Pho To Liem

209 E Casino Rd, Everett
(425) 355-0245

Recent Reviews

phil hintze

Been a loyal customer for over 30 years. I've eaten at many Vietnamese restaurants and this is the best! Fresh ingredients, fast friendly service and very reasonable prices. Highly recommend.

Jessica Haywood

My daughter introduced me to this restaurant and the pho is out of this world! Good prices, excellent food.

Eamun Rahimi

Cozy and delicious Vietnamese food.

Yusen Lin

Found something gross in my noodles… will not visit again

Timon NguyenPhuoc

Not very good compared to a vietnamese mom's cooking. I am being very strict. If you have low standards for food, go ahead and eat here!

Steve Heiret

Been eating here for years and love it.

Bayman Less

Friendly staff is always a plus and they deliver!! My sandwich was huge and tasty which was a nice surprise. I will definitely come back so I can sample more of their hidden treasures.

FoodLover L.

Three stars for pho. It was good enough to hit the spot since I was in the area. I also had a side of egg rolls which was OK. The Thai tea with boba was definitely a missed. The Thai tea tasted like a powdered flavored drink and the bobas were lumpy and lumped together. Anyone who drinks and loves boba knows that's not how it's suppose to be. Please note the review expressed here is my own and should not be used as a reference to influence your opinion.


Great bowl.


My favorite pho place in town. Ingredients are always fresh, and meat portions are generous. Fair price. Broth is good as well.

Ruins O' Gems

Best pho I've had in a while. The tendon is also properly done.

Greg O.

Really great, fresh pho, large bowls at a great value. Friendly staff. Done in our take out. My fave is the basic #1 with sliced eye of the round.

Barrett Teays

Exceptional (and in my opinion the best) broth, with generous meat and noodle servings. If I am in the mood for Pho I gladly travel over 20 miles to this gem. Add to that, great spring rolls and above average vietnamese sandwiches and I can recommend Pho To Liem unreservedly.

Barrett T.

For me the best Pho (superior broth and meats) I've had. Consistently friendly service, great spring rolls - dont miss that dipping sauce - and above average vietnamese sandwiches keep me coming back time after time.

Brandon Jensen

I like it that got good pho we eat that if we stay there and if we want to take out we usually get chow mein and fried rice and the spring rolls are pretty good too

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