Sushi Hana

13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd B6, Vancouver
(360) 944-9659

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This view is just base on our togo orders. I thought their service and sushi are pretty good. Most business jack up their price on their menu cause the pandemic, but they keep the same price. Good moral practice from the owner.? Everything is 2.00 a plate. The sushi are good size for what you pay and they text you when your order is ready.


I previously lived in Beaverton, there were 3 Sushi Hanas in my vicinity. I always ordered dynamite rolls. They have sesame seeds, spicy mayo and sriracha sauce, blowtorches just a bit and with a bit of teriyaki sauce. Unfortunately not what I got in Vancouver. I got rolls with big clumps of mayo, not spicy mayo, and a dot of sriracha sauce. Only 2 rolls had teriyaki sauce and the sesame seeds were non existant. So sad that the standard here is low.

Антон Воронков

Overall great service and great price! Will recommend to family & friends!

Stan Co

This is currently my go to sushi spot with the whole COVID issues going on. Overall good sushi here. Only wish the cuts were as large as Sushi OHana

manny Cota

Stop charging people 1 dollar for to go orders for a “convenience fee” . It’s the most inconvenient thing about an other wise dining experience .

Sergio V.

Needs a remodel. Owners are rich but yet there restaurant is a dump shut it down for a few weeks and remodel asap smells like shit in there and the walls are filthy

Natalia Snegirev

Don’t order take out unless you are willing to be nickel and dimed. They charge .25 cents for each box and for each sauce. I ordered food for total of 9.75 and it came to 13.01 after all the extra charges. They put my food in 3 separate containers for a 5 items order. Also their online prices are not correct. When you go inside restaurants all plates costs 1.95 each and is not the same price as their website. Very disappointed!!

Brian W.

Due to COVID naturally everything is take out. The food is fine and sushi tastes generic at best. My big problem is every time I call to order they ask me what I want and instantly say hold on and begin talking to a co-worker. I wouldn't normally bring this up, but it has happened about every time. As a customer I have wanted to let them know how rude it is to do that. If you ask for an order and then say hold on every time they are about to order this is not nettiqute.

Liana S.

No complaints, sushi is good very quick service employees are supper chill and super nice

Natt V.

My only go to spot for sushi. I just think they need to remodel and update their furniture as it's not appealing the rips and tear in them. The bathroom also was always a bit messy when I visit the establishment but this is why I never use it unless I am desperate. Overall, I enjoy the food and the staff.

Adriana E.

We used to love coming to this place the poke was so good with rice and seaweed added.. and now they just serve it with some kind of crunchy plain white strings.. and then they charge you 25cents for each sauce.. may not seem like much if u get 1 or 2 ... but it adds up.. I'm not happy at all.. and sad that they would take advantage of charging extra to people right now because of this covid-19 situation..

Bryan K.

Ordered take out here the other day during COVID-19 because our usual place is closed during this time. I have to say... this place sucks and it has always sucked since it was renamed from Sushi World. The lady on the phone was very short and when we arrived in person she was extremely rude. The sushi is pale and bland in taste and the quality is just not there. The Vegas roll was even dry and didn't have any sauce to go with it like most places do. It's hard to give anything better than a 1 Star when the food and service is just not there. Not all Sushi Hana locations are this awful; the Beaverton one by Washington Square is quite nice. Such a shame that the one in Vancouver is such an awful pace. To go or in person, the experience is just painful. Would not recommend.

Melissa F.

This is my go-to sushi place in this area. The dynamite roll is great, even though it can get pretty skimpy sometimes and it is pictured on the menu with four pieces and actually only has three. Also, the rainbow roll is a great deal for the price, and it's delicious.

George Hacker

This restaurant has sushi on a conveyor and will make it to order if you ask. Prices are good. Sushi is tasty. Their baked mussels are great and don't last long.

Scott D.

The sushi was pretty "fishy" smelling, and most dishes were still traveling around the carousel 45 minutes later. We arrived just after 7 PM, and they had already stopped stocking the carousel; you had to grab the attention of an employee to get anything new made. That was difficult, as they had already stated breaking everything down by 8.

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