Edaleen Dairy

9593 WA-539, Lynden
(360) 354-5342

Recent Reviews

AJ Wyatt

Great stop for everything dairy. Thet have the best dairy products around and super local. The ice cream is amazing and the staff friendly and helpful.

Grand Jean

We had ice-creams and they weren't good. No taste, way too much sugar, not balanced at all. They ended up in the trashcan. It was just a waste of time and money stopping there, sorry...

Richard Brown

Ice cream is good and we like the heavy cream.. good prices.. friendly staff

Clarice C

Great dairy products like ice cream, cheese cake and of course, milk! Also, they have Yami yogurt!

Brandice Raybourn

My husband and I Discovered this gem on a trip to Birch Bay last year—an ice cream spot that quickly became an absolute must-visit for us. I must say, it serves some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had. Since that first visit, we've been back to the area twice, and stopping here has become our little tradition—every. single. time.

Michael Davis

Edaleens's own milk and chocolate milk...it is sooooo good I'll drink no other! Ice cream, soft serve, lots and lots of things.I don't care if you live in the US, Canada or France you owe to your kids, husband or just you to stop buy for a triple scoop, waffle cone of your special flavor.You get the car started and let's go....

Darshana Prachi

Stopped on the way to Seattle, must say it was one of the best ice creams I have ever had, it was creamy and freshPrice is reasonable tooTried raspberry cheesecake in waffle cone

Dave Adolph

Love it

Sarah Barnes

This place had been a staple since I was a kid. I always get some ice cream and chocolate milk to take home. Their strawberry ice cream is my favourite

Ken Chapin

Good prices on dairy and yummy ice cream selections.

Bryan Hutton

Best ice-cream and great dairy selection. Always stop on our way home from a Glen weekend.

paul hanaoka

great place to stop after an unconstitutional border wait

Carson Showalter

Some of the best ice cream I have eaten.

Sabrina Mccain

The Dairy has the best ice cream . There are so many different flavors that you won't find on this side of the border . My kids love to leave with a cone of it ?

Sammy Gill

Theu have outlets at both border posts ( Aldergrove and Sumas )I find Sumas dairy outlet bit better experience - and quality and amount of ice cream those girls do - also feels better than other. ( it may be my feel may he whole ice-cream is made at one place but...)So I prefer sumas one more!

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