Slow Boat Tavern

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5701 Rainier Ave S, Seattle
(206) 235-6023



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Slow Boat is definitely my favorite beer bars in the city. You won't find the beers they have anywhere else in Seattle and in some cases in the U.S. On my first visit they had super rare beer from my favorite brewery in Montreal that I've never seen outside of Canada. Not to mention, the crowd hanging out at SBT is always extremely fun and laidback. If you're into good beer and company, this is the place for you. Also, peanuts peanuts peanuts.

Went for NYE, they didn't have anything special going on and it was perfect. Our group of 7 pretty much had the 2nd floor to our selves, we played darts and table games. The taplist was killer, only like 8 taps but beer geek quality stuff. Also free peanutes and throwing them on the floor is always a plus.

The old man who runs this joint famously holds a distaste for Yelp. Nobody but he can say for sure what's in his mind, though he would probably be happy to tell you whatever it is about Yelp that bugs him. Maybe it's the idea that trying to quantify and average everyone's opinion is a fool's errand; maybe it's the potential for people to impulsively form an opinion in a split second, post it, and affect the success of a small business? Not sure. Anyway, I' full review

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