Northern Dumpling House在北方饺子

12085 124th Ave NE, Kirkland
(206) 902-8861

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Angela Ware

I have ordered here over 50 times because I love there food but after today, They have lost my business. I ordered my usual and they gave me the wrong order, so we we called them. They said come back they would start making the right order now and it would be ready. When I got there she lied to us about what happened, the conversation we had just had and had, in fact, not started our order. She told me it was my fault the order was wrong. In order to get the correct order, I had to pay for the order again. I have always liked their food but they treated me like I was trying to rip them off, good for them. I paid twice for the one order I wanted and they lost my business


This place is pretty good for dumplings, especially if you're looking for something other than the mega chains of din tai fung or dough zone in this area

Huong L.

After hearing a lot of good reviews about this place, we decided to check it out for dinner. We ordered pick up and the food was package pretty nicely. We got the following: Dan dan noodles - like the flavor of this, it has a peanut like sauce and the noodle was chewy and perfectly cooked Onion pancake - I really like the crisp on this this and the softness interior. The flavor was good as well. Pork steam dumplings - plump and juicy, decent flavor Bao - fluffy, plump and good flavor. I wish it was more pan fried Overall, it's a pretty good place, I would come back to try their other noodles and pancakes, the dumplings were just ok in my opinion that I wouldn't go out of my way to get them.

Evelyn V.

If the dumplings were not tasty I'd probably give a 3 star review. The way the restaurant packages the dumplings makes it look like one big glob of dough. The dumplings are squished together and almost fall apart when you try and separate them. A pain in the butt if you're sharing! The Dan Dan noodles were a little too sweet for me and not at all spicy but were really tasty. The dumplings are the reason I'd go back again. After spending some time separating them all out and salvaging whatever we could of the deconstructed dumplings, we found they were delicious. Totally worth the trouble of splitting them up and trying not to get them mixed up. It would be great if the restaurant could figure that out. Then maybe it would be a 5star!

Lishan ChenMou

This place is pretty good for dumplings, esp if you're looking for something other than the megachains of din tai fung or dough zone in this area. The dumplings were juicy, the pan fried pork buns were juicy and tender. I also really liked the spring rolls and the jian bing was delicious! It had texture and flavor yum. Only thing that disappointed was the cucumbers, I prefer more pickling for my cucumbers

Patrick Ngo

Time and time again I come back to Northern Dumpling House and even with COVID-19 the quality of their food does not disappoint. The flavors are so rich and complex, blending together in wonderful harmony. My all time favorite dish has to be the Dan Dan Noodles. The light, chewy noodles are the perfect delivery system of the savory sauce. The ma and la for the Dan Dan Noodles are less present compared to the Spicy Noodles, but the rich flavor of the Dan Dan Noodles has me coming back for more. The milk teas are also fantastic and actually taste like whatever they're advertised as. The honeydew milk tea? Tastes like honeydew and milk tea. You can't go wrong here. Eat from Northern Dumpling House!

Charles Hedberg

Have only been once, but the Dan Dan noodles and the Popcorn Chicken were fantastic. People seemed nice, too. Need to try again to see if I should go 5 stars!

Christina T.

During covid this place does take out and you can walk up to the door to order. I will say that this place seems to try to be like a Din Tai Fung or Dough Zone. The prices are comparable to both those places but the quality isn't there. The skin if the dumplings seem thick and there is a bitter aftertaste that I couldn't shake. Probably won't come again due to the price and quality.

Jerry C.

This place was highly recommended by a family member. I've been to many dumpling houses. I got the Pork dumplings, pork buns, spring rolls, and beef tendons and it was all A+. The complementary sauces were a perfect compliment. The internal meat was flavorful and noodle was delicate. The food beats Din Tai Fung in Seattle any day of the week. It all be a stop whenever I'm in Seattle. When Covid is over I will be happy to able to sit and enjoy more entrees.

Alex H.

Fantastic, hearty, traditional Northern Chinese dumplings. I'm always full after eating here. The same can't be said for other dumpling places in the area.

Hisham Caldwell

The dumpling is worth the price. I enjoy every bite!

Samantha Ipser

Wonton soup is highly addictive! Travels well and they don't skimp on the wontons. Frozen bulk orders must be made a few days in advance.

Chrys Kim

Their dumplings are some of the best ive had in the Seattle area. It tastes very homemade. Some of their special dumplings have fish roe which gives it some texture to the soft dumplings. Go support them as we go in to year 2 of covid times.

Diana Trudnowski

Totally delicious and worth the trip from Seattle. Had the pork and shrimp dumplings, won ton soup, the sour and spicy cucumbers and tea eggs.


Absolutely LOVE Northern Dumpling House. My favorite dumplings in the Seattle area. I also tried getting the 50 frozen dumplings and they taste just like they do when they are cooked fresh at the restaurant. Either steam or boil them and they will be delicious.

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Northern Dumpling House在北方饺子

12085 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
(206) 902-8861