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3911 S 56th St, Tacoma
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This is just a retail location, which I would recommend keeping in mind when visiting and reviewing. It's a great place to go when shopping for fish! We got an amazing filet of halibut for $16/pound and MMMMM! It was the best fish I've ever had, let alone made! So fresh, no bones. And for $16/pound, that price is unheard of. We also got some Manila clams, which were very tasty. The oysters we got were on the large side, but we should've given them a look before full review
We get their emails all the time but when we came in they didn't want to honor it saying it was a misprint. After some arguing we got the price and placed our order. When we went to pick it up they didn't have the order and blamed it on an employee they had just fired. We had to wait for them to figure it out and while most of it was very good the shrimp we got was starting to turn and we couldn't serve it. The young man with dreadlocks is the only good employee they have there.
Not nearly as exciting as their Ruston Way location, this warehouse site lacks the view and ambiance along with the kitchen to get lunch. The products are mostly the same, but perhaps not the same turnover as the salmon and crab were better at the Ruston location. I'd guess that this location supplies Ruston so the quality might have been due to the time of year. My visit to the Ruston location was during the busy holidays while the South Tacoma visit was in the dead of full review

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Coho Salmon (oncorhynchus Kisutch)
Sockeye Salmon (oncorhynchus Nerka)
King Salmon (oncorhynchus Tshawytscha)
Chum Salmon (oncorhynchus Keta)
Atlantic Salmon farm Raised (salmo Salar)

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