Tony's Bakery

6020 Martin Luther King Jr Way S, Seattle
(206) 722-8800

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Charlie Te

It is a popular place to get lots of snacks and food. It looks like they also do catering as we see trays of food going out. I would advise to check thoroughly some of the prepackaged goods to make sure they are fresh and to put them in the fridge if you are not going to eat them immediately (as shelf life may not be that long). I did enjoy the fried cha luu from them.

Vasha Bhatari

No complaints about the food but out of the 3 different times I ordered party trays, all 3 times they were either late, forgot about the order, or gave me the wrong food. I'd still go for their regular deli but I don't think I'll be back for their trays. Too unreliable...

Kendal Kemery

Grabbed the premade beef rice noodle salad bun bo xao and a fried banana. Tasty and quick lunch, I'll be back!

Myra Portuguez

I called to place orders for party trays and the menu listed according to the lady they are old prices and now selling at way higher prices....make sure you have updated information.

Vivian Moore

My Favorite place for a sandwich yummy ?

Soonifore Soonifore

Fresh rolls were great! Wish they sold individual sizes of papaya salad, instead of just family style though. I hadn’t been in for over 15 years and it really hasn’t changed, still friendly and fast service with decent prices!


I would always go for items. Sandwich’s maybe the highlight. But it was my first time ordering from there and I did not like the tone in how I was talked to. I do not know your process to begin with. I order 7am for a following 7am pick up. It’s 3 trays. Why ask me what time I want to pick up order and then say otherwise for 9am. I only ask for an early time for temple time, but if inconvenient then so be it. First epic fail in ordering party tray from here. Just know it’ll be for 9am and after pick up for those who don’t know!!!


Had the #10 with roast pork, and it was easily the best banh mi I’ve had in Seattle. In a different league compared to:-Saigon Deli-Saigon Vietnam Deli-Billiard Hoang-Q Bakery-a few others

Chet Lim

We got rice dish and sandwiches here. The lemongrass fish sandwich and the grilled pork was good. The tofu sandwich was boring. The rice plate with two dishes was skimpy for $12. We just got one piece of stuffed tofu and one piece of fish with a LOT of rice.


Had the #10 with roast pork, and it was easily the best banh mi I’ve had in Seattle. In a different league compared to:-Saigon Deli-Saigon Vietnam Deli-Billiard Hoang-Q Bakery-a few others

Roeung Dork

Awesome VIET sandwhiches here with lots of diff options! Love the toasted bread. ITS SO GOOD, I DRIVE ALL WAY FROM TACOMA TO GET their viet deli food. It's a tiny spot, but wow so much to pick from food wise(baked goods, hot foods, Asian salads , soups and all kinds of buns, a wedding cake and even party trays. You will be fat and happy leaving with their food. Enjoy!

Brennan Lim

Great spot for Bahn mis and other vietnamese baked goods and snacks. Bahn mi bread is very crumbly and fresh and the smoothies are made with fresh fruit.

An Nguyen

I feel so lucky living close to this deli/bakery. They are the earliest store to open around the area and I don't know how they could have so many hot food items ready for sale already. The food taste really authentic, clean, fresh, and you could tell they really care about what they do. My favorite bakery item there is the cream puff ?

Misha Nguyen

I love the sandwiches here. Customer service is always a hit or miss. Be aggressive if u want to order deli stuff or u won't get served

Yen Lee

Catering for a birthday party. We didn’t know that they do birthday cake and we thought we had to at least order a day ahead. We’re planning to get the cake at 85 Bakery but the staff said, “They can make one in 20 minutes.” We’re glad we got the cake there instead of making an extra trip to 85 Bakery. It’s a vanilla strawberry cake bigger than 85 Bakery cakes for $45.

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