Double Dragon Restaurant

3107 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick
(509) 737-8833

Recent Reviews

Ed Young

Food was great. Everything was fresh, flavorful and hot! This would be 5 star had we been able to dine in rather than do take out.

Ed Y.

Had a nice dinner. Food was fresh and prepared perfectly. We brought our own container s for the take out soup and they were generously filled. Only reason this is 4 stars and not 5 is that we wanted to dine in, but only take out was available.

Dee G.

Always great food. My husband and I generally split a meal. I absolutely love their egg rolls, chicken subgum vegetables, shrimp and sweet & sour chicken. Yummmm!

Ayesha H.

Portions huge, prices affordable and staff is extremely friendly. Will be back again! Food was also delicious.


I am really upset about this place and the owner has no respect for elderly women. I am working with one of my clients and she ordered fried rice with her chicken and they gave her a wrong order and the cost was $15 dollars. When she saw she got regular rice instead of fried rice I asked them to fix her order and the owner said it's going to cost her more even though it's their mistake and she started arguing with me saying my lady is very picky and my client has been coming here many times and she disrespected my lady who is not Able to walk much and depends on other people so they didn't get her the right order so we left the restaurant without food and her card got charged $15 dollars, no refund. I would never recommend for anyone to go this place and get insulted front of other customers. This owner should be ashamed for this big loss who was a regular customer here.

comcast smith

No respect for elderly. I would not go there ever again. Sorry

Byron watson

Not from the area, but the food we got was hot fresh and tasty. The staff were friendly and got us in and out in no time.

Peter Cornett

Will go all the way from Walla Walla to get this authentic Chinese food. Generous servings and everything is fresh and perfectly prepared.

Devan Smith

Food was just bad. The flavor was awful, it was super salty and overcooked. Will not be eating there again.

Caleb Gibson

Food was extra special good tonight!! We are so thankful to have such a yummy meal on Christmas Day. Thanks again Double Dragon!!

Laura Bell

I read the reviews and was really excited to get decent Chinese food. I placed the order clearly stating the number of the combo dinners we wanted.Wow. First let me say that what I ordered and what I received were way different. My husband got basically what he wanted but I’m not sure what I was given. The “chicken” he received was old and terrible. I myself had ordered Kung Pao Chicken and Fried Shrimp with rice. How I got what I did I’m not sure. I had received chicken as well which was old and the sweet and sour sauce was not good either. The egg roll was like a hockey puck. Dried up and hard. Next I ordered egg flower soup. Dear Lord. It smelled and tasted horrible. None of the food was fresh. Rather old and it looked/tasted like it. I was so disappointed in what we received. I had been anticipating the food and couldn’t wait till we got it. I am sorry I ever ordered from this place and will never go back.

Duane Hughes

Large portions and high quality! Can't go wrong for Chinese ? Food!

Joshua Combs

Amazing as always! House Special Lo Mein is a must.

Water Frog

Always friendly, great little place with good food. Those tiny to go boxes hold more than you think! The food is hot, tasty, and has always satisfied. Prices are fair. When they are not busy, atmosphere is lacking... but it is still nice. Will always return.

Tom Smith

Always good hot and fast!! They were my Grandmas favorite!!

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