Soi 705

705 The Pkwy, Richland
(509) 491-3400

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Eric Miller

Second time here. The first night was great. The second night, the food was still great, but the service was horrible. Sat for 45 minutes without even being offered another drink. I asked about our food. Watched our waitress walk into the back, and look at our noodle bowls. Came back and told me they were dressing them. The bowls magical disappeared. I asked when our food came out if she just microwaved bowls that had been sitting there. She said no. It's weird how warm the side of the bowl were for not being in the microwave.

Sawyer Nelson

So freaking good! There were so many things I wanted to try. I'll definitely be back.

Shelley Ray

Excellent flavors! We had lemongrass chicken lettuce wraps, Phase Thai with prawns (so good), and a fried rice dish that was a touch spicey and super delicious! We also had potsickers....they were wonderful.The craft drinks were good, as well. My favorite is the Lychee Mule!! A must try !

Lesia Serhiichuk

6/5, best kept secret in the Tri.

The Picky Eater

Had the chicken pad Thai, fried rice, and cheese puffs. The cheese puffs were very yummy and came with a good sweet sauce. Fried rice was okay. Chicken pad Thai was fresh and hot. It was my first time having pad Thai so can’t really compare it to anything else. The mochi were okay. I liked the flavor of the yellow and the texture of the pink. I went in because I want the K dog, but they didn’t have it so tried a few different things. Overall I would go again and try some other things. They had a good selection of different dishes. Server was very nice and quick.


They took the street-food aesthetic a little too seriously with a fly-infested kitchen and dining area. We waited an hour for underwhelming food. Good thai tea, but not much else is worth going for.

Ashlee Gonzales

A Delightful Experience at Soi705: A Brief ReviewI recently had the pleasure of dining at Soi705, a local Thai restaurant, and I wanted to share my thoughts on the experience.One dish that stood out to me was the "Drunken Yakisoba." Despite my usual pickiness when it comes to yakisoba, I was pleasantly surprised by how well-cooked and balanced it was. Unlike other places where the noodles are often overcooked or too sweet, Soi705 got it just right, and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite.The cocktail I tried, the "House of the Dragon," was a nice complement to the meal. It had a fruity flavor without being overly sweet, which I appreciated. It added a refreshing touch to the overall dining experience.I also want to mention the customer service at Soi705. The staff was friendly and attentive, making sure that everyone had a comfortable dining experience. Their hospitality added a positive note to the evening.In conclusion, Soi705 is a local Thai restaurant worth trying. The "Drunken Yakisoba" is a standout dish that defied my expectations, and the "House of the Dragon" cocktail is a flavorful option for those looking for something refreshing. With good food and welcoming service, it's definitely a place I would recommend to fellow food enthusiasts.

Jim Alford

Really enjoyed lunch here. Nice selection of cocktails, wine and sake. Highly recommend the Moscow mule! Everything we ordered was cooked great, full of flavor. The ambiance and overall atmosphere is pretty dark, like a hole in the wall, but plenty of people,so it was more lively than I thought it would be. Definitely will return, they have great happy hour deals, looks like a good spot for a small group meeting.Kid-friendliness: Kids are allowed!

Dashia Fontleroy

We absolutely loved Soi 705. The ambiance was spot on. I definitely recommend for all the other vegans out there. We have plenty of options here ?

Minister D. Kinsey Bey

Being a native of Richland,Wa and having moved to Portland, Oregon and now running for Mayor of Portland, Oregon this atmosphere and the food would give many restaurants a run for their money hands down! Pan-Asian ideology as well sets the tone to decolonize influences that suppress many Asian communities in America.My wife and I both being Asiatics and Moorish American Moslems, we enjoyed it all!Vegetarian options: Vegan Friendly!!!!!

IsNotA Yahoo

We need more places like this in the Tri-Cities.If you want a restaurant that doubles as a great place to hang out with friends, or just a chill cocktail lounge for spending a few relaxing moments then check this place out.In a rare move this restaurant accomplishes two things at once, and performs each equally well.When you arrive you'll notice a great atmosphere, fun music, and the variety of seating which accommodates everything from lounging with drinks to full meals at a table.If you're here from more traditional reasons the full menu offers a variety from safe to adventurous with all choices equally delicious.Your drink options range from outrageous to classic and you're sure to find something agreeable to your palate. (The Devil's Nightcap is truly beautiful for that spicy/ smoky satisfaction.)The amazing staff are passionate and ready to help you enjoy your evening; as a bonus ask Google to tell you the music playing and you can add a few tracks to your rotation.o

Scott Mathews

Initial impression: First good Thai food I've had in the Tri-Cities. Well executed fusion, across the board. The menu reads like an addictive pulp novel, full of all the familiar twists and turns of Thai cuisine, but then it surprises you with unique accents and variations that beg to be sampled. I have, to this point, sampled but half of the menu, but I have zero complaints so far. I also want to shout out the movie posters on the wall inside- love it! I'll be back!ADDENDUM:I went back two more times- the food didn't even look the same and the quality didn't hold up. Sorry if I misled anyone, but my time here in Tri-C has numbed my senses. I'm dropping my review from 5 to 3, and I probably won't be going back.

Darby H

I went for my first time and I’m not that adventurous with my dining so I was nervous to order but it was so amazing. I tried the Pad Thai and a few appetizers it was delicious with so much fresh flavor! The drinks are what I went for originally because I heard they were really good and they were! I got a lychee + mint cocktail and it’s the best drink I’ve had out in awhile. Fun atmosphere, different, and quality food. Can’t wait to come back!

The Jolly Noggle (The Jolly Noggle)

This place is amazing. It has a very cool atmosphere, but the food is what makes this place stand out. It has a eclectic and welcome mix of Asian food. We had a few things as it all looked good. The samosas were tasty, vegetarian, and had a great chutney sauce to dip. The real stand out, and what I will come back as much as I'm able for, was the dragon bowl. The pork and duck were great, but the broth, oh the broth, was a flavor I want in my mouth forever. It was some of the best tasting anything I've ever had. This place seems too good to exist here.

Lydia M

Very fresh and delicious food with unique and refreshing drink options! I loved the atmosphere and overall experience, and vegetarian options are always a bonus. It was a little bit of a wait but definitely worth it!Vegetarian options: A whole section of vegetarian items plus ability to substitute for vegetarian options on several existing dishes.

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