Joy Teriyaki

3908 6th Ave, Tacoma
(253) 759-4400

Recent Reviews

Dusty D.

Pretty disappointing. I've never had rice that was so dry! The chicken and gyoza were pretty good, but the bland steamed vegetables and dry rice were a deal breaker.

malcolm whitfield

Tonight I ordered 2 meals from Joy Teriyaki. The yakisoba beef and the chicken terriaki. Both items were very very good. The ladies at the front desk were kind and professional. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

Paul Casey

Good FoodNo contact ordering is done through Menufy for some reason, restaurants really push use of delivery services these days, some seem to take steps to make it difficult to pickup your own food!

Kenneth Tubig

Good food, but the person who took my order doesnt speak english well and messed up my order... not the first time either.

Elizabeth G.

Open late night but if you want to order make sure you're there at least an hour before closing or more than likely you won't be eating :/ I love the food I'm not sure about the boba smoothies but the yakisoba and the Mongolian beef were great!

Rachel R.

Terrible customer services. You definitely get what you pay for, the food that's it. We were treated like they didn't want customers, which I understand when your busy. We were asked to leave due to how many people were in the building which is fine, the way she asked was very disrespectful. But we couldn't even purchase what we wanted, we asked if they sold drinks and she told us no when there was a fridge of bottled drinks behind her. She snatched my boyfriend's card out of his hand to pay for the one item we had told her before we were finished. Then asked if that was everything. Like she didn't already put the card in to pay. 10/10 would not recommend. Go to Bentos Teriyaki instead.

roland ochoa

Just ordered food from here 3/26/21 @ 1145pm found a whitish grey hair about 3 inches long in the food not happy at all

Titos Pallante

I stopped by here because I was in Tacoma and just needed to grab a quick lunch. Chicken katsu was cooked right, not overly fried and still juicy. The sauce was a bit sweet but add a little hot sauce & soy sauce, it's perfect. Chicken teriyaki was tasty and cooked right. The sauce was tangy and enjoyable. overall is good

Danielle Logan

Chicken teriyaki was very tender and delicious. Like, actually super good. Loved it - appreciate their late hours because I work late. Friendly staff.

Brea Hess

Not impressed.. figured I'd try something different than my usual teriyaki spots (Goofy Goose, Flying Fish) and not was I disappointed. I was craving sweet and sour, so I got a pricy missed plate of sweet and sour chicken and teriyaki chicken and it was pretty horrible. The sweet and sour was full of raw green peppers, practically over half my serving was peppers and a few onions with even less meat and NO PINEAPPLE as advertised. Very disappointing, as well as the quality and taste wasn't great either for either dish (sweet and sour or teriyaki) oh! And I upgraded the white rice for fried rice, what A HUGE waste of $3.50 they added some frozen veggie mix to the white rice and that was it! No flavor what so ever! Not going back here... Ever.

Sun L.

I ate here twice this week and both times the food was delicious. We ordered the katsu, chicken teriyaki, and sweet and sour pork. I thought each dish portion was generous and was enough for two people. I'll be coming back the next time I have a Chinese food craving.

Sarah W.

Our new favorite teriyaki place !! Have yet to have a bad meal here. Great service & great chicken katsu!

Steven Tappin

Clean and quick. Foods good, it's teriyaki you can't really mess that up.

J R.

I stay literally 2 minute away from this place. They used to be my favorite spot to eat teriyaki chicken. Now every time I order especially big orders, thier teriyaki chicken is always cold and taste refrigerated. The teriyaki chicken taste like the Innov Asian Cuisine bulk reheat chicken. The garlic chicken always come with a bunch of batter with no chicken in the middle. I don't know what happened to this place but I will not eat here again.


I had fried rice and dumplings because I was craving them. First time being here and IT WAS SO GOOD!!! If you're looking for something quick and delicious, I recommend here

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