Six Shooter

611 Main St, Vancouver
(360) 326-3574

Recent Reviews

Will Lloyd

Great vibe, lots of energy and fun to hang out! Always people to play pool with and some tasty drinks!

Matthew Martinson

The chicken tenders are so good! Fun atmosphere & great service! Always a pleasure.

john miller

The security was respectful and not abrasive. Had water on hand in a cooler so that was nice too. My main issue was when I bought a rum and coke. Firstly when i asked for the drink the bartender told me there was rum and coke behind me gesturing to the water cooler. Honestly maybe he thought I was drunk however I was DD so was completely sober and the drink was for one of my friends. The price came out to like $5.19. I was trying to be nice because one of the people I was there with was very drunk and being obnoxious so I told the bartender to add an extra $5 as a tip. The bartender apparently decided that wasn't enough though because when the charges finalized in my bank account the total was $15.19. I'm not too worried about $5 but the fact that a bartender would be so blatantly entitled is beyond disgusting. Again $5 may not seem like much but how many people has he done the same thing to especially people with large bills? I will not be returning and I would advise if anyone decides to go that they should pay in cash to avoid a similar situation.

Bill B

Our favorite go to for "Golden Tee" as well as Pool and Pinball- bartenders are fricken AWESOME and always a good group of people all the time!

Faith Spencer

Basically, it's an early-20s hangout bar. The pours are good, the security is working hard, and the music is loud. I came on a Saturday with a few younger friends. At one point, to get to the bathroom, I yelled "HOT COFFEE!" and people sort of shuffled to one side looking confused because I'm pretty sure no one orders coffee here. It was fun. I left off a star because there's basically nowhere to congregate but that's probably the way things work now. Idk, I'm like in my 30s.

Stephanie Royce

Great atmosphere! Loved the old school jukebox with a variety of music to choose from. The hand dipped, yeah! HAND DIPPED, mini corn dogs are amazing! And their homemade honey Dijon, slap me! It’s like finding water in the desert! It’s f***ing delicious! This place was great to stumble upon after a concert but certainly a place I will come to again based off drinks, food, people and games!

Sarah D.

This bar sucks. Owner is a DICK to customers / women and they have terrible service. Talked about my experience here and many have felt the same. Bar was packed (uncomfortably) tho. People will keep going regardless of reviews. Seems like they know that & don't accept feedback

Jessica Wilson

Maaaaaan their food is boooomb.... I do miss the honey butter corn bread ??but the brisket n steak tacos ????make up 4 it.....oh and drinks r fire also??????

Drew F.

I just happened to be in Vancouver for business and had not eaten all day. It was late and my stomach was starting to eat on my backbone. This is one of the few places open after 10:00 pm on a Sunday so I was kind of forced here if I wanted something to eat. However, I am glad I stopped by for a bite to eat. I'll get to the food in a bit but the establishment is nice. It has several different sections including billiards in the back area of the establishment. Now on to the food... don't judge me but I was being greedy. That's what happens when you don't eat all day. You tend to overeat when you finally have a meal. At this point, I really did not care as I was starving. I went with a BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese with fried pickles! Good Googly-Moogly... this sandwich rocked. It was something different and I enjoyed every bit. Since I was hungry, I also went with the Mac n Cheese topped with fried chicken. This was also on my top list of things to eat. I don't know how anybody can live near this place. If I were close, I would gain so much weight because both of these dishes would be my go-to on a daily. If you are ever in Vancouver, Washington... stop by and try them out. If you are..., tell'em Drew sent ya! Yall Be Easy! Drew


Communicative & observant bouncer made my experience secure. Old fashioned w fries..took the edge off!

Suzanne P.

Fun fun fun! Dark dark bar! Had the meatloaf mashed potato bowl and it was fantastic!

Carley S.

Six Shooter's is a great neighborhood bar. Free pool tables provide a fun activity, and a few arcade games and photo booth add to the upbeat vibe inside. The decor is western themed, but the music was not. The crowd was young and the drinks were fairly priced! Overall was a fun spot for a Friday night out. Once we had a few in us, the quesadilla was the perfect treat. Not to mention, open til 2!

Brant M.

I've been to this place two times the third time they denied my access because I was in the military and I was not a female. They said I was too intoxicated but they let four females without checking their IDs. Six Shooter only wants females in their bar so they can sexually assault them and get their information from their credit cards so they can follow them on Instagram. ... And they can grope them without there consent

Elena B.

So amazing !! The chef Marcus was so amazing !! They went over the top for my vegan diet. They did a special sauce they made for me and made the vegan burger sooo good !! They also made sure to come out and talk to me about the order to make sure they got it right. They even looked at the Ingredients in the croutons for my salad and saw it had a cheese powder!! So considerate , amazing , welcoming, and helpful. Tip them lots !! Such a talented chef so sweet The bartender was great they helped me with getting the right drinks as I just newly turned 21. Vibe was so cute and they had pool & pin ball machines & music. Great staff

Paige S.

I've been coming to this place a few years now. It's my favorite bar in Vancouver. The staff are amazing and they make great drinks. Love playing pool and the regulars are all super nice. Also love the photo booth & buck hunter game. It seems like a country bar (which it is) but all types of people come here. Highly recommend!

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