Brewed Cafe & Pub

603 Main St, Vancouver
(360) 597-3386

Recent Reviews

Andrea S.

Not the friendliest atmosphere but the food is consistent and a pretty good deal. The space is unique, even though we go there often seems like a place for regulars.

Sarah Storey

Love this place! Always a great experience no matter how busy they are! Friendly staff, food, and coffee are good as always!Food: 5/5

Lala Kelley

Delicious break spot. Accommodating for my Keto lifestyle( got the Carnivore burrito in a bowl.) We opted for takeout food containers because the portions are generous.The coffees are very fresh & flavorful.The food is freaking mouthwatering!The baristas and servers are professional with a welcoming community vibe.Cozy clean coffee house experience!!!Return customer from Oregon. First visit my sister had the perfectly grilled cheese and a gianormous luscious chocolate chip cookie. Pleasantly surprised SATURDAYS FREE PARKING.Parking: its worth the search for a space

Helen S.

Reasonably priced breakfast that taste good too! Lots of coffee options, seating upstairs and the nicest staff.

Kaitlyn T.

Good food and freshly brewed coffee the stafff was nice and polite I will come here again next time I need good coffee

Andrew A.

Didn't think I've been here, but turns out I did eight years ago. Great vibe, prices, and super service. Loved my KB Shooter which is meant to be consumed in one swig. You get a sensation of hot, cold, and then sweet. It's so good! And the regular drip coffee is from their own roaster, Transcendence, it was much better than average. Food wise, the half order of decent biscuits and gravy is more than fair. Lastly, while I enjoyed the frittata breakfast sandwich, there's too much egg, but others may appreciate the generous portion. A little gem of a place.

Stephanie F.

The best coffee I've tasted in the Vancouver & Portland area. The vibes are immaculate as well, very cozy and beautiful. It has the vibes most Vancouver/ Portland coffee shops are trying their hardest to capture. The staff here is amazing as well :)

Ellie S.

The lattes here are so good, and the siracha melt sandwich I get literally every time. It is the best sandwich on this planet!! 10/10

Andy C.

Ok Brewed Cafe and pub. I'm picking up what you're putting down. My ham sandwich this am was on point. You don't get just a ham sandwich here oh no... you get the ham from the most tender and delicious pig on the farm, perfectly melted cheese that could be in a commercial for how it oozes and pulls all on a ciabatta bun the God's on Mt Olympus probably feast on between sips of mana. Well played.

Sydney Low

I love brewed. It is my favorite coffee shop downtown. I love to go here on my breaks to read. The staff is super nice as well!

Vanessa V.

The best place in Vancouver to get great food and coffee. they make their own whipped cream!! A+

John G.

THE best lunch sandwiches in Vancouver and a really awesome understated vibe. And Priced a couple bucks less than you expect.

ManDee M.

Everyone was so pleasant! Beautiful place. Clean. Best breakfast sandwich I have had in ages.!

Dawn D.

This place is awesome!! Such friendly service, delicious food, cute upstairs seating area. Loved everything!! My kids loved the discoball plant holders! We tried 4 different sandwiches, they were all fantastic!! My VERY picky 7 year old gave two thumbs up to the ham & mango sandwich that she had. We also ordered sweet potato fries which were fantastic. Too much food overall, but that didn't stop us from also ordering coffee and dessert, it looked too good to pass up! We will be back next time we cross the border!

VA Boy

We stopped in for breakfast and were very pleased with the service and food. We had a carnivore egg scrambles bowl and a pastry and took a couple of pastries with us. Our coffee order was a macchiato and an Americano. All were delicious. Friendly staff and great food. It’s a win win.

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