2 Rivers Bar and Grill

1700 Main St #110, Washougal
(360) 210-7987

Recent Reviews

Louis N.

Went to 2 Rivers tonight because I wanted a burger. Unfortunately, because of all the craziness going on in our world they had closed their kitchen just prior to me getting there. After a short conversation the owner went back to the kitchen and made me a burger and fries, saving me from going the fast food route. The burger and fries were awesome! That is what a community restaurant should be. My family has gone there many times in the past but we will continue to support them long after the quarantine is lifted. Thanks for the burger!

Travis Cox

Called in to order takeout for 2 entrees. The staff was quick to pick up the call and made sure to clarify the requests. Upon pickup staff was attentive, friendly, and helpful.

Travis C.

We have ordered take out multiple times during the quarantine. The staff has been attentive, kind, and pleasant. The food has been fresh, delicious, and satisfying. Brisket sandwich was good enough that I logged into this account after 2-3 years! 10/10

Morgan Loverro

Best. Chicken. Sandwich. EVER! Seriously been looking for an amazing chicken sandwich near me, and I think this might be the one - Fried chicken sandwich. A little bit of buffalo sauce, cheese, arugula, and pickles (I believe the pickles are fried?? I couldn't tell, I ate it so fast - haha) Anyway. Side of seasoned steak fries were also wonderful, and I highly recommend it. Very good! I will definitely be going back.

Morgan J.

Best. Chicken. Sandwich. EVER! Seriously been looking for an amazing chicken sandwich near me, and I think this might be the one - Fried chicken sandwich. A little bit of buffalo sauce, cheese, arugula, and pickles (I believe the pickles are fried?? I couldn't tell, I ate it so fast - haha) Anyway. Side of seasoned steak fries were also wonderful, and I highly recommend it. Very good! I will definitely be going back.

Sher Marie

excellent customer service, and excellent drinks, The plate i ordered was plenty filling.

Sheri Walker

Burger could've been done more but gladly corrected. Meal was about 91.50 with 4 mixed drinks in total. Service was outstanding. And we will go back.

Angela Pederson Hancock

Nice atmosphere and excellent food. More on the upper scale side for Washougal.

Kim B.

Came here with our friends for dinner 6:00 pm on a Thursday. Restaurant was empty employee was irritable (understandable since an empty dining room means no business/ tips etc) instead of being kind and showing any type of interest in serving the patrons he does have who are willing and wanting to support local business and normally tip extremely well he acted like an ass and made us feel as if we inconvenienced him.. after that it made me think of The Hearth ( we loved that place and never had a bad experience there but it's gone) with customer service like that I wonder how long this place will be around. The two star is generous and that's because it's local.. After reading how owner treated a combat vet and how we where treated during our last visit this establishment is on our do not go list.. good luck staying in business with customer service like that small community word travels fast.

Vicki Phillips Andrews

Great place. We frequent often.

Ramon T

It's okay. Not terrible, but nothing sets this place apart from other local spots unfortunately (which is what you have to do if you own a restaurant in Washougal and want to draw crowds).

Angie Laws

The food is always right, service is attentive, atmosphere is comfortable but also feels upscale. My husband and I love coming here - never a bad time!

Bari Stockton

Great place, great food! Happy hour offers a nice selection of menu items and the Saturday and Sunday brunch are a popular item for couples and groups.

Sean N.

Excellent seared tuna, fish & chips huge portion and excellent. Pasta specials are great as well. BLT is awesome and burgers are solid as well. Try the hot cookie in a pan for dessert, kids love it. Maybe could expand on appetizer menu. Great place, eat here regularly.

Brandon Mcintosh

Top notch... great food cooked to perfection and the ambiance is great for romantic date night or just having drinks with friends or nice brunch with the family. Best steak this side of the Columbia, always impressed.

Kristen S.

2 Rivers is one of my favorites in town! The atmosphere is great, they have a great bar and family dining area as well. I have noticed one shortcoming is there is not an official hostess and family's are often confused about where they can sit, as well as new customers who have not been in before. They typically try to be on top of greeting people coming in, but when busy it is understandable that sometimes people are missed. All of the food is I incredible and they are always willing to accommodate if something is not how you like it. Their signature cocktail menu has lots of yummy drinks as well!

Tim Durr

Came in the middle of the day on a weekday. Not to busy for lunch, but did start gaining more customers as we left. Great experience.

Martin Elzingre

Great service and really good food.

A M.

Very disappointed in the hospitality.. We showed up as a party of 6 (4 adults and 2 kids) on Friday at 6 pm. The restaurant had 2 parties of 4 sitting at tables set for 6 people and other tables reserved for a party of 12. The wait staff seemed flustered we showed up and offered us a table that seats for 4 people and they could add two chairs at the end of the table. Basically temporarily seat us until they figured something out. The offer was not warm or friendly, more like we were a nuisance for their evening. The wait staff disappeared to the back of the house with out any accommodation made. No reason for my family to ever go back or suggest this place.

Robyn Nash

Cozy little spot in downtown Washougal. A smidge overpriced, but food is generally good. Happy hour is $1 off a few select dishes after you purchase a cocktail, so not really a great deal. Service was good, and our server was kind.

Christi Raunig

Nice place to sit and have a glass of wine and work.

robert sansaver

So far i have no idea how this place isn't a 5 out of 5 some of the most tender and flavorful calamari I have ever had and I've finally found somewhere that knows how to serve a proper old fashioned and they exceeded my expectations! Service has been very pleasant and quick! Waiting on my entree so I cant give a full review but I highly recommend giving this place a shot if your in the area!

Amy Christman

This is our go-to place for my husband and I to have happy hour. We live in Washougal and the service is always great and the food and drinks are always top-notch.

Meg Schwirtz

Went to have brunch today, and we were the only ones there. We ordered and waited over an hour before the first dish came out burnt, and over the next 20 minutes each dish came out either burnt or cold. Won't be going back.

Lori Benton

Delicious salmon cakes and great service on their patio at Happy Hour.

K P.

Was really excited when this place opened. Unfortunately, the food continues to disappoint. I've gone there 5-6 times hoping it would improve because I'd really would like this place to succeed! On my last visit, I took a co worker for lunch. We were the only people in the restaurant at noon. He worked the ahi tuna salad. The waitress said they were out because it's very popular. She said they ran out on Friday and she's not sure when they would be getting more. This was the following Thursday that we were there. If this is your most popular dish, why wouldn't you replenish? Unfortunately, this is not the first time something like this has occurred.

Mike Morris

Great menu selection and friendly service. Food was very good and nice setting

Stacey H.

We went for the first time today. They were not busy. Waiter was nice. Boyfriend ordered biscuits and gravy, 20 min later, waiter comes back and says sorry no biscuits. So..... boyfriend says "ok I'll have toast instead." 20 min later we receive our food. I ordered chicken n waffles. Food wasn't good. 40 min wait. Small portions, high prices, I wouldn't go back.

Derik F

Great food great atmosphere great service. Had a business meeting here and everything was just right

Jb Fearn

The food was fine but was cold and it took a while to get food. Also everything was super small and drinks are super expensive

Peter H.

UPDATE: 10 months later the sun was out and we wanted to eat on a patio. Josh with the awesome beard was great and the food has improved so much. Super glad we gave this place a second chance. Hubby got the burger again. So he had a fair comparison. I got the grilled chicken sandwich which was super delicious. With great resistance I shared it with the hubby. I think I could get addicted the avocado lime vinaigrette. Okay! So we were anxious for this place to open up. We are rooting for you Washougal to get more good places!!!! 2 rivers let us down however. Good atmosphere...friendly enough staff. The food was just super underwhelming especially for the price. Husband got the cheeseburger (the server said it should cost more for how good it is) and I got the southwestern salad and added buffalo chicken to it. Husband wished he would have just sent his back and I left still hungry. Meh....was just really hoping for a better meal. They are just getting started however so maybe the food will get better. Wishing them luck because like I said I'm really hoping washougal keeps getting better and be

Sarah Teasley

Absolutely fantastic! Great food, drinks, and service. 5*****


I have been to this restaurant a couple of times now. First few times service was pretty good but last night was a very different story. We ordered our food and had waited 15 or so minutes when the waiter came out to say his computers had crashed and our order hadn’t been placed till just then. He offered to buy us a round of drinks. Dinner finally came we order another round of drinks. Food was good, we then order 2 desserts and the waiter came back and said “oh sorry we are out of them”. Never offered to get us something else, we asked for the check. Check came and no drinks had been removed from the bill no additional apologies for all the mishaps during our meal. . The entire time all this was going on the owner sat at the bar drinking and chatting with one person. Never once came to apologize for her kitchen not communicating with the waitstaff. . Not sure if the waiter didn’t remove the drinks cause it would come out of his pay or what the reasoning was. . Extremely disappointed with the place last night and the lack of care for the customers from the owner. Guess it was to much for her to get off her bar stool and take care of the customers. . Would have to think long and hard before going back. . .

Kevin H.

We are new to the Washougal community and always looking for locally owned businesses. 2 Rivers Bar & Grill is a wonderful restaurant located in historic downtown Washougal. The menu provides a vibrant selection of specialty cocktails, local wines, appetizers, salads, and main courses. Nikole ordered the Ahi seared salad...very fresh greens with a deliciously subtle dressing. I ordered the pan crusted salmon served on a bed of brussel sprouts with finger cut potatoes...so good I almost licked the plate. And I would be remiss not to mention the delish cheesecake we shared for dessert. The service was attentive and very friendly. Thank you Amy...you rock! If you are in the Washougal area I strongly recommend you stop by for a true foodie lover's experience.

Frank Dallas

Upscale casual dining, great food and people. The service and drinks are awesome.

Linda Phillips

Ordered two entrees for dinner. Ribs were advertised coming with apple coleslaw. They arrived on a bed of salt and pepper fries, no slaw. The ribs were baked, lacked flavor and the sauce was overpowering. When the coleslaw arrived, there were no apples in sight. We were told that the slaw was made with apple cider vinegar. The second entree was Halibut. It arrived cold in the middle. We let our server know, and he quickly whisked the entree away to replace it shortly thereafter with another, thinner piece that was cooked and warm throughout. Unfortunately, when I went to cut the asparagus, the rice and asparagus went flying. The tips were perfect, the rest was tough. The rice was bland and overly starchy. Not a place I would recommend to my friends. We tried!

Ann-Erica Whitemarsh

Great food and service. Fresh local grass fed beef. Will be back when in town. Really is good food if you like fresh. Good variety of drinks too.

John Mikhail

Pleasant atmosphere and really good food! Perfect for a casual meal that’s a notch or two above bar food. Will come back..

Jade P.

The bartender is awesome and very kind I loved his service. I can't wait to see him again

Kim James

The food was amazing! I will definitely be back to try more of their food. The best part is my nephew Isaac works there and made our food he did a fabulous job. The service by the owner Michelle was a 10 out of 10 she was very nice and friendly and made our whole family feel welcomed. I would recommend anyone to come you won’t be disappointed.