Krispy Kreme

8517 NE Andresen Rd, Vancouver
(360) 260-0066

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Nicole Fernando

The seasonal red velvet donut is the best donut they have. Unfortunately, I believe they only have it during the Christmas time. I’m not one to really eat donuts I actually find them to be overly sugary, but their red velvet one is just perfect.

Charles Kneeland

Drive thru line moves fast, but if you order online and they run out of a special, the sub it without notice so ask or check your order before you leave they won't fix it after you leave.

ashley Narvel

We have came here multiple times the last 2 years different times if the day and every single time the lobby has been closed if not the entire store closed. Today we go and there are litterally people sitting in the lobby. This is at 7pm. I'm not going to order donuts threw a drive thru. I'm not sure how this place is still in business.

Sophia Sombounvong

Found out lobby was closed. Was sad I couldn't browse the available selections in the case, but no matter the drive thru worked just fine. Got my order in under 5 minutes. The gal at the window was super friendly and courteous.

Joline Walker

We come every holiday season while we decorate for Christmas. Today, we went and the doors were locked despite all the signs saying closed at 9 was 715 pm when we went. There were signs on one of the doors directing to a side door for entry. When we tried to enter we found both sets of doors locked and an employee gave hand signals for us to use the drive thru, no actually talking to the customer.They have officially lost our business to every other donut shop in town.

Rina Hendrawan (RHT)

Got Halloween donut. Fast and friendly service at the drive thru.


This is the third time I’ve visited this location in 6 months. I used to frequent KK back in SC weekly. This location is awful. I got here at 6pm and it was easier for the kid to list the donuts they DID have available. Third time in a row this happened. I will NOT be returning to this spot. Voodoo donuts for now on it is.

Lucy L

Love ordering from this place! I had to rush there a couple times just mins before closing time and was able to get someone at the drive thru. Wonderful service!I hope the special chocolate glazed flavor comes out more often though :P Before it would come out often on Fridays but seems not anymore :(

Shawna H.

We were having a small Halloween get together at home and needed som Halloween snacks. We decided to go to Krispy Kreme for their Halloween themed donut, got a half o dozen. While we were there they were advertising the pumkin latte, looked really good. Got it the car and tasted the coffee, tasted off. Had my fiancé taste it to make sure my taste buds were off. He said that the coffee tasted burnt, which taste like cigarette ashes. If it wasn't for all the sugar that it had, it would of been non-drinkable. By the way my fiance got black coffee and took it home to put pumpkin creamer in it and he said it still tasted terrible. The donuts on the other hand was very delicious, but wish that their advertised seasonal donuts didn't run out so fast.

Jonelle Lee

We ordered an absurd amount of donuts (almost 50) and they were really nice and helped us choose flavors, as we’ve never been here before. Thank you!

Wesley Whitlock

Went here for my wife's birthday. We got a free dozen of doughnuts for her birthday! It's got a really cool inside where you can watch them make the doughnuts as well.

Feb W.

First stop, lez get some donuts for the road! Krispy Kreme is a must and yes grabbing some will surely make the road trip even fun. Came here and nobody greeted as they are only two staffs in this location. But they were efficient and friendly on the front. FOOD: We got glaze donuts, pumpkin spice and raspberry filling. It was good and the dough has a good chewiness on it. The raspberry is my favorite as well as the glaze one. This particular locations don't have people dining when we came here, so no crowds which made our life easier to order. Price is reasonable. Customer service is good. Donuts are on point. All of these made me so happy and gratefully satisfied with the service. Mahalo for reading and happy juandering fellow yeeps!


Donuts were made the day that we bought them but they were just finishing fresh batches and The employee refused to let us have the fresh ones and he made us take the ones that were sitting for a few hours.There is no Krispy Kreme where I live so I choose to buy some anyway as it’s a once a year thing for us.Would hav given four stars if it wasn’t for the employee.The restaurant needs a paint job. But it was clean but old. The bathrooms are locked and you need a code to enter.


I like this Krispy Kreme. The food and coffee are great. But the staff rushes you when trying to order, even with no one else in line.


Yummy donuts as always!! Addictive, honestly, we're glad we don't live closer!Drive-Thru employees were super friendly and quick, too.Just as an FYI, two dozen (1 glazed & 1 chocolate iced) donuts were over $20.00.

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