And when I called they said I would have to order again and pay again for the chicken….. like what?And few weeks before they charged me 60 dollars for two identical pizzas which would have came out to like 45 bucks.When I called back for that all they did was give me a free large and free medium pizza. And that was waiting about 4 days and having to call back myself because the refund they said had happened never was seen.Like cool. Please keep lowering my expectations.

Christy Vogel

Super nice, friendly service. Stuff was a lil spendy but tasted good. We ordered 2 large pizzas and cheese bread. The price on substitutions was high. Like to have Alfredo sauce vs marinara on the pizza. Overall it was good, has a Good Guys vibe . . . If u know that old place.

Steve Doak

I had death by pizza and cheese stix

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