Pico De Gallo Mexican Grill

14125 Pacific Ave S Suite C, Tacoma
(253) 433-7819

Recent Reviews

Nicole Delacruz

Great prices, choices, friendly and helpful staff, huge portions. Cant go wrong here!

Emily Hillstrom

Very friendly people, and delicious food!!! I would recommend!

Elizabeth Hartsough

My husband just brought me home a burrito from your place and I have to say It was Hands down the best burrito I’ve had in years!!! Can’t wait for my second burrito

Kyle S.

Absolutely amazing. Just thought that my girlfriend and I would try something new and was blown away. Got a chicken burrito with a bunch of goodies in it. What blew me away is they toasted the burrito!!! Toasted!! We got a bunch of samples of the food choices and everything tasted so fresh and so good.

Rob G.

So good, everything is fresh, restaurant in super clean. I had the spicy barbacoa burrito this is on a completely different level than other places like this. The staff is very friendly.

Sarah Morris

I will definitely be back! Everything was very clean and the staff was so nice. The guy helping me had a lot of different samples for me to try. Great service.

Jessica Howell

The friendliest service and very authentic flavors. Skip Chipotle and come here instead! You can’t beat the price and they can accommodate any diet!

K D.

Stopped in for our first visit on a Saturday right before 2pm. The place was completely empty which made me hesitant. As soon as we walked in the door we were warmly greeted by a male employee who asked if we had ever been in before. He was funny and nice, very patient and gave us tons of samples. The customer service was the best I've had in a very long time!!! Food was not bad for a fast food option. Its the subway of Mexican fast food, build your own tacos, burritos or bowls. Place was very clean, and good price for the options they provide. Did I mention their customer skills are amazing. One of the only things I didn't like was their salsa bar had watery salsa, would be nice if they included a chunky option and marinated carrots and jalapeños, also their horchata was not the best. Will definitely recommend and come back.

Jessica Marler

This place is AMAZING! My fiancé and I LOVE Mexican food and happened to stop by for lunch today. The staff is incredibly friendly, very knowledgeable and fun. Ismael guided us through our first experience and with each sample the flavor got better and better! Their salsa is amazing and spicy and so flavorful. Will be back. Will cater for my work. 10/10 would recommend!

Tay Renay

My new fav go to place for fresh food. The staff is super friendly and make you feel welcome every time. They never rush you to order and always have service with a smile. The establishment is always clean. The food tastes amazing and has way more options than chipotle. Portion sizes are great and price point is good as well.

Thornton A.

This place is awesome, so sad I drove by it so many times without going in. The lady behind the counter gave me some samples and away we went loaded a salad bowl with some ggreat tasting freest food. I was trying to be good and stay away from the carbs but the queso was way to good to pass up! I had to get some chips and queso. I highly recommend this place for some tasty fresh food. I will be back for sure!

Kellie S.

My first time here and what a wonderful experience. They can tell it was our first time and greeted us kindly. They gave us some meat samples to try to help us better decide. Midway through our dinner they came to check on us and offer us either some extra chips or lids and a to go bag. Not only was the service phenomenal but the meat choices were authentic and reminded me of being at a quince or family party. Great experience, I'm definitely a returning customer.

Matt H.

YES. So fresh and delicious. Wonderful service, too. The staff was excited to hear it was our first time visiting and went out of their way to explain the fresh ingredients, house made sauces and showed genuine passion for their product. Definitely coming back.

Bell Barr

The best place ever, service is very nice they give you sample if its youre first time or wanna try new things but dont wanna regret. Words can't explin how good they are just go visit and eat ?

mookiedee f.

Pretty sure it was the owner I had an encounter with and it was bad. Bad for my diet, that is. It's really easy to eat healthy here but he had me try potatoes with queso. OMG. Done. Papas con queso with beans and fajita veggies...sounds gross, tastes amazing.

Eric Palacios

Excellent service. I was able to try some items to ensure I like what I was getting. The food was fresh and the flavor was deliciously unique. The portion was perfect. My Daughter liked and ate the entire burrito, normally she does not try new things.

Joshua Forrester

Fantastic food. The pricing is commensurate with Qdoba and Chipotle. Guacamole and Queso are extra, and like everyone says the guacamole is worth it. I would order it on the side with chips and dip it is a larger portion. Flavors are way better than either Qdoba or Chipotle. I've seen quite a few restaurants come into this location. This one is the one I hope stays.

Rafael C.

The food and customer service was great. I would definitely come back here again and recommend to others to try. I also drove by it and never knew it was here. I will be coming back.

Eric C.

Best build a burrito place I have been to, and I love me a good burrito. The owners are friendly and over the moon to see you walked in their door. Will definitely return when in the neighborhood.

Jade Grace

Great and friendly service! They let us taste test and were patient with us. Food is so yummy, fresh and not too expensive. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a good chill spot.

Dale Forrester

If I've ever had a better burrito I don't remember when or where! I love this place. It has a simple menu that quickly becomes a "gotta go back and try something else" offering. And as a bonus, the owner and his staff are friendly and helpful to the extreme.

Rosie B.

This place is kind of tucked away on pacific avenue almost across from Lady Luck, and I do believe it's relatively new. It doesn't look like much from the outside, and if you blink you will pass it. I went in on a Saturday around lunch time and there was only one other family in there at the time. Upon walking in I noticed that it looked very similar to chipotle, however the welcome was 100% better. The employees were personable, and even gave me samples of the queso, guacamole, chips, and both types of chicken prior to ordering. The seafood is cooked to order, but everything else is ready to go. The prices are also very reasonable. I decided on a bowl with rice and the shredded chicken, though it was hard to decide because both were so good. I paid the extra for the queso and guacamole as well because honestly they were amazing. Everything about this place was great, and I really hope they get enough business to last in this area because as far as I'm concerned, chipotle is out and they are in! Oh and before I forget! The chips come with the meal here! You don't have to pay extra!

Wade Johnson

Can't say enough good about this place! It's not the hole in the wall kind of place that I usually love, but this is just as good in it's own way. The service was literally unbeatable and the food is fresh and delicious! If you haven't been here, you have to try it.

Bo Chun Fook

This place is the go to for taste, quality and quantity! Also the host Ismael is the greatest hosts! He lets you try all of the dishes and meats. Go check them out!

Jose Flores

The meat, salsas, and pico were good. Only thing I have to complain about is the tortillas, within mins after taking it out of the heater the tortilla gets cold. No me gusta a cold tortilla.

Ross Moutier

Really great flavors! Very personable staff.

Michelle E.

My parents live two minutes from this restaurant and I've driven by it hundreds of times. I didn't notice it was there and then when I did, I figured it's just another one of those restaurants that pop up and disappear in quick time with bad food. My son wanted Subway one day and my other son wanted Mexican. We are vegan so I usually pass up most restaurants, but figured let's check it out because he was so hungry. I am so glad I did because not only did they have vegan options their food is absolutely amazing. I can't say enough how flavorful the food is. The grilled vegetables and spicy potatoes with the corn salsa and fresh guacamole added with all the other ingredients were way tastier than any of the upper scale Mexican restaurants I've been to. I highly recommend anyone check this place out. You will not be disappointed.

Kendall N.

If I could give this place 6 stars I would. If this was the last thing I ever ate, I wouldn't complain. It's no wonder this place has five stars. Easily in the top ten things I've ever eaten. Upon entering the place was quiet, for some crazy reason. But the menu board above the serving line was very large and straightforward. If only making choices was as easy. My husband and I both chose burritos. We've both been spoiled by some incredibly authentic Latin/Mexican food in the past, so our bar is really high. Well let's just say we have a new bar. We knew we were in the right place when we saw carnitas and Barbacoa on the menu. The young lady preparing everything for us was super patient with us as this was our first time visiting. To top off the entire experience she sampled us FOUR of their proteins, their queso and potatoes, and their chips and guacamole. I mean who does that?! They pride themselves on their freshness, knowing all their ingredients and presenting as an authentic Mexican restaurant. Their fillings/toppings exceeded any other quick service line style restaurant I have ever been to. I rarely add sour cream to anything as I'm not typically a fan, but added to my burrito here, well it was the icing on the cake. I had spicy barbacoa, which had just enough spice to taste without slapping you in the face. My husband had the sweet carnitas. Their meats are steeped in flavor from that low and slow roast. The queso is light and has some great back heat. Alongside their queso, their chips are hefty without being dry or too thick and perfectly salted. And did you know you can just order a side of potatoes drenched in queso?! Dear Jesus and they cater?? Easily my new favorite Mexi spot. And the best part is? Endless combinations. You just can't beat the quality and customer service this place has to offer. Both employees tonight were so helpful. She offered us extra chips, to bag up our leftovers, and even offered to refoil my burrito. Seriously?!? Move over Chipotle, because you don't know freshness until you've been to Pico de Gallo.

Kolleen Fletcher

LOVE this place! The food was amazing and the staff was just as great! I hope this place sticks around for a very long time!

Patti Sands

First time visit tonight. I was delighted with the food, the staff was amazing in explaining all the choices. Fish tacos were absolutely delicious, and cooked to order. This is my new favorite place to eat, when I want good food, fast.

martin dorr

Great fresh food WAYYYYYYY BETTER THEN CHIPOTLE the service is extremely better and the management and staff are amazing to talk with every time they make time for conversation and always put effort into each meal they prepare. Don’t waste your time at Taco Bell and chipotle this is the spot to stop and they even have a rewards card per visit ?

Stephanie H.

Wonderful food made fresh! You can tell the owner takes pride in it, he was back there behind the counter working!!! Customer service is fantastic! Amazing. New fav spot!

Erin Sumner

My new favorite place. Sooo good. Everything is fresh and they insist you try it before you choose anything. I highly recommend you try it.

Iesha P.

So originally I thought hmm this place is too good to be true with 5 out of 5 stars. Boy was I mistaken. Not only is this the best customer service, the food is delicious. The meat is tender and moist and the guacamole is the only guacamole my husband will eat (which is saying a lot). It's also kid approved (the kids loved their chicken quesadilla). The queso has a great flavor with a kick of spice and there are so much more to offer than chipotle. It would actually be a slap in the face to dare compare them to chipotle. We will most definitely be back for more!

Alden C.

Excellent little restaurant to grab a very fresh burrito, a bowl or chips! As I said it was fresh and the ingredients indeed are! I got a chicken burrito, picked between two kinds of beans and had quite an abundance of choices for vegetables, garnishes and sauces! I was very impressed with that! Over by the section where you get your drinks you can also get a couple kinds of sauces for chip dipping or to top your burrito with as well as some peppers too. The gentleman behind the counter was awesome and offered two free samples of potato with a sauce on it as well as some meat. All very good! He was inquisitive about how I found the restaurant and of course it was through Yelp which made him excited. He said he just had customers come in that were drawn from Yelp as well!

Elizabeth C.

Came here, recommended by a friend and it did not disappoint! My friend to suggested to meet here explained how to order from their menu and one of the owners offered us samples right away! They knew that we were new and had us try all the meats, their famous potatoes with their queso, and guacamole with fresh chips! As we sampled the flavors, we ordered a salad bowl, a burrito, and a bowl to dine in. Everything tasted amazing! Nice round flavors with fresh ingredients made each dish stand out! The place is cute and very clean inside, I will definitely come back!

Audrey M.

Better than Chipotle. Better flavor, better prices, better choices, better guac and queso and excellent customer service. Son loves it. November 5th they said is buy one get one for a dollar!

Curt S.

Love the food here and the employees are really nice. I eat here regularly. Highly recommend!

cole matlock

I’m gonna start off by saying the service amazing from the second we walked in the door. Me and my girlfriend told them that this was our first time and immediately they started offering samples of the meet, Queso and more. I will definitely be coming back!

Heaven L.

Food was too salty and barely got any guacamole when I asked for some. Will not be returning.