Joy Teriyaki

3908 6th Ave, Tacoma
(253) 759-4400

Recent Reviews

Nadia G.

Not sure why this place has 4-stars but this is by far the worst teriyaki place I've been to. The food was horrible and didn't taste like anything close to what I ordered. After a few bites I ended up just tossing the food out. Also, they forgot to give napkins and utensils. Like how ? All the orders are to go. How do you not provide utensils ?

Angie T.

I ordered beef teriyaki this evening and this is what I received. Looks nothing like beef teriyaki I've ordered before. Completely bland, tasteless, grisly and just outright disgusting. The texture was something I can't even describe. I tried one piece then threw the rest away. I usually don't do bad reviews but for $15 a plate this is what I received. You can tell there were shortcuts taken. I understand times are tough but not an excuse to serve this to people. Very disappointed. Will not be getting food there again.

Berry S.

This place gives you tiny proportions FYI for newer customers trying this place out .

Wanda R.

I don't know if I was just really hungry, but this place was great! I had the Shrimp Teryaki and an Egg Roll delivered and it came early. It was delicious!! I would definitely order from there again!

Makenna P.

This place was disgusting. I never have had worse chicken katsu. It was thinner than a piece of paper and tasted like leather. Definitely will not come back. I saw the overall stars and I guess this place used to be good, but more recent reviews say it's not the same. Don't waste your money or your time.

Demi N.

This food was straight garbage, I can't believe that they have the nerve to call this teriyaki. The audacity. Where's the sauce the flavor the chefs kiss ? I am extremely starving so beggars can't be choosers but I almost chose to not eat this. The "fried rice" is white rice w vegetables. The chicken seemed as if it was baked and not pan/grill cooked. There was salad/cabbage on top of all my food. The service was mediocre. When I walked in I was not greeted until someone else showed up behind me. I ordered takeout so the rest of the interaction was fast. I am just extremely disappointed. I got two orders and it came to 32 dollars FOR THIS?! Never again. I highly recommend Yummy Teriyaki on Mckinley which is my normal go to but today is Sunday. I hope this review helps better the service. Stay blessed

Marc Knight

This place is so bomb, chicken is CRISPY! This place is the gold standard I compare every teriyaki place too. Little pricey but the quality is worth it, great staff and the wait times aren’t too long. I support this business :)

Sven Shibahara

I just can't get behind the new ownership. The quality of the food was much better before.

Jessica A.

I was pleasantly surprised by this place :) great customer service and delicious food. Also thought it was cool that you can give them your number to earn points towards free food.

Chas DeLong

Excellent Teriyaki Chicken & Beef combo, Honey Garlic Chicken (super delicious!), and Goyza. Sizable portions that will easily make another meal. Overall very happy with what I ordered.

George M Ablan

Great tasting food. Fast service called in my order 10 minutes.

Allie Watson

Best teriyaki I’ve had in a long time! Chicken teriyaki and gyoza was amazing, the rice and sauce were perfect!!

Joseph Lowery

I placed an order for pickup. They discovered that they didnt sub my chicken breast. They quickly resolved the error. Food was delishous. Loved the fried rice and our sides of gyoza and egg rolls were cooked perfectly.

Kayla M.

This is not the same place it used to be...It feels like I could get the same thing out of the frozen food section at Safeway

Nick S.

Nothin special. Small portions and I swear the Teriyaki is the kikkoman sauce from the store. The fried rice was very bland and had corn and green beans in there....just not good I would recommend another place. Disappointing because I just got mad at goofy goose down the road and now I have to drive to 38th st to get good teriyaki.

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