Pico De Gallo Mexican Grill

14125 Pacific Ave S Suite C, Tacoma
(253) 433-7819

Recent Reviews

Karen Spafford

Great food!!! Excellent prices!! We will be back!! You can count on it!!! Friendly staff!!

Samantha White

This is a fantastic Mexican Grill! All the the food has amazing flavors. They had us try the different meat and tops before we order. Extremely friendly and welcoming.

R.c. Wieand

Good food and great staff! The are very nice and very eager to make your experience a great one!

Ana Williams

The staff is ALWAYS so friendly and the guacamole is THE BEST i've EVER had at a restaurant!!

April T.

The food is good and you can tell it's made fresh. I love the customer service and friendliness of the staff. Best part is they let you taste EVERYTHING before you order it, so you know if you like something before you buy it. Definitely coming back here more often.

Erika Kukuk

I said, “Oh, it’s setup like a Chipotle”

Amanda Sabako

I love coming here!! The food is always fresh and you can tell the employees care about their business and the customers. This place is a million billion times better than chipotle, but its a similar line style setup.

Tyler Darko

The barbacoa burrito bowl was the best I've ever had. The staff was super friendly and welcoming. My gorgeous girlfriend and I agreed that Pico De Gallo should put Chipotle out of business because the food is so much better. Lastly, the guacamole was so good I had to ask what the recipe was. Do yourself a favor if you love fresh, flavorful and delicious Mexican food and stop in for a burrito bowl. Oh, and they basically let you taste everything to help you decide on what you want. It's all incredibly good. You're welcome.

Desiree R.

I don't even know where to start with this place! The service AND the food are both delicious! You will not regret coming here.. and will want to come back again and again! Thank you Pico de Gallo!

Althea S.

Out running errands & found myself hungry. Fast food junk won't work. I saw this little spot on the map and decided to give it a go. I'm not disappointed. I was greeted immediately. When the owner learned this was my first time in, he began dishing up samples of guacamole, potatoes & queso, and my choice of meat. Everything was explained & salsa was offered to sample as well. I got the create your own bowl and it was perfect. Grilled chicken is really great. Store is neat & clean. Highly recommend if you want a fresh, fast healthy meal option... stop on in!!!

Rhasean S.

1. Pico de Gallo is head and shoulders above Chipotle 2. Exceptional customer service 3. Will definitely be back

Elisha S.

Wow! The food was super good! They had me sample the meats and offered me chips! The service was amazing and the food was delicious! I will be back!

Rocio S.

Great tasting food! Very clean establishment. I love that they do not use lard on other products other than just pork. Meats are not greasy at all. Great place to grab a fresh bite to eat!

April T.

This place is a MUST try! We pass by this place on Pacific all the time and finally stopped in today and I was so pleased with not only the food, but the customer service. The food is delicious and you can tell its fresh made. The staff is SO nice and let you try EVERYTHING before you order it. Chips are complementary and I definitely recommend the queso and quac. I had the carnitas salad with both regular carnitas and sweet carnitas. We also had the carnitas tacos and steak tacos. ITS SO GOOD and highly recommended!

Tori L.

The best customer service I've received in a long time. VERY FRIENDLY. They actually care that you enjoy your experience and their food. They let you try just about everything before you choose it. This is way better than any Chipotle or chain restaurant. Fair prices and great food!

KarieWayne S.

This place was so good. Employees were extremely friendly and nice. Gave us samples of all the different meat. All was good - hard to choose. The sweet pulled pork was my favorite. Definitely a place to go.

Andre K.

Probably the best Mexican food I've ever had, everything is fresh and the best taste. Employees are friendly and very helpful

Nicholas Pike

So fresh and delicious. This place stands head and shoulders above similar joints. If you like Chipotle, this place is better. Their burritos are the bomb and huge. Chips are fresh and salsa choices are great.

Autumn Louis

After driving by and then looking at the review ratings we finally decided to try it out. The gentlemen working here were so friendly. After verifying it was our first time they gave us samples of the guacamole, the pitites and queso, and the different meats and salsa. Needless to say this place didn't disappoint!!! My husband got 3 different types of tacos. The shrimp and the fish they cook when you order it. They also make there own salsa. Everything tasted very fresh and we'll seasoned. The shredded chicken is the family favorite. The customer service far exceeded any expectations. Will definitely be coming here regularly!!!

Tracy P.

This place is sooooo good! Friendly staff, big portions and a great value for the price. The food is fresh and super tasty, especially the guacamole. It's a similar setup to Chipotle, but so much better in my opinion. Plus it's a family-run business and the owners seem like really great people. I will be going back again to use my punch card!

Kevin G.

Food: like it's advertised, fresh and delicious. I'd choose this over Chipotle everyday. The special touch is 2 fold: 1. Several meat choices, all fabulously marinated. 2. Courteous service and a crisp clean environment.

John V.

This restaurant is amazing. They are setup like Chipotle but way better. The guys working there really know customer service. They offered several samples of their food to help us decide. There meat and produce is very fresh and great quality. I really enjoyed their guacamole and they even brought out a sample of a new mango guacamole they came up with which tasted great. Will definitely be back anytime we are in the neighborhood. Great employees and great food.

Kelly Oberbillig

AMAZING. Great vegan options. Great customer service. Gave us samples. Huge burritos no extra charges for adding all the toppings. Super fresh house made deliciousness. Huge, cheap, healthy, fresh, authentic, Mexican food. Loved it

Erin Funk

Excellent food, very friendly staff. Portions were very filling and priced very reasonably

Joe Cruz

Simply the best. Health nuts, this is the place to get your fix, delicious and fresh always. After eating dinner, bought a quesadilla for next day lunch. Yummy

Christina Chime

Love their food. Always fresh yummy seasoned great customer service. Prices are AMAZING with big portions.

Emily Ann Headrick

Amazing food and people who work there. Will definitely be back many times!

Jasper C.

Amazing food for an amazing price. Fantastic staff that really makes you happy and wanting to come back for more. I got a punch card, and I will most definitely be filling it out in the next few weeks. I purchased a bowl with mixed meats and veggies and it was more delicious than anything I've had for weeks. Such fresh tasting quality. This is how Chipotle dreams of being in terms of quality.

Evan Stichler

The food alone would keep me coming back! From my first time coming in and having some of the best customer service I’ve ever received at a “fast food” restaurant, Pico has earned a loyal customer. So much flavor in each bite and they are always looking to try new things and take customer’s feedback. Definitely worth the stop in Parkland.

Lucas` Johnson

This place is clean, the food tastes fantastic. And the customer service was awesome! I think it's an owner operated joint because the staff working you could tell really wanted us to enjoy the experience. Will definitely be coming back!

Dan Kean

Excellent food! Carnitas was so tasty. Man behind the counter, I believe he's the owner, is super friendly and helpful. Offers samples of the different meats, and makes recommendations. Small, casual restaurant. Definitely worth stopping in for. Will be back for sure!

Robert D.

Delicious, quality food. Onwer(s) staff? They were amazing friendly. We really enjoyed our first visit and will be back.

Troy Gessler Sr.

Delicious food with lots of choices. Better than Chipotle and the staff is passionate about what they cook!! give it a try and you wont be disappointed!

Amina S.

This was my first time here and I will be back! The customer service was outstanding, the guy behind the counter let me try everything and knew exactly what I was looking for based on what I liked. It's hard to find true, authentic Mexican food here in the PNW but I think I found it. Wonderful place, wonderful people!

John Quintana

This is an amazing and super clean incredibly great tasting establishment! All meats are super slow cooked except for the fish and shrimp. 3 min wait but very well worth it. Lots of quality for just a couple dollars more then fast food. The home made pickled jalapenos are like candy! The condiment bar pairs nicely with a really good assortment of soft drinks. They are in a really good location yet somehow slightly ignored by people driving by. We highly recommend this incredibly great tasting place. The attention to detail is a pleasant surprise for a small lower priced restaurant.

Kate Jacobsen

If you are looking for a place to eat in Parkland, stop looking and come to Pico De Gallo!

Jacob Gnarley

So glad I stopped in here! Got a burrito the size of my forearm for a great price. Had to split it into two solid meals. Great taste, clean kitchen. These guys show pride of ownership. Well done, sirs. I'll be back for sure.

Emma Herlinger Ruhl

We loved the food, the service, the cleanliness of the shop, we got to sample the meats meats and sauces before making our selection. The spices were nicely done not too hot unless you wanted it hot. I'll go back again and eat.

Keriayn D.

I live around the corner from this place and I would drive by it at least twice a day. I finally decided that I wanted a good burrito and didn't want fast food, so I stopped in tonight. I am so incredibly glad that I did! Both of the gentlemen behind the counter were very welcoming and kind. Since it was my first time, we were given samples to try to help decide what kind of meat I wanted. They have four different varieties of tortillas for burritos, over five choices of meat with different flavors, a variety of salsas and toppings. It reminded me of Qdoba but I believe that this place is so much better!!!! And they aren't expensive and definitely not fast food (thank goodness). The food is fresh and the dining area is very clean and has a cute setup. Also they have a punch card and every 9th visit you get something for free! Before my son and I left, one of the gentleman working (I am so sorry I don't remember your names) told us about an initiative that they are working on with the library. And every book that a child reads and gets notated by the librarian, that child will earn one free taco tray! My son loved the samples and reading, so I am sure that this will encourage him to read as many books as he can go we can go back We will definitely be coming back and I can't wait!

Teresa C.

This is a clean, friendly little taco, burrito shop. The food was excellent and the service amazing. We got to sample many of the different meats to assist us in making our selection. The food was hot, tasty and the location was clean and appealing. We'll be back! Teresa & Francisco