M & J's American Cuisine

508 Garfield St S, Tacoma
(253) 327-8167

Recent Reviews

Dacia C.

I come here faithfully and support this local restaurant! Felix and His wife Reyna are like family!! The food is great and drinks are great too! A real mexican feel to it! Luv sitting on the patio enjoying the charm of Garfeild street!

Christy E.

Small family run business, wonderful owners - very friendly and treat me like family when I come in! I love the family atmosphere, every meal I've eaten here has been really good. There is nothing better than sitting on the patio enjoying the sunshine and friendly people!!

Josh D.

I just left this restaurant after the worst experience I have ever had. We were seated and the male server walked into the bar and watched Mexican soap opera for an hour. The woman running the kitchen finally came out to take our order after a half hour of waiting. The man brought the food out and didn't know who got what and the food looked good enough. As we started eating my girlfriend felt sick to her stomach and stopped eating halfway through a flouta. We asked that the meal be taken off of the ticket. After waiting nearly ten minutes and hearing arguing in the back about the ground beef, the male server came out and said he ate half the meal and it was fine. Nothing was wrong with it but he would discount it. We then asked that it be taken off the ticket completely. He then asked me what I had and I simply said "what are you doing?" Suggesting he should know my order. This set him off screaming in my face and I suspected they were hiding things from us so I turned to walk out of the establishment as he was screaming at me. He started picking up the phone and I suggested he not yell at customers that haven't paid yet. I told him I want to pay and get out. I then told him I would share my experience and we left as I shut the door in his face screaming at me. I can't believe this was real. Please never goto this restaurant and support their endeavors. They ignore customers and the quality of food is subpar. The man working has no cool and shouldn't be in a customer service position. I can't believe he yelled in my face. Please go somewhere else.

Crystal Q.

One of the WORST restaurants I've ever been to. When my boyfriend and I came inside to be seated. No one even greeted us. There was this one elder male who was watching TV the whole entire time who turned out to be one of the employees. When he finally greeted us he didn't seem all to intrested in taking our order, or having us around to begin with. About 5 minutes after he sat us he walked off and sat right in front of the TV again. It took about 45 minutes for us to receive our food. My boyfriend seemed ot tolerate the order he received. However I ordered flautas which seemed appetizing at first, but when I cut into it the meat was really wet and had an odd taste. I continued to take a few more bites and then my stomach started to churn. I told my boyfriend about it, and we agreed to have it taken off the check. We told the "server" to please take it off of the check, he went to the kitchen and talked to the cook about it. Then he comes out telling us he would put a 10% discount. I told him I wanted it off the ticket and he appeared to be offended by such a simple request. He not only raised his voice to us about not taking it off, he also lied about not watching TV when my boyfriend called him out on what he was doing majority of the time(the restaurant was empty). In the end it was the worst experiences I've had. Don't waste your time or money there. Spend it somewhere where there's better service, people who actually pay attention to their customers instead of watching Mexican soap operas the whole entire time. If I could give this no stars I definitely would.

Ashley R.

Very dirty inside. Not a very friendly staff. And the food is actually a lot more expensive than we thought it would be when walking in. We only got beers and an appetizer and it was actually pretty good food.

mike b.

I am visiting my old hometown and stopped in Reyna's for lunch. The Steak Fajita is no joke! The steak is plentiful, tender, and matches the browned onions and peppers perfectly! Just like back in college, the good beers are still reasonable!

Destiny Frost

Amazing food , great music I highly recommend this place if you love street tacos.

Jill Rawson

Good all around little place. Great service good food

Eduardo Ortiz

Good food and drinks

Bre Jones

Kind of pricey for the quality of drinks. Strange crowd but the back patio was cool

Asdf G.

friendly people but the foods a little dry & you dont get hot sauce with ur tacos was hoping for some red or green sauce

Ben P.

If you're in the mood for Mexican, find another place. The salsa tastes like it's out of a jar, and the overall ingredient quality is lacking. It feels like meals are assembled from Sysco boxes in the freezer. The prices are above taqueria levels, more in line with what I'd expect from a mid-level establishment with much better food.

Chuck Taylor

Love this place never fails any time! Food is wonderful bartender Marco is the best! Def recommended!

Jose C.

We had the chicken Mexican and the enchilada and taco. Both were delicious and flavorful. The service was great and Reyna and Felix were welcoming and easy to talk to. We will be back.

Melody W.

Wouldn't eat here again for sure. The booth had zero cushion, the interior is very rundown looking, prices seemed kind of high ($16 for a burrito) and then there was the food. Chips were cold, salsa not very flavorful, rice mushy, fajitas had no seasoning and had a sweet flavor.. I will say though my taco was pretty tasty so they do have that going for them.

Johnny J.

The positive list: attentive service, street parking, nice location near PLU, cool hole-in-the-wall curb appeal, decent prices, hot plate with warm beans and rice. The place has been in business for a while. I scratch my head as to why this place doesn't just kill it. You can chalk up some of these observations to a late lunch on a slow winter day. So, the chicken in my enchilada tasted like it came out of a can, not like it was cooked from the bone. The chips were bland tasting and not warm. The salsa looked like salsa, but tasted like tomato paste. I didn't believe my taste buds at first. To my partner, "What does this taste like to you?" Yeah, I go to restaurants to eat food that is better or different than what I can prepare at home. This is the detail that missed for me. The present and lingering atmosphere type thing that seemed odd was the quiet patrons countered by the loud telenovela in the bar(?). I would return, but with heavy social influence.

Elizabeth K.

I don't know if this should be a two or a three star...the service was good, the lady was friendly and our orders came out within 10 or 15 minutes. However, the salsa tasted like tomato paste and really didn't have much flavor. I had the Sunrise Enchiladas filled with cheese and onions and a Modelo Especial. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. It was just.... ok. My beer seemed flat. My partner had the Chicken Enchilada and a Tostada, he said it was average. And it was strangely quiet inside which made us feel like we had to whisper. Overall, Reyna's wasn't bad, it just wasn't memorable. If a bunch of friends wanted to eat here I wouldn't say no but I also wouldn't be excited to eat here again and we wouldn't go back on our own accord.

John Weidenfeller

The bar tender/owner is super friendly and makes you feel welcome. Talk to Marco!!! His drinks are amazin.

Robert Bernhardt

Awesome small hole in the wall bar and great food.

Ivana R.

Customer service was excellent. They give complimentary chips and salsa. When my husband asked for my salsa, they gave an even bigger amount of salsa in a bigger bowl. The food seems pretty authentic too. We've definitely found a new spot to eat Mexican food.

Paul M.

We have been coming here for over 15 years! Miss this place after moving to Texas 9 years ago. Family owned and run (husband cooks and sings while the wife is the main server). Must try dish: SHRIMP ENCHILADAS W/Red sauce

Derrick Kelso

Get here. Marco treats everyone like friends. His mom creates amazing food. They are open to criticism to give the best.

Chirstan Zacharias

Marco is always friendly and helpful. If you want a family owned and support local business' and enjoy authentic mexican food this is the place to go!

Monique Spruell

Great food and awesome place to party , the owner serves drinks by himself and is very quick and a great guy!

Jeffro Ferguson

Love this place! Good food, good price on drinks.

Lindsay S.

Excellent restaurant. Very family oriented and friendly. I love the student discount they offer. Definitely a return customer!!

James K.

Our experience at Reyna's, a cozy and hidden gem tucked away into the side of Garfield Street, was overall pleasant. Upon arrival we were greeted by Reyna herself, seated, and immediately provided with water and a large portion of salsa and tortilla chips that were above-par for standard Mexican cuisine. The atmosphere was pleasant and casual, with bright colors, Mexican decorations and a classic adobo feel to the interior. The menu was extensive and well-rounded, including all the classic Tex-Mex items and even some house specialties. Drinks were sublime, and came out quickly after ordering. The whole establishment was run solely by the Husband and Wife team of Reyna and Felix, who together created delicious meals. We had a party of four, ordering a variety of different meals from fajitas to chicken mole. The plates were incredibly hot and food was steaming on arrival. Portion sizes were generous and pricing was reasonable. When Felix wasn't working in the kitchen, he added to the ambiance by playing the guitar. We left satisfied and full, eager to return again soon.

Holli M.

Street parking available. We were the first customers of the day and were greeted and seated immediately. Service and food were delish. The salsa had just the right amount of heat and the servings were generous. The price can't be beat.

Oscar Milano Mai

Awesome bar, awesome scene, drinks are strong for a cheap price (for someone from new york). Must try place.

Will S.

This is our little hole in the wall Mexican comfort food go to place. Good prices, great food.

Beya Jedidi

Amazing food, great prices, quality drinks. I highly recommend.

Asana B.

So I look at the price and I'm thinking it's expensive so I go for the $5 steak taco thinking it will be overpriced and avg but what I got was an incredibly well stuffed Taco that was more like a meal by itself. the hostess which is one of the owners was very humble as if she did not know how delicious her product was all I can say is if you are very hungry or you just want a fresh and delicious meal this place gets 10 stars.....it's like you have to wait but when you get the food it's like you should have to wait to get high quality food!

Bonnie H.

Uber eats fave! The 3 taco combo with rice and beans for $8.99 cannot be beat! Easy, cheap and tastes great!

Meranda J.

Horrible experience! I wanted street tacos with carnage and she tells me they have none. Only chicken. So I order nachos and wait fifteen minutes. Mind you I'm on my thirty minute lunch. She brings my bag to me and I take it to my car open it and it smells like burnt chips. I open it and it's got no chorizo on it and a bunch of nasty looking guac. I take a bite and had to spit it out because it was gross. I take it back and tell her I don't like them they taste burnt and she immediately got loud and started yelling at me that I was wrong and that there's nothing wrong with that. That me being in a bad mood is what made my food taste bad to me. She tried to not give my money back after yelling st me that I'm in a bad mood. She finally gave me the money after repeatedly telling me I'm wrong then fallowed me out to my car yelling your not welcome here. I'm a very polite person. I've worked customer service so for me to have taken my food back is a big deal. I never do that. The reason I'm posting the review was simply because how she treated me after I asked for my money back

Suzie Njoroge

I love this place after long day of work I really enjoy everything

Claudia Leon

Came to eat and restaurant was closed. It said open but there was no one . I really wanted to check the food.

Sean G.

Reyna's is the place you go when you want some authentic Mexican food served by a wonderful family. Felix and Reyna always make you feel welcome and it's great to see a family working together in today's corporate restaurant landscape. I especially love the Chile Colorado. If you haven't been here before, give it a try and if you ask, Felix might even sing a song for you!

Debby O.

Excellent service good food and fast service! I'm from California and I love me some good Mexican food and I have had a hard time here in Tacoma - however the owner and his wife made our party of 3 super welcome served up drinks quick and custom made me a watermelon margarita that was delicious! We had our first Mexican pizza, not from Taco Bell, ever and delicious queso dip while we Sat in the cozy bar, fresh negro modela for the boys and shots of tequila around Recommended for hometown fresh made real Mexican food!

Morgan Stewart

Fav spot hands down. Drinks are on point and at the best prices around. Mama makes the best food and Marcos a dork but hes good at what he does and will become your Fav bartender after only one visit.

Randum Tha Dark One

This place is wack. Service is really bad. Really out of place