Bizzarro Italian Cafe

1307 N 46th St, Seattle
(206) 632-7277

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Micah Clark

Come a bit early because this incredibly intimate cafe is popular. The food and beverage selection is wonderful and the service is as delightful as the atmosphere. I was seated at 5:03 and had my food and beverage by 5:13. I only remark because I've never had food so fresh, delicious, and wonderfully plated at such a fast but warm pace. Every conversation about the room was how divine the food and wines were. I myself had a French cider import, another excellent option. This cafe is perfect for date night fun and family gatherings alike. A mustn't miss for Seattle's Italian fare options.

Maria D.G.

Come early but if you end up waiting, know it's worth the wait. Everything and most importantly everyone was lovely. Lemon water, bread, salad, main, dessert, and tip all < $65.I may have liked it so much that I ate too much and it was all very rich and dairy-forward. Pace yourselves or pay the price of your gluttony and suffer a stomach ache like me.Vegetarian options: Not manyDietary restrictions: Not much for non-dairy.

Michelle Valentino

What a gem in the heart of Wallingford! Just moved to the area and will be making this place a regular go-to! To start, the focaccia bread that comes to the table and caesar salad was super fresh. The elk bolognese with fresh pappardelle was a savory and delicious dish. Had the tiramisu for dessert and was tasty- definitely a shareable portion. The super tuscan red wine I paired with my meal was the perfect accompaniment. Service was also attentive and ambiance was warm and bustling... for all you want when you get Italian, its a hit!

Becky Wilson

Best Italian hidden gem there is!!! Truly, the food here is better than all places I've dinne at in Italy! This is authentic food at its finest. All pasta dishes are incredible but my favourite was the Bolognese! The restaurant is quirkily decorated. Oh, and don't miss out the bathrooms! They're the most bizarre thing here ;)Food: 5/5

P J.

Delicious food, terrific service, but punk rock music?! Why? And on December 21st. And at a volume that was irritating. I really don't get it; it was hard to try and not hear it.

ColumbiaPartners ..

Excellent Italian fare in Green Lake. Super casual and interior is interesting & eclectic. Definitely one of our favorites. The pastas are excellent, salads are fresh and the deserts are so good! Annoying they don't answer their phone but what can you do... the food is well worth the inconvenience.

Andrew W.

Delicious yet won't break the bank. Their snap pea carbonara is a good choice and the chicken Marsala is excellent, particularly the Brussels sprouts included as a side.


We started with bread as soon as we sat down. It was thick, tender and flavorful. I ordered Bruchetta and Aracini for appetizers and they both were very good. My son had clams with linguine. He said it was great. I had the forest frenzy. It was wonderful. My husband had a pasta dish and added chicken. My daughter in law had chicken Marsala and they both were pleased This restaurant had a funky vibe but great food. The only thing i didnt care for was the house salad. We all had dessert. I can only speak to mine. I had the banana cheesecake and it was HEAVENLY!! Our server was top notch! Our servero

Angela C.

Neighborhood spot with friendly service, delicious food, and a warm, cozy atmosphere. Walk-in only-- be prepared to wait during peak hours. I was catching up with some friends in Seattle and wanted to carb load as I had a race coming up. One of my friends is gluten free, and suggested Bizzarro as it's her favorite Italian spot. Her recommendation was definitely on point, as the pastas I tried were delicious. I ordered the lamb gnocchi, which was a special. The lamb was braised as a stew and delicious and gnocchi very soft. I also tried a bite of my friend's snap pea pasta, which was very tasty. The only dish I did not try was the gluten free pasta, but given my friend swears by it I assume it's good. The pastas also come with a house salad that you can sub with either a specialty salad or soup for $5. We all subbed with the soup, which while delicious did not seem worth the $5 upgrade to me personally (maybe if it was $2-3?). Service was friendly and fast, the atmosphere very cozy. Arriving at 5:30 PM on a Friday, we waited around 30 minutes for a table. There isn't much space indoors to wait, so it's best to plan to either wait outside or walk around the neighborhood. All in all, tasty pasta but nothing mind blowing (hence the 4 vs 5). The main reason I would come back would be if I had someone GF in my group.

Guy S.

Another absolutely amazing experience at Bizzarro. Certainly not my first visit, definitely won't be my last. We started with the Eggplant Parmigiana Spectacular, which was, well... spectacular. My wife ordered the Gnocchi Cavolfiore and I decided on the Elk Bolognese The gnocchi was tender, sauce was creamy and the cauliflower was perfectly cooked. I wish my gnocchi tasted like this... The Bolognese was delightful. The house-made pappardelle was terrific, absolutely perfect. The delicious sauce clung to every bite. This dish is truly a masterpiece. As always, the staff were very attentive, helpful and friendly. This restaurant is a Seattle gem and I am so happy that it wasn't a victim to the covid closures. Thank you for a wonderful evening.

Daryl Greaser

This is our go-to place before the ballet. Everything on the menu is outstanding! Unique atmosphere and amazing staff. Highly recommended; get there early!

Anna Baatz

The space is very fun with great vibes and decorations as conversation starters (also the bathrooms have intriguing visuals as well!). Food is pretty solid but surprisingly our favorite ended up being these whipped gorgonzola and poached fig toasts that were the perfect blend of savory and sweet with good textural contrasts. A solid date night choice :)

Gigi S.

House made pasta, the city's best bruschetta appetizer, and truly exceptional service. I love this quirky little place.


How do I start, this is my second time here and I enjoy their food. Bread and salad are fresh, pasta is always delicious, no overcook or undercook, sauce is very smooth, not salty, not greasy. I ordered the carbonara, loved everything, except for the sugar snap peas (there were too many for my liking); also ordered bruschetta, it was my first time trying it like the way they make it, I just wish it was less sweet or at least have a bit of a more salty component.

Kristine N.

Came here for a date night and was quite impressed! We were greeted with friendly staff as soon as we walked in. There is complimentary bread with olive oil+ balsamic vinaigrette for dipping. The bread was a bit on the colder side, but nothing terribly bad. My partner ordered the Elk Bolognese (red sauce) and I got the Sugar Snap Pea Carbonara (white sauce). With an order of the entrees, a house salad was included (or you have the option to upgrade to a Cesar salad, we did not do this). I liked the house salad as it was a nice way to get in some greens before an overload of carbs. The vinaigrette for the salad was also very tasty. My partner loved the Elk Bolognese ($22) and I agree that it was very good. The pasta was flavorful and the dish came with lots of meat (good choice for the meat-lovers out there!). I liked my Carbonara ($21) as well, though be warned, it did lean a bit more towards the saltier side. I really liked the pancetta, along with the addition to the peas as all the flavors worked well together. For dessert, we shared the Tiramisu ($10) which was absolutely decadent. The Tiramisu wasn't too sweet, stronger in espresso flavor (which I liked), and very creamy. I don't think I could've finished a whole piece by myself, but it's a good size to share with two people! Overall, Bizzaro is a solid Italian choice if you're ever in the area. Good selection of different pastas, friendly service, and great Tiramisu! Looking forward to coming back in the future.

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