316 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett
(425) 347-8599

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Isis C.

First off every time I've ordered fries from them they're cold, even when specifically asking if they could make sure they were fresh and hot.

Over all.. these people could care less about what you ask for.

So far this is the worst location to get McDonald's. They're to caught up in the speed at which everything is done v.s any kind of quality.

Dylan White

Dont come here, I walked 2 miles for mcdonalds and they wont serve you food if you dont own a car because of there closed lobby. Not to mention the general manager is so rude and everytime i go there they charge me extra when i want sub on an item and they will always mess up something in your order. Hands down worst mcdonalds in Everett!!!!!!!!!

Curtiss Muschamp

Fast and hot to go. Efficient service. Staff was friendly.. Did the drive thru. Not sure if indoor dining is available.

calvin mapson

Convenience is my main reason for using this McDonald's, foods hot,and service is generally quick.

GD BrianLogerHype

I love their food! It is so good! No mistakes! Amazing! Would suggest this place

Timothy Shelsea

For some reason this location cannot seem to provide accurate orders. Particularly when it comes to drive thru. Soft drinks are seldom as ordered. I drink Diet Coke and frequently am given either Dr Pepper or regular Coke.

Rosalene Mullins

Terrible McDonald's. We asked what a holiday pie was and the person taking our order said he didn't kniw, but he had one and they don't taste good. Wow, what? While I appreciate his honestly I was taken aback. They charged us for extra pickles, really, for pickles? We had to pay 50 cents for extra pickles and then only got a few anyway. They did give us small box with about 6 pickles in it. Ridiculous!We did order a holiday pie and they gave us pumpkin flavored! They did get us the right pie, but it had a hole in the center top and the filing was all gloopycoming out the hole. All of our food was supposed to be hot, except my iced tea and it wasn't even warm. It was room temp to cold, even the coffee wasn't warm, let alone hot. I asked how to reach the franchise owner and the employees looked at me like they had no clue what I was talking about. Terrible all the way around. I'll be avoiding this location in the future. But, I do have to say that at least when I called the manager did refund my purchase.

Alexi J.

i asked for a 6 piece nuggets and these fools put 4 cookies in a 6 piece box. but they still decided to give my my sweet and sour sauce that i had requested for my nuggets.

Rebecca White

Came to this location today 10/20, as we had a positive experience previously, and I am in disbelief at the horrible service. I ordered 4 meals, 2 of which were kids meals. I was not given a receipt, and at the second window, I was asked to pull up and to the left as they were still working on my meals. I sat there for 15 minutes watching all of the cars behind me come and go... they kept trying to hand me another meal, but I reiterated that it wasn't my order. A nice young girl came out and had to ask for receipt/my entire order, as they did not have my food. She went back inside and about 7 minutes later, another woman walked out and handed me my food. Before I could even look through my bag, she had taken off. For a trip that should've been fast, I waited probably as long as if I had gone to a sit down restaurant. I am disappointed and upset at the service I received tonight as this was the one thing my son wanted for his birthday dinner. I also got home and we were missing a cheeseburger...

Jeffrey St Clair

Managers are unfriendly and not helpful at all. Drive thru is incredible slow especially since the lobby is closed.

Jordan Heimbigner

Do not come here, do not order here. I’m pretty positive these workers are under the influence. They forgot the drinks, burger, and the only large fry in the order. Mind you this was an order for 2 happy meals and a chicken burger meal and I only received half of the order!!!Won’t get my $30 refund for 15 business days. Fantastic.But I can definitely tell my thousands of local friends on fb to NEVER come here. There’s another McDonald’s a couple blacks away. Avoid this hell.

Mariah B

I just ordered from the restaurant on everett mall way and the sweet tea is spoiled! This could make people sick!

Lie RealReal

I just got to say that one of the worst experience ever and waited 20 mins for a sandwich... they don’t look busy too.

Sabrina Shaffer

I would like them to offer gluten free bun options or lettuce wraps

Jason Wu

Was super fast getting food to everyone in the drive thru!

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