Sushi Hana

13503 SE Mill Plain Blvd B6, Vancouver
(360) 944-9659

Recent Reviews

Brian W.

Due to COVID naturally everything is take out. The food is fine and sushi tastes generic at best. My big problem is every time I call to order they ask me what I want and instantly say hold on and begin talking to a co-worker. I wouldn't normally bring this up, but it has happened about every time. As a customer I have wanted to let them know how rude it is to do that. If you ask for an order and then say hold on every time they are about to order this is not nettiqute.

Liana S.

No complaints, sushi is good very quick service employees are supper chill and super nice

Natt V.

My only go to spot for sushi. I just think they need to remodel and update their furniture as it's not appealing the rips and tear in them. The bathroom also was always a bit messy when I visit the establishment but this is why I never use it unless I am desperate. Overall, I enjoy the food and the staff.

Adriana E.

We used to love coming to this place the poke was so good with rice and seaweed added.. and now they just serve it with some kind of crunchy plain white strings.. and then they charge you 25cents for each sauce.. may not seem like much if u get 1 or 2 ... but it adds up.. I'm not happy at all.. and sad that they would take advantage of charging extra to people right now because of this covid-19 situation..

Bryan K.

Ordered take out here the other day during COVID-19 because our usual place is closed during this time. I have to say... this place sucks and it has always sucked since it was renamed from Sushi World. The lady on the phone was very short and when we arrived in person she was extremely rude. The sushi is pale and bland in taste and the quality is just not there. The Vegas roll was even dry and didn't have any sauce to go with it like most places do. It's hard to give anything better than a 1 Star when the food and service is just not there. Not all Sushi Hana locations are this awful; the Beaverton one by Washington Square is quite nice. Such a shame that the one in Vancouver is such an awful pace. To go or in person, the experience is just painful. Would not recommend.

Melissa F.

This is my go-to sushi place in this area. The dynamite roll is great, even though it can get pretty skimpy sometimes and it is pictured on the menu with four pieces and actually only has three. Also, the rainbow roll is a great deal for the price, and it's delicious.

George Hacker

This restaurant has sushi on a conveyor and will make it to order if you ask. Prices are good. Sushi is tasty. Their baked mussels are great and don't last long.

Scott D.

The sushi was pretty "fishy" smelling, and most dishes were still traveling around the carousel 45 minutes later. We arrived just after 7 PM, and they had already stopped stocking the carousel; you had to grab the attention of an employee to get anything new made. That was difficult, as they had already stated breaking everything down by 8.

James A.

Awesome Sushi at a great price! $1 entry fee and $2 per plate! I recommend the ichi and dragon rolls! Will be coming back!

Eric G.

Great sushi place for how quick it is. I like the conveyor aspect which allows me to eat different plates. The dynamite rolls are the best thing they have. 5 stars!!!!! for the dynamite rolls. Not sure how long the sushi stays on the convey as some has been a little too warm I thought. But overall great service, quick and reasonable priced sushi place in Vancouver.

Joy B.

We used to come here all the time when visiting family in Camas, but sadly had to break-up with this place after a string of poor quality visits. Not much variety on the belt, freshness was hit or miss, tables/seats in need of repair, watching staff handle garbage can and then make rolls without changing gloves in between...its a NOPE from us now.

Ginamarie G.

THIS PLACE WENT DOWNHILL! I used to come here all the time especially when I was in high school. The waitresses used to be so nice. I went to eat here 2 days ago and I'm never coming back. To start off the customer service was ridiculous. We got seated and didn't get drinks for like 10 minutes. It was not busy at all. When the waitress finally came over, we didn't get a "hi" or anything. It was "Do you want drinks?". Um ok? So we tell her we would like a sprite and two waters. Me and my friend have our kids with us. So she brings one sprite, regular water, and one kid one. I mean, there's 2 kids... but when we asked for another regular one, we got an attitude. So at this point I just want to finish eating so we can leave. I grab another plate and I find a hair in it. So now I'm just done. I'm livid. I go up to our server, still never checked on us throughout our meal. And I ask who her manager is and it's the lady right next to her. And I tell her about the hair and she puts the dish aside. And apologizes. And then I tell her about the experience with the waitress and she's like "well what would you like us to do?". And to remind you I'm already pissed off. I tell her "I don't want you guys to do nothing. I'm just letting you know the shitty service I had". And she responds "Well there's nothing we can do you ate too much". So at this point I'm so mad that I don't want to cause a scene. And I ended up leaving. But I definitely will not be coming back. You guys suck and you guys have terrible customer service.

Gia M.

If I could, I would have given this place 3 1/2 stars, but 4 would be too overrated. I haven't been to this place in years, but I was craving sushi and did not feel like driving across the river (to Portland) to seek out tasty sushi. I wanted to go somewhere no more than a 10 minute drive from my house, thus I decided to give Sushi Hana one more try. In the past, I had gone there when things weren't so busy,,,They tend to have longer waits on the weekend. It's Sunday and I thought, 'Why not?!' Yes, I had to wait 12-15 minutes, but let me tell you, it was worth it! I find that their sushi is much fresher and tastier when they have a big turnover. Think about it, it makes sense to eat at a cheap sushi joint when they have a higher turnover, means they have to make it on the spot. I am telling you, "I'll be back". Does it compare to a nicer sushi joint like Bamboo Sushi, for example? No way Jose!!! I am not saying this is a place you'd take a date to if you are trying to impress them. This is more like a joint you would go to if you were craving sushi really bad, but didn't want to spend somewhere in the range of $100 or more! Newsflash: This is not super fresh sushi (I know, schocking!), but it is good enough and cheap enough to suit your cravings for sushi. The selection was pretty good too. I ordered special plates, including the Spider Roll, the Hawaiian Roll and the Seared Albacore Tuna (that were not on the conveyor belt) and all were very tasty! Servers were attentative and the service was fast. For two people, we ordered 7 plates at $1.95 each and one Miso soup at $1.50. They do charge a $1 per person entrance fee, so our total came to $17.50 and we felt pretty content with our level of fullness. :-)

Angelo F.

Good food at a pretty reasonable price. If you don't see something on the conveyor that you would like just ask and I'll make it up fresh and be sure to get some of the fresh warm sesame seed balls for dessert

Serna V

My 9yr old daughter loves to come eat sushi here and I like their sushi here too since it all tastes fresh, however I do not like how the soda pop has no free refills or at least disclose it and bring a cup of water like they do with the rest of the party. I normally get water, but just last week I had a migraine and an iced cold coke/pepsi sometimes helps so I ordered a soda pop and when I asked for a refill the lady told me there were no free refills so she would have to charge me for another one. I just asked for a water at that point, but maybe if she would have disclosed that or even informed me of such with a friendly demeanor it would have made a big difference in customer service.

Janina Q.

Honestly the worst sushi I've ever had! I'm half Japanese and have been eating sushi my entire life and I've never posted a bad review even if the sushi wasn't up to par but this almost made me throw up. The baked muscles had a terrible taste like they were spoiled and the sushi was stacked on each other and the fish they use is fishy tasting and gross. The service is a joke I looked a waitress in the eye and waived at her and she just walked right by me to go stand in the back and do nothing. They just want to make a quick buck and care nothing about quality, this is not Japanese owned but Chinese so the quality is just very poor all around.

Jessica D

Their sushi is amazing for the price and convenience. The volcano roll is one of the best I’ve had. Staff are happy to take requests. This is my go to spot for affordable sushi.

Jocelyn Pasterski

Really good prices. Really good sushi. But can get very busy, be prepared for a wait if you go close to lunch or dinner rush. But it's definitely worth the wait.

Wendy Melger-Wingo

Usually crowded and a bit of a wait on the weekends. Sushi is good. I think they can make a little more of a selection. I like they have the option for a booth for families and a bar for everyone else. This is my "go-to" place for now. The cost is reasonable. The staff is friendly

Troy Smith

The thing about these conveyor belt places is that you have to eat what they make. Sure you can order off-belt. If you can find the host. Also it's hard to tell how long that salmon has been on the belt. (And it's always salmon.) They've raised their prices recently and blamed the increase on the jump in minimum wage. They're lucky to have folks that'll work for minimum wage.


We used to love it here. It was pretty affordable but slowly the prices have crept up. I've never been a fan of the carousel type sushi bars. You never know how long that piece of sushi has been on the belt. I'd much rather have the sushi chef make me fresh plates. Its just an average place

Kelly Hagerman

Sushi is good, but the pricing is weird. The website says all plates at the Vancouver location are $1, but they are $1.95. This is a good price if you're eating the pricier ingredient items, but we were eating all veggie items. There is also a $1/person charge for the "entrance fee." Overall, it wasn't too expensive, but I mostly feel a bit deceived by the pricing and advertising discrepancy.

Randy S.

Literally just walked in the door and waited for any of the 3 or more waitress or 3 people working behind the counter to acknowledge me and my girlfriend. Not a single one did, even though they each looked at us multiple times. We stood there long enough waiting for someone to seat us that we sat down on the bench by the door, maybe they were just busy... giving them the benefit of the doubt, though there were many seats open at the counter. Waited a few more minutes and no one had still said anything so we got up and walked out. Not entirely upset though because as soon as we walked in the restaurant stunk like they were serving fish that was bad. Judging by other previous reviews this isn't uncommon for this establishment and I would avoid this place all together.

Georgia Wilder

Love, love, love this place!! If you like Sushi you will love it too. If you don't see what you want going by on the conveyor belt all you have to do is ask. Very friendly and hard working staff.

Amanda Anderson

The salmon nigiri is our favorite. Not the a whole lot of variety. I always have to wait for a long time for the trolley to go around before I see what I want. The have a few booths large enough for three adults to fit but not comfortably. We have always had to wait at least 10 minutes to get a seat. The service is less than friendly and difficult to communicate with.

Panthera Onca

My son and I enjoy our time at Sushi Hana. We've been going here for 6 years. It's very clean and friendly. The food is awesome and the service is excellent.

LaVon Cochran

We wish we had this sushi place in Tacoma. The salmon was such a great quality for the price. We really enjoyed coming to eat here.

Amy M.

Always have good sushi and good atmosphere- local sushi place with cheap plates . They have beer I have only had sushi here. Thank you for my Thursday lunches

Lyndsey Simon

I have been here several time now and I love it. It is a small place that offers good service and gets food to you fast. It is perfectly fine to ask the people behind the counter for something as well. All plates are the same price. There is a person fee, but considering the price of the plates it evens out. The hot tea is the same price as water. Free. LOVE the place.

Priscilla Jimenez

This place is my ALL TIME FAVORITE sushi place in the area. I don't have any complaints. Their Dynamite roll is top tier and the salmon is really good quality for the price point.😊

Melody McKinley

The fresh calamari and baked mussels are succulent and delicious! Vegas rolls are so good!

Rob Hixon

Have not been to sushi Hana in several years. Quality conveyor sushi, and you can order fresh items from the kitchen like salmon or vegetable tempura. Great deal at $1.95 or less per plate!

Jonathan Mcivor

I love sushi Hana! I'm there 3-4 times a week.... Always a consistent menu at a reasonable price...

Fernanda C.

Honestly the staff is always rude.. especially the waitresses. They never want to do anything for you and put a face on. One waitress even gave me sass when I asked for another pair of cream puffs.. saying:"Ugh... I have to get one again." It made me feel uncomfortable and bad. Also they have a $1 fee entrance/person... and EVERY single plate is $1.95.. Sometimes the wait is long.. but the food is pretty tasty and the cooks are nice. Wouldn't come here w a crowd bc u have to eat and leave or else... a waitress will stare u down infront of ur table until u leave.

Precella I.

Their selections are pretty good. If you don't like what on the conveyor belt, you could request for something different (if they offer). Their staff is friendly and attentive. If there's anything on opportunity areas here are some I think are pretty valid; One, will be the broken dishes that their sushi is served on. Presentation is key. Grabbing plates off the conveyor that are chipped in several places isn't too attractive. Two, would be the area where the restrooms are. Seems like it could use a cleaning in that back area. When in the food industry cleanliness should always be a priority. I had lunch here a handful of times. The staff are consistent with their customer etiquettes. Their selection is a bit more than some other sushi places I have been to.

Sveta K.

Horrible service, very rude! Screamed at me thru the whole restaurant and only gave 1 sauce for a to go order.They said we have to pay for more. Threw up after eating it as well, everything seemed like it was ok the belt the whole day

Tom N.

Great food! Awesome fast, kind servers. Never a wait to get in or out. Not like a bad restaurant, the tables are always full. Fast turnover. Always a great experience, but... wtf with the music? They always play the shittiest music. Every time, and loud too! Please, stop with the music already! I'd quit going there altogether but the food is great. I'd give 5 stars if they'd turn of the fucking music, or rock some classic Japanese. Just saying.


Sushi Hana is a constant. Decent sushi & service, & the restaurant is clean. They have maintained their quality since their beginning.

Ishwor Bhandari

You can get a variety of sushis ? at a great prices. The prices are low than other places and has a great taste. Don't miss if you are a lover of sushi.

Donald C.

I'll start of by saying that I LOVE sushi! I've been here 3 times and haven't really been impressed. It doesn't really seem like the Itamae ( sushi chef ) puts very much effort into there dishes. I haven't crossed any dishes I wouldn't eat but I haven't crossed any that made the place stick out either. I'd say it is slightly better than Fred Meyers sushi. The staff is very nice and the place is very clean which is important in the restraunt world. Also the prices are great! This is the reason that I will eat there again.