Sterling's Restaurant - Kennewick

3200 W Clearwater Ave, Kennewick
(509) 736-1588

Recent Reviews

Aaron Carey

Food was good. I live in Tacoma but was in the area so I met up with some friends and this was where we went. I would definitely go again if I'm in the area.

Edgar Hernandez

The waitress was nice and did the best she could, but the food was just horrible my $30 steak had no flavor and I had asked for a medium well done and got a rare steak. I cut it in the middle to check it and asked the waitress if they could cook it more and when she brought half of the steak was missing and it was still undercooked. My wife’s chicken was burnt, and my kids chicken strips weren’t good. My sons fries were probably the only good food we were served.

Kylee Demata

I love the food and the desserts!! Not a lot of people and great ambiance.

James Sanders

We always have a great dining experience at Sterling's. They have an excellent staff and delicious menu items.

citizen k.

Pulled in to town at 1820 and DoorDashed Sterling for a heavy late lunch of steak, potato & salad at 1920. I called the restaurant to warn "Mario" that the DoorDash menu didnt allow butter & sour cream for the potato.. could i please add it to the address or name for the order. Mario says, "We dont have that info. Doordash brings us the order once they arrive". AND.."We dont use DoorDash. They dont bring correct food to the customer". Then contradicts saying, "ya, we cook it and then they arrive. But they dont know if we cook the same as whats on their menu"!. THANKS MARIO. IM SURE I'D DO BETTER WITH THE RESULTS TALKING TO THE EVENING MANAGER.!!! DoorDash arrives after 2010, after the time Sterlings closes, and, as Mario describes, ONLY JUST BEGINS TO PLACE THEIR ORDER. of which Mario already forgets to add the butter & sour cream to the order he promised, despite no order from them yet to read from (30 min prior placed before my phone call to him) he will be sure to add that butter & sour cream to the order. And asks what my name is in order to offer his best intention. 90 minutes later arrives a cool, gristley, impossible to cut thru steak with plastic utensils provided with a dehydrated potato, no butter, no sour cream. $30 joke on a starving dude attempting damage control over an establishment run by kids. I used both hands to manage trying to chomp into that fibrous crappy steak and still had to apply strength to get a successful bite. It was a completely unpleasant much needed meal with waaaay too much damage control initially applied for such epic fail. What a waste of faith. Dont bother with these apathetic aholes.! I SERIOUSLY NEED MY MONEY ,TIME AND A MEAL REIMBURSED.

Kathleen Bergman

Wasn't bad, we enjoyed our meal and the service was nice.I let the hist know know about a toilet that needed cleaned and they were out of soup in one dispenser, and when I used the restroom on my way out neither had been tended too.


First time coming to the restaurant. Large menu with lots of choices. Going to have to make the trip back again in the future. Other than that food was very tasty and put together well, staff was friendly and professional.

Holly Preston

The nicest people work here! I've enjoyed every meal I've ordered.*

Brett Huse

Tremendous service and huge menu. Decent food

Lisa Lea Eichelberger

They have great food and a very good salad bar.i haven't been there inseveral years but they have good food

Shere Pool

First time back After closure. very disappointing, entrance staff ripped clothing confusion Extremely Loud in the backDirty windows and window sills at our boothFood & waitress pretty good

Nicole Brown

Huge servings and wide variety. The food and the drinks were awesome.

cody piwonka

Friendly staff. Good service, good food. It was especially nice to finally go inside and sit down at a table.

Karen Talaski

Excellent food, friendly staff & very clean. They sanitize each station after people leave. Terrific!

Jodi R.

I have ordered three times from this restaurant and you would think I would have learned after the first time from ordering. But, things happen and so I gave it another shot, not just once but twice. Now we are here for a third time. All three times my orders were not fulfilled. I had ordered one meal with the baked potato and they didn't bother to include it the second time I ordered or the three creme brûlée I ordered and paid for, along with leaving out the green salad. This time my mom wanted the captains platter which was fine, but there was no tarter or cocktail sauce, just a bunch of fried dough(hush puppies), with a couple of chewy clams and a fried hunk of cod. It was the worst looking dinner I have seen. They forgot her potato, salad, and forgot my soup. The menu stated that the tiger prawns I ordered this time were to be broiled, but they weren't, they were steamed with no butter sauce on the rice at all. We will not bother ordering from this place again. Why have a menu if you aren't going to follow it?

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