Emerald City Smoothie (Inside LA Fitness)

12321 120th Pl NE, Kirkland
(425) 814-2843

Recent Reviews

John D.

I sat down with Johnny the sales manager. He was informative about the non contract agreement, with the reasonable monthly cost, this includes the whole facility, and any other LA Fitness in the USA. I was satisfied with the value I was receiving for the monthly payment. Great place for the cost.

Ram I.

#Johnnyrocks.. If you're looking for a role model of a center manager who goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional service .. Johnny is the guy ! Thank you Johnny for running such a great center :)

Kay Y.

I go here because I live close but this place is lowkey trash otherwise. It's expensive but is the only gym in Kirkland with full equipment. The worst customer service and they often make fun of members and even have mocked a friend of mine multiple times. You can read the other reviews to get insight on that lol. Bathrooms are gross and they are shady with how they handle business and memberships. Also, so many people come to play racket ball there and they closed down 2 rooms for a lame boxing studio that costs like $500 extra a month to use. No one uses it and the people working there just jump around and pretend like they are doing something when you walk by. I recently found out they were trying to convert the last 2 racket ball rooms to something else but the members made a petition. Why would you do that when majority of the members use them? Please help us understand haha Please get new leadership here. The gym is becoming worse by the month. LA corporate PLEAZE.

Bethany M.

I came in at 6:40AM during their staffed business hours to try the gym out (I just moved to the area). I approached the guy at the front desk and asked for a one day pass to try it out. He said he cannot give me a pass and to come back at 8:00AM when there's someone who can give me a pass... OR pay $22 right now to use the gym. Why even staff the desk if you cannot provide customer service to guests? The parking lot was FULL and he was the only one there saying he cannot help me. Since I will not pay almost a full months membership to work out for one day..I left and will not be back. Waste of my time. First experience of this gym was horrible. I later discovered I could have printed a one week pass ON THE SPOT but was turned away by him.

Myah S.

Again, the Aquafit instructor didn't show and the class was cancelled last mintue. Several people, including myself, checked the online schedule prior to coming due to cancellations the past couple months. Some changed plans, drove extra miles in heavy traffic, etc. to attend. Management needs to put some effort into hiring reliable instructors. Better yet LA Fitness should hire a manager who knows how to manage.

Janna H.

After many members, including myself, asked the management team at LA Fitness Signature to PLEASE clean the showers, they just don't get it. Posting these photos of the highly unsanitary and unsafe shower area. The walls are covered in slime, old hair, bandaids. The floor is just as bad. It's a serious health hazard and unacceptable. Here are photographs taken today. And the showers have looked this way for months! If you're interested in catching a communicable disease, this is your place!

Shannon Q.

Great club! Home on leave and they gave me a guest pass for the week. Always love a military friendly gym, and the staff were awesome. If I ever move home I'll definitely get a membership here!

Emily S.

This is easily my favorite gym I have been to in the area. The staff is always friendly and welcoming and the facility is clean and has any machine you need. There's a lot of parking and great location too! I had to leave this gym due to moving but now I am back and many improvements have been made, I definitely recommend this gym!

Zachary G.

Today I had a great experience. I walked in and was greeted immediately and everyone was smiling. Johnny, the General Manager, took care of me right away. Super professional and the facility was immaculate. I look forward to working out here. Thanks for the exceptional service.

Kevin C.

I came to visit my friend in Kirkland area and was recommended to use this facility. At first I was not a big fan of big gyms like LA fitness or 24HRS fitness, but after my first visit, Johnny the manager changed my view. He is super friendly and generous in terms of accommodating an out of state visitor like myself and gave a free week pass, rather than charging me $20 guess day pass. I was surprised to experience unexpected kindness. Some reviews may claim this gym to be slowly deteriorating or too crowded. In the end, it's a gym. You should be focusing on your workouts/exercises rather than on the number of people. Furthermore, the customer service seems to be good as well. I cannot agree with how others give a bad review to a such great gym.

Gigi M.

My husband and I have been coming here for years and have watched the facility deteriorate, management become apathetic and corporate management slip into incompetence. We come here for the classes, trainers and equipment, but find it harder and harder to reconcile the lack of true Customer service and attention to the facility. G&P

Kevin W.

I love this gym people at front desk is nice , never any worries never had anything stolen , nice workout place, if you go after 5 it will be a lot of people but before then it's all pretty open . Friendly staff nice people

Dietmar S.

A couple of days after writing my review, I was working out at the gym when a manager approached me whether I would be willing to answer some questions. We never met so it was a coincidence. I relayed my concerns and showed him the problem areas. Lo and behold, he took the janitor aside and had him clean the shower lights. The difference is rather amazing as all of a sudden the showers feel bright. I can't say they are immaculate as you can see a decent layer of dust on the perimeter of the lights but at least the face of the lights are clean now. The curtains are still a work in progress. I am adding a star to appreciate the effort to improve things.

Katie O.

DO NOT USE THIS CLUB!!! LIES! UNPROFESSIONAL and VERY CROWDED gym. Just finished a meeting with club manager and salesman who were both insulting and extremely rude. This maybe a full disclosure state on pricing but LA Fitness was caught trying to slip additional fees into our membership. At 24 hr fitness they WAIVED our initiation fee simply cause they wanted us to both join and we did. LA Fitness after being caught for added fees refused to budge and insulted me calling me names! We then talked with the manager and he refused to apologize for our treatment or make things better. They lost our business and any future members as result of this hellacious experience.

Monique K.

My wallet was stolen out of my locked locker in the gym's locker room. Upon informing Sandy, the Operation's Manager, I was also told that my situation was a common occurrence and that the combination lock I purchased from the smoothie bar is easily unlocked by thieves. I suggested a post or email notice to inform their customers of the "common occurrence." Had I known this was happening, I would have locked my belongings in the mini lockers by the front desk that are monitored by video surveillance. Due to the Operations Manager not taking my request seriously, I'm posting this review solely as a warning for other members. Your lock is merely for looks in the gym's locker room, so do not put anything in your locker that you hope to see again.

Andy C.

LA Fitness is tax as fuck first of all, then on top of that they will try to upsell you on their BS Personal Training. 25mins for $45-$55? LOL WHAT A JOKE! What are you possibly going to learn in 25mins? Also if you do training, they make u carry around a book like you're in middle school again...stay away, trust me.

Tarek N.

I used to be a member of the totem lake LA Fitness but left, now under the new management specifically the general manager Johnny it is like a different world. The place is awesome and I love going again. Highly recommend it to all my Kirkland neighbors

Chan K.

This is probably the best club out here in the area. I've been to 4 other clubs in the Greater Seattle area, and this is my number one club. Props to the staff (always friendly), and the manager who runs this place so efficiently. Would recommend it to those whoever's looking for a new gym to join; this is the one to go.

Lauren S.

Manager was very hospitable. I was very impressed with how many cable cages there were as well as squat racks. The format of the gym is very accommodating for circuit and fast paced workouts. All of the equipment from what I saw was in tip top shape and very clean. I love how clean and beautiful this gym is, I really enjoy working out here.

Wesley Koa

Came in this morning for my usual vanilla Lean out, I could see Christina's bright genuine smile before even walking in the door! you want to talk about a warm, welcoming, positive attitude, and strong customer service spirit for Emerald city smoothie... that's Christina! She is a customer service rockstar! have been a customer for 13 years

Sagar N.

Good luck cancelling your membership. I have been charged for 2 months post me cancelling my membership. Numerous calls with the management (which is generally unavailable) did not help. I don't know how can I stop being charged for their membership. Absolutely terrible.

Jared H.

Signed up online for a guest pass, walked in with wallet in hand. Was not able to try out the facility or even buy a membership. Apparently there are special staff for that and they weren't in. Quite baffled, not exactly a experience I would want my signature on.

Mary M.

Good gym with a variety of fitness classes and a new, very clean facility, and the real find is the master trainer Nick! Professional, knowledgeable and very effective in delivering results, he is great trainer and one whom I highly recommend!

Sweet Lowe

The bomb

Andrew B.

Misleading sales practices and cancellation policies My wife and I signed up here last year and wanted to try a one year membership since we hadn't been to LA Fitness before. The sales manager told recommended a 3-year pay-in-advance membership because it had a lower yearly cost AND told us that it could be canceled any time after the first year. Not only that, but he told us that we could both use the single membership and that it would be fine if anyone asked since he had the power to do that. A few months in someone asked about it and when we explained what he told us, we were told that he no longer worked there and that was never a valid policy. At this point we wanted to cancel our membership if we both couldn't use it, but they told us they wouldn't do that. Eventually we ended up moving to a building with a gym after about a year, so we asked again if we could cancel, since we were told that we could any time after a year. After going through headaches with LA Fitness corporate, it turns out that we were given incorrect information and told we couldn't cancel our membership and had to eat the 3-year cost ourselves, even though we were only able to really use the membership for a few months. Terrible business practices and terrible handling of the situation by both the local LA Fitness and corporate office.

Aziz L.

@LAFitness your staff at totem lake, WA is very rude. My two separate accounts were charged by lafitness. When I called to request a refund the team member was condescending. I'm sure you can hear the call recording. Also refused to give his name and hung up on me. Very bad customer service. You need to train your staff in customer service! I wish I could had given you 0 stars.

Jackie D.

You guys, I love this gym! I've literallyâ?? been to so many gymsâ?? in Washington that I can't even count. Includingâ?? other LA Fitness locations (the other ones aren't even in the same league with this one) as well as every other chain gym you can think of. Highlights: -SUPER nice and helpful staff that doesn't try to constantly sell you training packages. -It's so big! Plentyâ?? of machines, all my favorites plus a bunch of ones I've never seen before. -It's NEVER busy! Even at peak times,â??it'sâ?? relativelyâ?? quiet. -The locker rooms are so clean and pretty! -Legit smoothie bar that will customize a smoothie for you. -Always tons of parking. -They are opening a HIIT station this year!!! I'm super picky and I've finally found a gym that I'm super in love with. I'll never leave.

Mike M.

The place is pretty clean, I've definitely seen worse. I usually don't have to wait too long for equipment, other than the usual bros clogging up the flat bench during peak time. Sometimes getting on a stair stepper can be a challenge due to the girls setting the machine on speed 2 and kicking out their legs like a flamingo trying to fart out an egg. It's not too bad. The staff is not good. They are consistently rude. One home boy likes to mug you while you work out and kick his feet up on a chair, while playing on his cellphone. The pros: The cleanliness and the equipment wait times The cons: The rude front desk and home boy with the cellphone

george r.

Just like all the corporate gyms this place has issues as well. But fortunately their team is extremely helpful !!! The place is clean and organized.

David T.

Been a member of this gym for over a year. It's jam packed, you'll have a hard time getting access to the weights, outside of the fact it's very busy the gym itself is pretty nice. Although they need to clean the hot tub more often. Ended my membership here today. After finding out there was an issue with my billing, called and spoke with the local staff. Had to keep explaining the issue to the staff member, once he finally understood the issue, directed me to their manager. The manager was condescending, and completely unprofessional. Would rather play the "blame game" rather than take something seriously. After asking for his district manager's contact information, refused to provide it and simply gave the corporate contact. When I explained I would be terminating my membership over this, simply started referring to me as sir in a condescending tone. Spoke with corporate and they were the only ones that were professional and sorted out the billing situation.

Peter B.

Well the new way to get more money from members is now they want to charge for filthy towers, and I was told that I would need to pay $10 more per month. I have a membership that allows me to go to any la fitness. This is suppose to be a signature club, which means towels service. Apparently is not the case. Their towels full of holes and frankly discusting. I lost my key bard code label and they want $5 to replace it. I went to the Aurora Ave gym and they offer it for free. La fitness get ready for a class action, it's coming..... Clean the showers, otherwise I will report you to health department and also your discusting toilets. Now take care and keep the great job (#sarcastic)

James B.

I've been going to LA fitness for about 18 months now. It's a fairly large facility and looks to be a new building with new equipment. My biggest issue with this business is the lack of WiFi. For nearly $600 a year, you'd expect wifi to be available and accessable. Unfortunately they still don't have wifi and because of the reason, I will not be renewing my membership.

Courtney N.

Location is great but I swear I'm the only person who wipes down the machines there, they look like they have never been cleaned. So gross! Also their hours of operation suck! Sunday opens at 8:00 and weekdays closed by 10:00. Wish they opened at 5 or 6 am and closed at midnight. There's only so many hours in the day and for us single working moms, getting to the gym unfortunately has to be done in the wee hours of the morning or late at night after babies are sleeping.

Erika T.

I enjoy their smoothies! It is nice that there is a variety of different boosters you can compliment your drink with such as energy, immunity, and so on. They often have a kind staff that are very willing to help give suggestions. I personally like to add peanut butter (as protein) to my smoothies for post work-out recovery and an extra nutty flavor. The only complaint I have is that some of the smoothies have a vitamin-like aftertaste. Good experience!

Eva C.

LA fitness really needs to make sure they treat customer sincerely. My husband has been waiting for the promotion to be my family member; and then we were checking with manager here again and again if the black friday is the best deal we could get! And he was saying that my husband should just join it individually to save the most. But I got the promotional email in 5 days saying that if I add a family member, I could waive the initial fee which worths $55. Just hope everyone can be aware before you sign the contract!

Dzo D.

They are slow to check you up,it's their ONLY job in reception area.It's so hard for them to lift scanner .When I try to scan my membership card,guy said to me "DUDE CALM DOWN , I HAVE TO LIFT SCANNER!!"Same guy is sleeping on chairs provided for members of club."Dream Job" for him, horrible business ethics. Today they revoked my membership (no money back) because of this post,and threatened me with POLICE if I don't leave from the gym One of the managers from L.A. Fitness made passive aggressive call telling that he is going to "Investigate??" They functioning like dealership, with Master-slave-gulag morality ,no Amendment rights when you cross their doors. In most workplaces sleeping on job require disciplinary action but in L.A. they sanction customers.

Jane Grafham

Nice place but not a fan of guests from the Motel6 being able to watch you in the pool from their balconies!

alison c.

For the second day in a row there's a line waiting for the gym to open because it was supposed to open 20 minutes ago. Otherwise pretty standard. Being open on time was one of the best things it had going!

Lena S.

I recently cancelled my membership here and let me tell you...it is NOT an easy process. Getting a divorce is easier than getting out of an LA Fitness membership. It literally took me months to finish the cancellation process which includes MAILING a physical letter of your cancellation. I kept getting emails every couple of days saying "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CANCEL? PRESS THE I CHANGE MY MIND BUTTON". How is this legal? You should be able to cancel your membership online! They are so desperate for business. So happy I am finally done with them.


Love the staff here, super friendly girls who are always happy to see you. Make amazing smoothies and have a variety of other snacks to get as well, plus they serve coffee in the mornings!

Emerald City Smoothie (Inside LA Fitness)

12321 120th Pl NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
(425) 814-2843