Mimi Teriyaki

1901 M.L.K. Jr Way, Tacoma
(253) 267-0961

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Jojo Garman

Food is Soo good and you do get alot if it's teriyaki chicken but one you try something different it becomes less chicken more strange ingredients like nuts and french fries in Kung pow

Alden C.

I've warmed up to teriyaki considerably since moving to the Pacific Northwest and since covid-19 is making us do take out or cooking at home more it's opening dining options that were overlooked before. No doubt about it cooking at home for my household has gone up significantly and eating out so much less. But some nights cooking sounds like more of a chore than what we are willing to do so take out it is. Mimi's Teriyaki was one of several of teriyaki places we have done take out with on night where cooking just isn't going to happen. I have to say the service was very fast in getting our take out order to us. I got a chicken teriyaki and gyoza combo which was so very good. I love gyoza and Mimi's version hit the spot. The chicken teriyaki was excellent too as the chicken was not overcooked and was flavorful. Mimi's was real hit with us and we would be happy to go back for some more delicious teriyaki!

Kyle Jenson

GREAT to -go, delicious, good portion, good packaging, and always follows notes on Uber Eats.

heidi corey

So happy they moved from Puyallup to Hill Top.. Always friendly fast and delicious food.. Love the fact while u wait you can have egg drop soup n hot tea.. Along with watching the news or local game on the huge tv..

Isaac Kim

My wife brought home spicy chicken teriyaki from this joint. Portions were good and definitely one of the best spicy chicken teriyaki I had in a long time. Would recommend.

Isaac K.

My wife brought home spicy chicken teriyaki from this joint. Portions were good and definitely one of the best spicy chicken teriyaki I had in a long time. Would recommend.

Devante Bridges

Portions were nice sizes... The quality was different compared to other places mind you my Orange chicken was actually grilled with oranges... But the price was a little high but definitely worth it

Kharis Catchings

Not the best and not thecworst I've had. Need more passion in the food

Toni C.

The food is decent but if you have any issue with the service beware. I ordered Chicken Teriyaki & Orange Chicken, the older man with limited English decided I ordered Chicken Teriyaki & Sweet -n- Sour Chicken. They refused to remake it or give me my money back and insisted I ordered it and after that failed the woman came out and told me "it was very good.". It's not "very good" it's only decent. There was a couple who ordered over the phone begging for their salad, the older man told them salad didn't come with the teriyaki. They had to wait for the woman who said salad came with it and got them their salad. When I first went there last year they were much nicer and valued customers, well those days are over. I normally go to Tacoma's No1 Fried Rice, have been going there over 13 years, their service is excellent and the food is very good.

Jamala Bell

Friendly customer service. Food is great quality, filling and delicious. My son and I enjoy having our family night food with Mimi's

Chad Dennis

Lunch deal is great. Plenty of food. Very clean and the staff are extremely friendly.

Adrian Crofford

Ordered chicken fried rice tonight and kimchee and really disappointed. There were only a few microscopic pieces of chicken, some frozen carrots and peas, onions and then all just rice.... like a large pile of rice basically. Kimchee was crunchy (why I gave a 3 star not a 2) but lacked real flavor. I'll be back because my husband ordered the chicken/beef and they did well on that.


This an amazing place the food is good and the bubble teas are wonderful and taste awesome they have lots of varieties to chose from! I would Recommend this place!

yvonne alexander

Food was fresh and you get a lot for your money. Service is pretty fast too. Plus you get free soup while you wait for your food.

Jamal Mohamed

Great food. Good customer service. Large portions reasonably priced. Eat here and you won’t be disappointed.

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