5108 Grand Loop, Tacoma
(253) 267-5010

Recent Reviews

Thomas Devereux

Great Korean take on pub restaurant food. Kobrew is a gastropub that uses some of the best ingredients and Korean flavors to enhance traditional pub food while also offering classic Korean dishes with a western twist. The bar tender was on it very friendly. Great staff was seated right away.

Sunny N

Had fried chicken. It was good, beer battered, but never had bear battered chicken in Korea before. Doesn't seem like Korean fried chicken. Sauce isn't for Korean fried chicken either. Radish was bad and old so didn't eat that at all. Corn was random but it was just normal. Just expected more since they charge 3 times more than average. Wouldn't come here again. Plenty of good fried chicken out there that is not overpriced.

Natasha Leps

Loved the crispy tofu sliders!! A great vegetarian substitute for the traditional meat-filled slider, but not to worry, there's meat options too 😉 Tasty alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks with refreshing flavors, and very nice service just slightly slow, but the food is worth the wait! Give it a try! Very fun decor and vibe inside and out!

Clara Dubow

We got there at like, 8:45, and their kitchen closed at 9. They were super accommodating and friendly- wish we had gotten the bartenders name, but he was great! Super sociable and nice even though it was closing time. We got one of each taco and we're b.l.o.w.n away by the pork taco. Close second was beef. Oh boy. Can't wait to come back and try the wings, and frankly all of the menu! Jalapeno cream cheese dumplings?! Yes please. Didn't get to try any of the drinks but I've got my eye on the Lychee Lover. So happy this place is here and I'm still buzzin' from those tasty tacos!

Alison Hegarty

We enjoyed it. Decently priced good quality great location. Can't ask for much more than that. It does really taste as good as it looks

Shannon Wared

Very attentive server, Craig was great. The food was tasty and fresh. Nice spot for a date.

Larry John Sablan

Besides the restuarant not having any sort of identity or flow to it. The food was ok at best. Service was not that great( they weren't rude or nothing) they messed up our order. No Asian beers on tap and the place is call Kobrew, but if they figure out all those things maybe it could be cool...

Sara G.

This place is new at Pt Ruston, so our expectations were somewhat high for our girl's night despite reviews I had read. Being Korean, I wasn't expecting authentic Korean food but I was still expecting great service, a nice ambience and tasty food. Just like the reviews, they were out of quite of bit items on the menu. Out waitress was nice and attentive, but right off the bat, she let us know all the items they did not have available. Same with drinks which was surprising. For being so new, they had items on the menu that she said had not been taken off the menu. The food was somewhat tasty. We ordered the cauliflower and wing apps. Both were breaded heavily and deep fried. The tacos were a let down. I did not care for the guacamole, corn salsa or pico, so I'm glad I got them on the side due to a review I read; the kimchi was surprisingly tasty . My friend got a salad that she enjoyed. Overall the ambiance was nice, mainly cuz we had a window seat so we could see the water. If you're wanting to try something new, than you should try this place; but just don't get your hopes up on the kitchen having what you're craving!

Hyemi K.

Went here with a group of 18 people. None of us will go back, even though the location is great. Food is very bland and a sad misrepresentation of korean food, even as a fusion version. They even charge for ban-chan (korean side dishes) and it lacks flavor. We are sticking to other korean restaurants that actually taste good & is just half the price (with free legit ban-chan). Wanted to love this place, but sadly, none of us did. The only average dishes were popcorn cauliflower & chicken wings.

levi square

Phenomenal service and food. Great atmosphere! Ability to relax and enjoy some great drinks and amazing food. Thank you so much to our server she was amazing and the staff made you feel like you were the only table in the restaurant. Cheers!

Christina Eschenfelder

Lots of vegetarian options! Everything was delicious. Server wasn't rude but he wasn't friendly either. He was training a nice young lady and didn't bother introducing her or mentioning that he was training. It was awkward. Will be back tho. Food is outstanding.

Anthony Zoe

Fantastic food and service. Carter F did a great job recommending food options to us and everything was so tasty. I wish they had a sampler platter so we could try everything.

Mike Aguilar

What a great new addition to the Tacoma food scene! I took my family for dinner and we loved it!

Joe Cordray

Service was hands down the worst I’ve experienced in years. the manager needs to find a different occupation. Long of the short, we finally walked out. Stay clear of this poor excuse of a restaurant... so many other great places in Tacoma that would appreciate our patronage.

Kelly Rene Allen

I was disappointed in the portion size. Did not feel was a value for the portion on Adult Portions. If you have sliders include a small portion of fries!! The Tacos were promoted as a corn/flour tortilla. No they were a straight flour tortillas- know your product! Children portions were wonderful! Rice amazing! The service was slow and food prep took such a long time. Crayons were delivered to only one of the 4 children present. This was only after youngest child in the party was fussy and not happy with the long wait.

Robert J.

went to kobrew on the 4th of july. I looked at the menu on line and wanted to try the street tacos. I sat at the outside bar and ordered a beer. I wasnt offered a menu. I could not get the bartenders attention to order food. I could see the bartender from where I was sitting and she was busy making drinks for the dining room. After 30 minutes I left. You would think that they would be better staffed for a major holiday. I decided to give them another chance on today. The weather was not to good so I thought they be slow. I checked the web sight and it said they open at 11. I went there at 11:30 and they were closed. Im not sure what they are doing there. Both times I left and went to Farrellys.

Kali K.

Yikes. Was really looking forward to this place but I don't think we'll be back unless there's some miraculous transformation. While I expect new restaurants to have some issues to work through - there just wasn't a whole lot I enjoyed about Kobrew. I really should have read all the reviews first and gone elsewhere. On the positive, my Ginger Pale Ale was decent. Service was okay (minus the bartender who wasn't all that pleasant) and our server in particular admitted that she was embarrassed about our dining experience. I also appreciated that the manager came over to tell us they would be removing items from our bill without us having to complain first. That said - Kobrew falls flat about everywhere else. First, the steep prices and tiny portions. We paid $8 for 4 tiny dumplings (Mondu) and $8 for 5 pieces of popcorn cauliflower. The $21 shrimp entree was supposedly served with an herb salad. What you actually get is a few shrimp served with a lemon and a leaf. Literally a single soggy leaf counts as a salad here. The fried chicken was more reasonably priced if you enjoy fried batter with a hint of chicken. I did enjoy the spicy pork belly street tacos but again - at $9 for 2 street tacos I'd take my money elsewhere. The flavors/taste of what we ordered was okay. Not terrible but nothing memorable. Finally, we waited for 50 minutes for our food after ordering and everything came out at different times (this is the one thing I'll let slide as a new restaurant).

Dean M.

No idea how someone could give this place a 1 unless they had a truly awful experience? Great location at Point Ruston. Ordered several small plates and all were very good, notably the wings and pork belly tacos. Had the Ruston Way IPA and it was pretty good, as was the passion fruit sour (though, more like a gose). Still working out some kinks but everyone was friendly and I would definitely go back.

Benjamin O.

I can start by saying that Kobrew was less than mediocre, you'd find better Korean wings at the gas station next to the tumbling hot dogs. They had great potential because they were crisp and well cooked, but otherwise left unseasoned.The breading was pretty spectacular for being crisp and light without being greasy, but that's where the good things ended. You can't serve a wing and not even toss a pinch of salt on it and expect it to taste like anything other than flour. The beer was okay but nothing to spectacular. We experienced a rather uncanny flash back to our experience at fish pub, which previously inhabited this location. It was rather empty for a beautiful Saturday afternoon. My vegetarian fiancé had the tatortots and they unfortunately encountered the same fate as the wings, bland and boring. Hopefully Kobrew steps up their game before they go the ways of fish pub as well.

Jaime S.

Kobrew just opened a few weeks ago and as a vegetarian I wasn't sure there would be much for me to choose from, but I was pleasantly surprised! Creative and delicious plates that are perfect for sharing. The cauliflower popcorn is a must! The tofu sliders were yummy, and my carnivore eating partner loved the double-fried chicken. Joe, our server, made sure the food came out perfectly done. We'll definitely go back.

Amber S.

First the "good". We were seated quickly, the waitress was very nice. The drinks were ok. Now the rest. It took about 15 minutes until our water was delivered, much longer for food after our order. We orders kimchi fries, those were pretty good. Bulgogi sliders: these were tiny and dry and had no bulgogi flavor whatsoever. We also had the banchan which was just underwhelming. A few bits of soy beans, a few bits of cucumber with vinegar and plain bean sprouts ( not the sesame bean sprouts as advertised ). This place was very disappointing.

Natalie S.

Really enjoyed the Korean flare. The small plates are more like appetizers while the large plates are more entree like in size. We ate Jap Chae, Kimchi Jeon, and the Seafood & Kimchi Ramyun. Enjoyed all 3 dishes and would order them again!

Sunny G.

Amazing food, go in with some time to spare. This is a new place and they are clearly working out some kinks. But the food is outstanding. From the Korean fried chicken to the short ribs. The beer is thoughtfully infused with green tea, ginger, and mangos. If you are a foodie this place is for you.

Ross H.

Street tacos with pork belly ... so bad ... leather pork belly ugh ... come on it is pork belly ... and not even warm WOW get a grip

Jennifer E.

Can't write a review because we tried to have lunch today and with the restaurant not very busy we were told we couldn't be seated for 15 minutes. And when we acted confused the hostess gave no explanation. Very strange for a new restaurant to turn away customers.

Brandon L.

We got the bulgogi sliders and the kimchi fries. It only came with 2 sliders for $10, and they were very small. The fries had waaaay more toppings than fries itself and all the ratios were off. We paid about $28 with tax and tip and left still hungry.

Theresa S.

The only reason I give this restaurant one star is for our server, she was professional and actually faced this problem and didn't ignore us for the horrible experience we underwent during our first and last visit. We ordered our food and 25 minutes later (we wondered if we had been forgotten since the people who arrived after us were receiving their orders) the waitress approached our table and informed us the kitchen is out of the item I ordered (a kimchee pancake). We overheard another table order items that the kitchen no longer had (my husband's first choice was unavailable as well). I was told the meal would be ready in 10 minutes. Fifteen minutes later our food arrived. The whole meal was comped, but the manager never showed his face to apologize or give an explanation (I'm pretty sure that's because he would be out there all day). I will never eat at Kobrew again. I will be surprised if the restaurant makes it, our server was great, the food...meh, the menu is not exceptional, nothing stands out, not much variety, wait is long for food, and they are literally out of everything. Don't waste your time.

Brad N.

I was really hoping to like this place. Went out for a date night and everything that could've gone wrong did. We asked to be sat inside, we were sat outside by our waiter (the place wasn't even near half capacity). When we ordered our beers, we were brought the wrong ones. When we ordered our food, the waiter came back 40 minutes later saying there was some sort of mixup and asked us what we had ordered again. When the check was brought out, they had double charged us. When we got the check fixed, our pen didn't even work to sign. We were told to talk to, "Amanda" if we had any complaints. She was no where to be found when we left. Would not recommend, was not happy with the service, and will not be returning.

Sheridan G.

this was horrible our service was not good we waited about an hour for our drinks the beers were horrible and our waiter never brought me mine also the food made me sick some of it was okay but i'm never going back we left before we got our deserts and i got my drink it was not good please don't go there also the beer was HORRIBLE please don't go it was awful i'm pretty sure one of the waiters was on crack he made us stack our own plates

Shirley S.

I came to eat with my friend from out of town. We showed up at 9 pm and were told that the restaurant was closed "because we ran out of food." I asked what time the restaurant would normally close and was told that closing time is 11 pm. The waiter said "ACTUALLY WE ARE CLOSED because we ran out of food. Actually that is the goal." So we came specially to the restaurant and never got to eat because they ran out of food and closed. I am confused how not having enough food and closing two hours early is a good goal.

Tammy P.

The wait for the food was way too long. The amount of food you get for the price is not worth it. We spent $45 for 3 appetizers that were pretty much kid size. There's a lot of thing the staff need to work on, all they do is stand around. The waiter kept forgetting our order. Overall will not come back and not recommended. Go to the other restaurants in the area, for the price you pay atleast you'll leave full. Would rate Kobrew a 0/5 if I could. Don't come here.

Cecilia P.

I was really excited to see that this place was finally open. Everything was decently priced and they had great vegetarian options. I had the Korean Tofu Sliders and Jalapeño Popper Mandu and my boyfriend had the Bulgogi Sliders and the Pork Belly Tacos. We're very satisfied with our choices. I thought my food was fantastic and would definitely be coming here again when we want to splurge a little bit. Our waiter was very nice, I just wish I got their name. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for a fun twist in Korean food.

Nathan S.

Wow! Authentic Korean but with a gentle Anglo spin, kick butt brews and cocktails that creatively complement the menu, and a simple chic setting near water's edge. If you're looking for a brew pub, definitely check this place out. But the food here far surpasses brewpub expectations. Get the cauliflower popcorn!!