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Food was really good, a little steep on price but delicious. Sadly, the rumors about the server are true. He scuffed and shook his head at everything. I later found out he was seemingly serving and cooking everything that wasn't sushi? So he didn't enjoy having to cook anything and kept saying ' are you sure, it'll take a long time' and tried to get everyone to order differently. They sadly need help. So if you'd like avoid the attitude, don't dine in! Otherwise food is great!

Roz Burton-Torres

We came for lunch.. we enjoyed the Hawaiian and Orange Blossom. These were great combinations. The service was mediocre and the food make up for the experience. It is casual dining. If the service and decor was upgraded this could be a higher caliber establishment. We also had gyoza and Nigori Cloudy Sake.


Small town overhead, mega city pricing, teeny portion. For example, the six oysters on the apps menu are about 3/4” in diameter. I was seriously thinking that they chopped one regular sized oyster into “six” oysters. What a joke!

Clinton George (cbaum-us)

Great sushi selection. Came here for the Japanese ramen though because of my kids.. unfortunately they no longer have the Japanese ramen on their menu.Service seemed a little like the server was uninterested. Missed one of my rolls, but kids were done with their udon and teriyaki chicken, so didn’t have them Add it for takeaway.The sushi and sashimi I did get were really good.

Mrs. Johnson

The eel bowl was delicious.The sashimi came with lemon, which unfortunately affected the flavor of every piece of fish it was touching. The fish were also sitting on cucumber, which also affected the flavors. Do you not want me to taste the fish or something?There was also an unsupervised 6 year old playing with electronic dinos and bothering another family that was dining, likely because they had a child with them. She was loud and wouldn't leave the other family alone until well after their food came, and it was the mother eating who finally told the girl to go back to her own meal. Yikes! Be prepared to babysit I guess.If I come back, it'll be for the eel.

Julie Petzel

Total transparency, we went to Umi Sushi because of the reviews. Mostly about the server and we just had to see for ourselves. Here’s the thing, the server is well, kinda lazy. I mean a table asked what another table ordered (for their own ordering ideas) and he looked at the empty plates on said other table and said “nothing, they didn’t have anything.” Aside from the server needing customer service skills improved we had a delightful time.The sushi is worth the price. If you want good quality sushi this is the place. You’re going to have to pay for it. At home, our local grocery store sells fresh sushi for the same prices. So you’re going to pay $$$ when you go out for sushi, period. I’m not mad at this and others shouldn’t be either.We definitely will visit again. Good atmosphere, music was classical not outrageous like other reviews have said and again sushi was on point!

Jennifer Schmidt

We've now been to the umi twice and have really enjoyed the drinks and food. Sushi was the best we've had! The other drinks and food were great. The service is fabulous like see the one man show performance. Spot is like main point in the town so cool. We will be back very soon!

Robin Williams

Good food and a change of pace from seafood. Not friendly service but definitely professional and quick service! Would go again!

Jennifer P.

Umi is a small local restaurant servicing a rural but popular tourist beach location. The small wonderful hard working team of 3 do their best to provide good food and service, in a very beautiful artistic arrangement. My advice is be patient and come in when it is less busy. I appreciate all the hard working service owners that feed all of us!!! Thank you to the Umi owners and staff!!

Rosio R.

Great food. I'm in love this place. Spicy ramen is the perfect amount of spicy. I love it. Our server Daniel was amazing! Loved the music too.

Jutta O.

This was about the worst sushi I ever had. What a sorry excuse. Miso soup was lukewarm and tasted like water. Tempura calamari looked and tasted like onion rings. The other dishes I couldn't even identify. This restaurant used to be very good. I don't know what happened. They probably changed owners.

Stephanie W.

I HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS EATERY!!! The waiter was rude, when we said we wanted to be on separate checks he strait up said NO like three times.... We ordered several rolls, and some yakisoba noodles, the beef from the teriyaki tasted like old oil, the calamari appetizer looked like it was from a bag you could buy at your friendly neighbor hood grocery store, we could have made better in the air fryer at home! The fish in the rolls was NOT quality fish at all it did not taste good. The waters that the waiter brought to the table were half way full and they had a slimy texture!!! The bill was outrageous for 4 people, especially since the quality of food was literally TERRIBLE!

Megan M.

Less than impressed. The waiter was rude and was not willing to split the check. The waters that we ordered were half full and did not taste good. I ordered calamari for an appetizer and it tasted like it was fried in old oil and was very chewy. I ordered a rainbow roll and the avocado on it was brown. The waiter did not check on us or how the food was.

Billy S.

It's unfortunate that businesses in touristy areas, treat their customers as "tourists". The host was busy preparing to go orders and was very irritated that he had to interrupt his activity to seat us in the restaurant. The host then became our server and the fun didn't stop there... My wife has an avocado allergy and we make sure to let the staff know before we order, in case their are things that cannot be made to order without it. My wife attempted to order the tuna poke bowl without avocado, and the server said that she would just have to pick the avocado out.... I asked him if he was serious, and he then stated that they could make it without. Worried at this point we ordered things off the menu that were not listed with avocado. The food was ok, but the service was horrendous. No refills on drinks and the check was brought out before we were served our entree. Unfortunate that there aren't other options for sushi in the area. Disappointing.

Tim G.

I didn't have high expectations going here but it had overall decent reviews, so figured it would be fine. After getting to the restaurant, there was only one other customer. It took a while for the single server to come over and take our order. The food came out fairly quickly but they didn't give us any plates. After waiting for a while, I ended up getting up and getting my own. Didn't come to check on us the entire time, didn't refill our drinks, and when we were finished, had to go to the counter to pay because he wasn't coming back. He seemed uninterested in serving, would drop off food, and then leave before I could ask anything. Extremely poor service and I wouldn't go back even if the food had been excellent. As far as the food, overpriced, although that's expected. The spicy tuna and rainbow roll were fine, but nothing to rave about. The dragon ball was a bunch of imitation crab with almost no tuna. Chicken teriyaki was decent. Overall, disappointing even with low expectations and need to work on their service.

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