Gyros House Mediterranean Grill

800 N 10th Pl, Renton
(425) 227-5182

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Thomas Gillot

Noticed yesterday that they are now closed and another business is taking over the space. Would always stop by when I was in the area. Disappointed since the food was good and service quick. Inside was always clean as well. Usually ordered the falafal sandwich with rice.

Tom G.

Noticed yesterday that they are now closed and another business is taking over the space. Would always stop by when I was in the area. Disappointed since the food was good and service quick. Inside was always clean as well. Usually ordered the falafal sandwich with rice.

Madeline M.

So sad to see that this has now closed. It was my favorite!! Went today and saw the closure sign in the door .

Ryan Muse

Good stuff! Falafel was on point

Olivia D.

Honestly, I wasn't impressed. I was really excited for some good authentic flavors (like it says on the website) and I feel like I just ate a fast food gyro. My disappointment was in the recipe for their tatziki sauce, the quality of their lamb, and the freshness or cooking time of the fries received. Tatziki: Watery and runny lacking any sort of savory flavors. Tasted like a squished cucumber with a cream base, instead of a well thought out sauce. Lamb Meat: Was slightly cold and pretty dry. Potentially sitting in a open container on a low heated steam table for too long. Greek Fries: I would suggest cooking the fries a bit longer for crispness, they were soggy. Also maybe try adding a pinch of lemon juice over the top of your Greek fries, the oregano mix was very heavy without any acid breaking it up. The customer service was average, I got offered my drink cup early while I was waiting for my food to finish for pickup which was very nice, since I'm pregnant and was thirsty at that moment! They were very quick with preparation of my order as well. (Which is why I was disappointed when the lamb was cold) Wondering if quality has gone down because of covid fluctuation in customer flow to businesses. (I can't say because this was my first experience trying this spot.) Hope this helps :)

Amber Mills

I did an uber eats order for this place and spent over $70. 2 gyros: one lamb with Greek fries and one chicken, a Greek salad and a kids fish and chips. When it at arrived the bag was sealed up tight so you know your driver didn't dip in for a snack. I opened the bag and pulled everything out opened the containers to distribute the food to my family when I noticed 2 things. 1. There was only ONE piece of fish and 2. There were no Greek fries.

Zahava Pearl Epps

The Gyros are great. I had the Lamb and it was amazing

Fabulous F.

I used to go to the greek place that was in the same location before this one was here and when they closed, I just started coming to this one out of momentum. They are good, but the food is kind of hit or miss, I generally get the combination 8-Gyros, Souvlaki, salad. The majority of the time, the kebabs are a little dry but other times they are perfect. The garlic sauce they serve with the kebabs is to DIE for. I love it. But they only give you a teeny tiny container of it. I'll ask for more, and happy to pay (for THAT, not for feta!), but it's like pulling teeth. They are hoarding this deliciousness all for themselves and are happy to share a taste but THE REST IS THEIRS. (insert insane laughter) I'll ask for 5 of the big containers and pay for them, get home, and they gave me 3 small containers. So much gnashing of teeth. Why can't you guys just sell the garlic sauce in large bottles?! If it wasn't such a hassle getting the sauce, I would eat there *every time* I came through that area. (I've moved across the state, but I still visit family/friends over on that side.) But the sauce is important because, again, sometimes the meat in the souvlaki (kebabs) is really dry. And why do they want to charge extra for Feta? That irritates me because it seems the price should be built into the dish. Of course I want feta but no, I'm not going to pay $.50 extra to put it in each dish - I'll stop on the way home and buy a container from the grocery store for less. I generally stop eating at places that want to nickel and dime you to death for extra toppings. (I guess that's why I love MOD Pizza and 5 guys. Same price no matter how many extra toppings.)

Camas M.

Such great food and an extensive menu! I don't eat meat but my family does, and we can all find something we like here. My favorite is the #3 combo plate with falafel, hummus, salad and pita.

Fatima Hakkouni

Great foods, excellent services

Lisa Teafoe

I Tried to place a phone order. I was told that I could not place an order that was more than $30 . I tried to order on online but it did not offer lunch specials. I called that lady back and she was nice enough to take part of my order ( Lunch Specials ) over the phone. Lady behind counter was not very friendly when I asked her for a side sauce . She made it a point to tell me that they normally charge for side sauces. Mind you..the lunch order I placed was over $80 and didn't even get some of the things I ordered in the bag! Food is good but pricey. I don't mind paying $$ for good food but not if the serves is poor.

Mo Y

I had dinner with my kids there tonight. I like the place design and cleanliness. I like the open kitchen idea too. Nice set up. The service was ok. The food was average. I was hoping it will be more Lebanese than Greek style. The dinner plates are too small to hold all of the food they put on. Their either bigger plates or they need to move the salad and bread to a small separate plate so there is a room to eat.

Ashley L.

I have eaten here multiple times. The staff is always friendly and the food is delicious. The other day the owner brought our food to us and asked if we're were vegetarian and we said yes. He asked if we had tried their lentil soup yet and we said we hadn't. He told us it was delicious and three minutes later brought us a small cup to try for free. He was very kind and the soup was delicious. We will continue to come back and definitely get the soup again.

Mo Y.

I had dinner there for the first time tonight. The place is nice and clean. Nice Arabic music. Nice open kitchen. The service was ok. The food was very average. Nothing special at all. However the falafel were delicious. The Kubeh was good but over priced. The kabob was served rare so it was not cooked enough. The grape leaves did not taste fresh and they tasted similar to the ones I buy in a can. They did but taste as they were home made. The plates were so small for the amount of the food. It was so hard to cut the meat or even eat without wasting so much of the food on the table. I suggest that they either use bigger plates or put the salad on small salad plates. Overall I liked the place and I will be back if I was in the area.

Xaynosh Bodhari

It’s a lovely place and i enjoy every second i come here, such a great and lovely people around here

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Gyros House Mediterranean Grill

800 N 10th Pl, Renton, WA 98057
(425) 227-5182