Cho Dang Tofu Restaurant

17424 Hwy 99, Lynnwood
(425) 918-1508

Recent Reviews

Jessica Tan

Get their Kalbi Tang! Food is great. They give quite a bit of side dishes too. The only downside is the price; it is relatively high for a “food court” style food.

Lionel C

Wish they had bigger portions.Food: 5/5

Sean Ford

Is excellent Tasting food. Is very good service. Atmosphere was normal and professional and clean.Food: 5/5

Biz 10

Felt bit taken advantage of.Actual price $15/stew.Ordered roe & dumpling stews. Both average. Mostly tofu and little else.Bibimbab was ok. Side dishes were gd.

Yx Zhang

Best family style kfood. We’ve tried galbi soup and fish egg tofu soup. Excellent flavour. Side dishes are also tasty.

Peter Epstein

I had dolsot bibimbap. Service was friendly, and sides were good, but the bibimbap was just okay. Kind of what you’d expect for a place like this.

Lennart Wong

I really want to give Cho Dang a 5 stars but I have to reserve that rating truly extraordinary restaurants. However, Cho Dang is amazing!! I had the soup while my friend had the bi bim bop. The soup is so tasty! If it isn't so far away from me, I would have it once a week! The beef ribs were tender and full of flavors. Go there! You won't regret it!

Emma Y.

We had to togo the food because we got there 20min before closing. We devoured it cuz it was so freakin good!!!! Super rich and thick flavor. I got the mix tofu soup and my husband got the mushroom one. I mean I wonder how even better it'd be if we had dined in (it was our first time). I actually was surprised by the amount of toppings put into for the mix one. 3 peeled shrimps, 4 clams, 1 oyster, and some beef. Also, I like the container it comes in. It's easy to eat. Definitely coming back! Wish they had longer hours though.

Angela Isabel Chen

Excellent portions. The pork bone soup and the short rip soup are delicious. Lots of banchan to share.

William C.

I can't believe how disappointing our tofu soups were. We love the Tacoma and Federal Way locations, but this Lynwood location just sucks. The tofu soups were so watered down, I had to check the website again to make sure this was a an actual Cho Dang Tofu Restaurant. It may have been because we got our food to go 30 minutes before closing, but that's no excuse to sell something this crappy. Their soups don't compare to the thicker, better tasting soups at their other locations, If you want great Korean food from Cho Dang, go to Federal Way or Tacoma, but avoid this place.

Carolynn T.

This place offers your basic Korean dishes in a pinch, but I'd definitely say there were other options that I'd recommend over this one, unless you wanted a one-stop shop for food and groceries. I ordered the extra spicy soft tofu soup (with kimchi and pork) plus purple rice, and my mom ordered the kalbi tang (rib soup) with white rice. The purple rice is served in a stone bowl so that you can enjoy the nurungji at the end - for folks trying this the first time: don't scrape the burnt rice off the bowl!! Eat the soft rice from the middle, leaving the harder edges in the bowl. Once you finish the rice, pour your hot tea into the bowl and set it soak while you finish your other dishes. Then enjoy the softened rice after a few minutes (careful, the stone bowl stays hot long enough that it will still be hot). The soft tofu soup was spiced, but you can tell that the broth is actually made through the same process as any of the other spice levels, but those wanting it extra hot just get hot pepper sprinkled in rather than cooked in the oil before making the soup like how it's traditionally made. The side dishes were alright, but didn't really eat much of them, which I usually do. I don't see myself coming back, unfortunately!


I enjoy coming here. Growing up, my parents and I used to eat at the Korean food court inside our local Hmart and this is a similar vibe: relaxed and tasty. It's not too loud or too overly decorated/too much focus on a theme. It's just a reliable spot to get a good lunch/dinner.All kinds of people come here: middle aged/older couples, college/high school friend groups, families. There are a lot of side dishes/banchan and they give tea. It feels like the Korean neighborhood spots in the SoCal suburbs.

David Felt

Food is good, rice is yummy, cooked in the old stone pots served to the table. Their hot pot soups my family loves. Traditional Korean food

puta madre

I've been going to this restaurant about 4 years or so, but lately I figured it out they're kinda discrimination. Every time I goes there and I have placed my order, some other korean costumer who just come and they just place the order, their food coming first and I've to wait longest then other korean costumer who just came. And olso those Korean costumers on their side dish come with fish, when I asked why I didn't got one? She siad we are out. When I finish and leave from that restaurant,I still keep watching from thenother side of the restaurant and I saw they're still giving out those fish to the costumer just caming. So disappointed that they're discrimination to me, I as costumer should be treated equally as those Korean costumers, no matter what's my athletic.

Shirley K.

Went hear with my husband on a Monday at 1:30 pm, so just after the lunch rush. I can imagine it being pretty busy during lunch and dinner, even on a weekday. It was our first time, and we ordered the combo tofu soup and mackerel + hot bibimbap. Thought it would be too much food, but it was just the right amount. The tofu soup was great, but the mackerel was even better. Probably the best mackerel I've had at any Korean restaurant. Bibimbap was good but nothing special. They have rice in the stone pots, so if you like crispy rice, this is the ultimate spot to go and reasonably priced for Korean food. Will definitely be going back.

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