Doomsday Brewing Safe House

1919 Main St, Vancouver
(360) 503-7649

Recent Reviews


Couldn't sit there...21 and over. Bought food at the food truck thinking minors could eat out back and I could try a beer. Nope. Don't get why they can't have out back and front open to minors.... won't come be back.

Jamin Pitchford

Such a Nice place to stop n have a few. Amanda I believe was wonderful

Brandy Lee

Terese is a peach! Fantastic service, good beer! Clean restroom too!

Tom Fernwault

Great beers, very friendly staff. I would recommend going!

Nathan Pachmayr

Person opening the bar at 1:50pm was incredibly rude to my 2 year old daughter outside during the Classic Car Show on Main Street. Would not recommend patronizing this bar.

Patrick Hogan

The chocolate stout makes me want to be a better person!

Ann Wood

Amanda did a great job letting us know about the beers they had available was fun to talk to.

Jerm Andelin

Angie's the best bartender, didn't even throw on of the awesome giant Jenga bars at us when we made a mess.

James Wood

We were on a drive and stopped in to Doomsday where we met Amanda who is freaking awesome and knows her stuff and she's super friendly! Their beer ? is great and the atmosphere is so fun! If you get a chance stop in, you won't regret it!!

Susan Wingert

Amanda makes this place our home away from home! Great beer, video games, and a covered outside area that's warm.

Kortney Hill

Amanda is a blast! Came in and she was so enthusiastic! We were here to celebrate national womens day! She makes you laugh and keeps you entertained with her positive attitude! Come to this spot! They make their own beer! I got the cider and it was delicious!

Christopher B.

I almost gave up finding a favorite bar in the Couve, and then I found this place! Its good times and good vibes. The theme and decoration is really cool too!

Jeremy Mcalister

Small joint, no hard alcohol, lights are way too bright. Ain't no ugly people getting laid here.

Tanya H.

Great choices in beer, bartender was so friendly, and an all around friendly atmosphere. It was open mic night so we got to hear some people get together at a table just playing music together. It was very nice to listen to while drinking our beer.

Cody Slaymaker

This was a great surprise to come into a fun bar. We showed up as they were opening and before we knew we made friends and it was almost closing time. Had live music, played games and all over just an amazing atmosphere.

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