2 Rivers Bar and Grill

1700 Main St Suite 110, Washougal
(360) 210-7987

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Jb Fearn

The food was fine but was cold and it took a while to get food. Also everything was super small and drinks are super expensive

Sarah Teasley

Absolutely fantastic! Great food, drinks, and service. 5*****


I have been to this restaurant a couple of times now. First few times service was pretty good but last night was a very different story. We ordered our food and had waited 15 or so minutes when the waiter came out to say his computers had crashed and our order hadn’t been placed till just then. He offered to buy us a round of drinks. Dinner finally came we order another round of drinks. Food was good, we then order 2 desserts and the waiter came back and said “oh sorry we are out of them”. Never offered to get us something else, we asked for the check. Check came and no drinks had been removed from the bill no additional apologies for all the mishaps during our meal. . The entire time all this was going on the owner sat at the bar drinking and chatting with one person. Never once came to apologize for her kitchen not communicating with the waitstaff. . Not sure if the waiter didn’t remove the drinks cause it would come out of his pay or what the reasoning was. . Extremely disappointed with the place last night and the lack of care for the customers from the owner. Guess it was to much for her to get off her bar stool and take care of the customers. . Would have to think long and hard before going back. . .

Frank Dallas

Upscale casual dining, great food and people. The service and drinks are awesome.

Linda Phillips

Ordered two entrees for dinner. Ribs were advertised coming with apple coleslaw. They arrived on a bed of salt and pepper fries, no slaw. The ribs were baked, lacked flavor and the sauce was overpowering. When the coleslaw arrived, there were no apples in sight. We were told that the slaw was made with apple cider vinegar. The second entree was Halibut. It arrived cold in the middle. We let our server know, and he quickly whisked the entree away to replace it shortly thereafter with another, thinner piece that was cooked and warm throughout. Unfortunately, when I went to cut the asparagus, the rice and asparagus went flying. The tips were perfect, the rest was tough. The rice was bland and overly starchy. Not a place I would recommend to my friends. We tried!

Ann-Erica Whitemarsh

Great food and service. Fresh local grass fed beef. Will be back when in town. Really is good food if you like fresh. Good variety of drinks too.

John Mikhail

Pleasant atmosphere and really good food! Perfect for a casual meal that’s a notch or two above bar food. Will come back..

Jade P.

The bartender is awesome and very kind I loved his service. I can't wait to see him again

Kim James

The food was amazing! I will definitely be back to try more of their food. The best part is my nephew Isaac works there and made our food he did a fabulous job. The service by the owner Michelle was a 10 out of 10 she was very nice and friendly and made our whole family feel welcomed. I would recommend anyone to come you won’t be disappointed.

Chuck Marshall

Excellent food & drink served by a wonderful, friendly & fun staff. A very nice place.

Lea G.

So I came here for lunch! We sat outside it was a beautiful day. It's very noisy out there though. A horn goes off every time someone leaves the underground garage which is nearby. They should definitely see if they can change that. The service was pretty slow this time. A nice lady came over and took care of us at first, she said she was the owner. Way to step up and get people taken care of. Quite a while after she took our order, a waiter came out to check on us. Our food came in a timely manner. It was brought by a different person altogether. I ordered a tuna melt sandwich. My friend ordered a avocado club. Both sandwiches were pretty tasty. We opted to have salad as our side. Fresh and good. The bread was very tasty. I like to have more cheese on my tuna melt. This one was more like a toasted sandwich with a bit of cheese. Not exactly a melt in my opinion, but it was tasty. The tuna was very good. The waiter came and asked if everything was OK when we were more than halfway through our meal. I also had to ask him for more water. A basic service point, keep waters full. All in all a good experience. I will give to Rivers bar and Grill a try for dinner sometime.

Ann-Erica W.

Best fresh burger I've had in a while. Always good to see grass fed beef. Good selection of wine and drinks. Relaxing atmosphere. Attentive staff. Will return when in town again.

Jade P.

I was so impressed! Great food right of the highway 14 so convenient to stop on our trip for a bit. The bartender was amazing! (Josh) best cocktails ever!! Margarita for my daughter spritzers for me ! The turkey avo club bammm! I will definitely stop in more often and recommend this place to everyone! Thanks again Josh for making it a memorable experience!

Joe W.

Great atmosphere, awesome food, and cool staff. Isaac James is an amazing cook. (Keep it up Isaac, you gonna go places). Highly recommend to everyone looking for a place for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or even some night life. I will definitely be back.

Kim Tuschhoff

Very good food, healthy options, the ranch dressing was super yummy - probably made from scratch. I tried their blueberry special mojito. I liked it because it wasn’t super sweet & kind of tart. Everything we had was very good. My friend had the halibut which she said was very good. My husband loved his burger. We’ll definitely be back. My dad lives here & has already been a few times. The owners are very friendly! It’s a great little gem to Washougal.


2 Rivers is a nice addition to the small town of Washougal. . Nice size restaurant with a variety of seating arrangements. . The owners are very helpful and take time to welcome diners. The food has been consistently good. Wednesday night is half price on bottles of wine. Nice selection of wines. .

Zagreus A.

This place has a deceptively simple and reasonably priced menu, but the quality of a place is determined by the care they take in preparation. Attention to detail is important and is my personal deciding factor when it comes to reviewing a restaurant, no matter the price point. Moreover, in a place like Washougal, you have to have real connections with the community and something of value to offer. Derik and Michelle are well known and well-liked in town. The special tonight was a pork loin... perfectly seasoned and cooked. You could have it with garlic mash (I've tasted it before... it's amazing) or over a salad (keto-style.) Also tried the burger for the first time... how cow, the guy that told me they were stupid good was serious. We've had a bunch of stuff off the appetizer menu when we wanted a light meal... steak bites, calamari, crab cakes, wings... I think we've tried almost everything and some of the salads. I've had halibut and tasted my wife's salmon... . No complaints about anything... except maybe you need more brews on tap in a town full of brewers.

Kathrine K.

We went in for dinner Friday night even and we are so glad we did. The food and service were great. My husband had the surf and turf and I had the Ahi Salad. We sat in the bar area and were served by a very pleasant young lady who was very attentive . It is so nice to have a nicer place to eat in Washougal. We will be back

Ashley M.

I have to say I enjoyed the food and service at this establishment. I feel very sorry for the bad review I just read. Not really fair how Yelp can make or break a restaurant by the reviews. I found the owner pleasant and helpful. It's a very tough location and these owners really give it their all. It's tough walking into a establishment and demanding free or discounted food even though it's for a excellent cause ( Veterans are the best!!!!), however I can possibly see how the owners can be taken back. See what happened... With extremely high food and employee costs, rents etc we should all be grateful they are here. So many restaurants are going under because of these issues and of course the Yelp reviews that can destroy you, not fair. Restaurants pay thousands to Yelp it's crazy the power it has‼Wish you the best

Washougal Business

So I always like to go back to new places and see how they are now.. Very happy to report went in last week place was busy and very clean! staff was doing a great job and all were smiling ! always great to see. The best part the food was great ! Plates looked so good and food was cooked perfectly and seasoned nicely! great job you guys !

Rise Anderson

Food was delicious. Server was new. She was ok, but overcharged me. I didn't say anything, just paid it, but it says $3 for kids fries on kids menu, she didn't know how to enter it into the system, so chef, I believe, said enter it as truffle fries. I was charged over $6 for those (same price as a kids meal that includes fries) At the end of the meal, we ordered a giant fresh baked cookie with ice cream for $10. It takes 15 minutes to bake this, after the wait, the cookie was brought out with a little squirt of whip cream on the side, and she said they didn't realize they were out of ice cream, yet when I got my bill, I was still charged $10 for the dessert.

Chris S.

I deleted my original review after consulting with Yelp and the Washington State Attorney General about the slanderous public reply the owner of 2 Rivers Bar And Grill published on Yelp, calling me a "transient" (vagrant) and "creepy" (pervert) in order to try to cover up for their crappy, overpriced, frozen food and highly unprofessional behavior. Rather than apologize for my horrid experience, I was attacked with lies by the restaurant's owner. Let me briefly explain. I had a horrendous experience here on Father's Day. When I first entered for dinner immediately after a round of golf at the local country club, it was not clear where to go based on the odd layout, so I stood in front of the bar while the bartender, who turned out to be the owner, Derik, stared at me for a few uncomfortable moments, then said "Can I help you?" Of course you can help me, do people come in to your restaurant to sit down and eat or go shopping? I replied with the obvious, "Yes, I would like to sit down and eat some food please" if it were not obvious enough for him. He also insulted me in front of fellow patrons, hollering out across the bar, "Should I take it outside so you can get a better picture?", as I took photos of my substandard hamburger, drink and the surrounding dining room as I always do when eating somewhere for the first time. He later claimed in his blasphemous public reply to my review on Yelp that he mistook me for a transient who came in the week before, making excuses for my poor treatment when I first entered, even though I was wearing golf attire appropriate for a day on the links at the country club. Would a transient be wearing golf shorts, a new Under Armor golf shirt, Nike Air sneakers, and $200 Oakley sunglasses? He also claimed that I was secretly taking photos of the waitress, his wife apparently, who had her boobs popping out of her very low-cut blouse. I was simply taking a few photos during my experience to publish with my review, nothing more. I am a very happily married man (full stop). This guy and his wife are compulsive liars. I had contacted Derik last November, right after they opened, to see if they wanted to be included in my annual Veteran's Day list of local restaurants offering free or discounted meals to veterans and to be published on my popular food and travel blog. Free advertising, basically, as my blog gets over 60,000 visitors a year. Being a retired Air Force officer and disabled combat veteran, I try to do as much as I can for fellow vets because I am one and have worked extensively with active duty and Iraq/Afghanistan veterans as a licensed psychotherapist. Derik refused to acknowledge my offer even though he "claims" to be a veteran himself. So, when he attacked me publicly and defamed my character, even though he knew I was a veteran and food/travel writer, the gloves came off. You can read about their frozen food, terrible service, and unprofessional behavior in many other Yelp reviews, so I will not detail my experience any further here because it is now about more than that. Can you say defamation of character? This place is obviously struggling and with frozen food, even worse customer service, and unprofessional attacks against those who offer them constructive criticism, I will be very surprised if they survive another Pacific NW winter. I support local businesses 100%, as I did with 2 Rivers Bar and Grill by offering them free advertising on my blog and keeping an open mind during my first visit (despite all of the negative comments about them on Yelp and other social media platforms), so the last thing I want is for someone to fail. However, when I see someone like Derik, with ZERO experience in the highly competitive restaurant business and who attacks customers whom say anything negative, the writing is, unfortunately, on the wall for this "businessman". Businesses that offer quality products, outstanding customer service, fair prices,

Sherrye B.

The food was delicious and well worth waiting for (we had to wait a while for brunch, but it was really great). Service was friendly and efficient. The hash, salmon Benedict and the fruit parfait were all tasty and upscale in presentation; I would have loved to try their chicken and waffles, but they were out of waffle batter that day. The Monster Bloody Mary's were a meal in itself! Yum. I'll be going back for the chicken and waffles!

Dave C.

Look this place has great food. It really does. But whoa damn, it takes a loooooooong time to get to the table. Yes, I know most Americans rush through a dining experience, but I like to take my time over a meal and yet the time we waited at all three times we have been there have been excessive. I get that the kitchen is microscopic, if you need somebody to sign a petition to allow you to expand your kitchen let me know. I really want to see this place stay and be successful.


I received an extremely odd 'welcome', if you can call it that, as I walked through the doors for the first time, having delayed my initial visit after reading their many mediocre reviews and allowing them time to work all the bugs out. As I stood in front of the huge bar, the man serving drinks, whom I will assume was the owner, asked me, 'can I help you?', to which I replied with some amazement, 'Yes, I would like to sit down and eat some food, please'. Why else would somebody walk into a restaurant if it was not to sit down and eat a meal? What do I look like, a bible salesman? What a stupid question!I ordered a pFriem IPA ($6), but was not asked if I wanted water, which I was desperate for after walking 18 holes of golf in the Father's Day sun. The IPA was decent, but $6 is a tad high if they hope to draw a crowd, especially early on a Sunday evening when they had just a smattering of customers. You can get similar IPAs around town for $4 to $5, so why should I spend an extra buck to come here?I learned a couple days after my visit that the Father's Day Special was a 'Prime New York Steak with peppercorn sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and asparagus', YUM!, but I did not see it advertised anywhere and they did not communicate the special to me, so I ordered a 1/2 pound Cheeseburger ($15) with bacon, grilled onions, and garlic aioli, also coming with a side of french fries. The burger was obviously not handmade in house, probably frozen, and the grilled onions and garlic aioli, if there were any at all, must have been wrapped up in the overly crispy folded-up clump of bacon they stuck on top of the burger (see photo). The 'cheddar cheese' was apparently of the processed variety, white, very thin, and perfectly square and the burger was dry, even after putting some mayo on the bun. It was not very flavorful. With nary a garnish on the big white plate, the burger looked more like a slider (see photos) than a 1/2 pound burger.BTW, I was repositioning the plate to take photos for my review when the owner blurted out across the room: 'Do you want me to take it outside so you can get a better picture?'. The other people at the bar laughed at me, as if it were funny, but I found the comment extremely rude, completely uncalled for, and very unprofessional. The space is nice, although sparsely decorated, but they should have kept the massive wood-fired pizza oven left by the previous occupants instead of replacing it with an overly large bar which dominates the large room. We needed a good mom and pop Italian restaurant with red and white checkered table clothes and chianti bottles with wax from recently departed candles dripping down the sides, not another modern, gastro/brew pub of which there are far too many in our area.Based on the many other less than stellar reviews posted recently and my questionable Father's Day experience, it seems as though the owners have already given up. How can you expect a new business to thrive if you do not even bother to publish a website for months after opening and serve customers frozen burgers and fries, charging $15 for an inferior burger to the one I can get at the bar across the street for under $10. Here it is eight months after opening and they have still not even bothered to list a website on their Yelp page ... MEH!CombatCritic Gives 2 Rivers Bar and Grill 3 Bombs Out Of 10 ... I'm Feeling Generous Because The Owner Says He's A Veteran ... More Bombs Are Better!

Sunshine Sommers

Friendly service and delicious French dip and fries. Wish they had a happy hour menu. I would give it five stars if it did!


Stopped here for brunch after volunteering for a community event. Had the vegetable skillet to which I added an egg and some salmon. It was served in an iron skillet that kept the food nice and warm. Coffee was great, smooth with no bitterness! Ordered a warm chocolate chip cookie for dessert to share with my husband. These are fresh baked for each serving and includes a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream. The regular menu looked good, too. We will definitely come back here again.


New owners and new name for a restaurant that has been in Washougal for several years. Very friendly staff and good food. Also a large bar. We were there on a Saturday early afternoon and they were serving brunch. I had biscuits and gravy. Nice flaky homemade biscuits with lumpy tasty gravy.

Sarah H.

If I could give zero stars I would. Group of 8 celebrating my nephew's graduation. Got drinks, ordered some apps. Had to send plates back twice because they were dirty. After apps were served server didn't come back to take dinner order. Finally another server came by and we asked if we could place our order and the response was oh I thought you were just having drinks and apps. Why would you think that? 6 of the 8 ordered dinner, I ordered a steak wrap that never came even after asking 3 times for my food. Finally I said just put it in a Togo box if you plan on bringing it at all. Place wasn't busy. There was ZERO reason for this huge fail. 2 hours there and I didn't even get to eat. We will not be returning.

Amanda W.

We did some Columbia River area hiking in the morning and meandered into southern Washington purely by accident. What a wonderful find. Tucked away on the cute row of Main Street. The food was rich, and service was swift and engaging. Our server was cheerful and had gorgeous tattoos.

Jason S.

2 Rivers Bar and Grill That's a 1Pound Burger 1/2 ground beef 1/2 ground brisket + Bacon. OMG!!

Marc Filidei

I love this place! Been quite a few times and have always had a great experience. The owners are really cool and actually spend time with the customers. To the point that one of the owners share some of his whiskey with me that he had made! Still waiting on my bottle for home Derek!!!! Haven’t been in awhile but I think that’s about to change, heading up there right now. Oh and Derek makes the best Old Fashion around!

Gabriella S.

I stopped in on a mid afternoon and the bartender/waitress was awesome. I ordered a southwest salad with salmon and pretzels with beer cheese sauce. I like to try pretzels everywhere I go and sadly I wouldn't order this one again. The cheese sauce is kind of runny and not a true beer cheese sauce and the pretzel sticks are mediocre - they didn't have a light crispy, buttery exterior with perfectly cooked interior dough (I'm a pretzel diva, I know). The salad was okay and had I not been reeeeaaallly hungry, my review would prob say the salad wasn't that great. All in all, it served my needs at that moment and the service was great so that's how the 4-stars were accumulated, not necessarily because I think the food is above and beyond.

Barbara B.

Once was enough to know I will not return here. Very slow service from beginning to end. It took 30 minutes to get our order taken & another 30 minutes to get the food served. Getting water glasses refilled was a struggle & & food was not that good. It took 2 1/2 hours by the time we paid our check. I dont think i ever saw the waitress smile.

Carrie B

We walked in for a first visit last night. We knew this restaurant when it was formerly Hearth under different ownership and had not been back since the new restaurant opened. We were very pleased with the good food, friendly staff and very comfy bar chairs (where we sat by choice). There were open tables even at prime time on a Friday evening, so we had multiple choice areas to sit. We met the owner who greeted us and invited us to sit where we liked. His wife was also there among the tables and they were busy as could be. the food was excellent and served fresh and hot. Beer had a wide selection of on tap as well as bottled brands, cocktails and wine. The loaded skillet french fries were fabulous, and the fries served with my husbands burger were so 'hot off them press' you could hear them crackle and were a delight.

Penny H

I met my friend here for lunch. We were among a few people at first. Our food was good but it took longer than expected to arrive. We tried to get a seat away from the music speakers. I wish there was a quiet section for people that would like to talk to each other.I enjoyed our talking to our server and the prices were reasonable.I will go back and see what the dinner has to offer.

Lori H.

Met family here for lunch today, group of six. It wasn't very busy, and we were seated promptly. The restaurant and tables were clean. We were a little surprised that lunch wasn't being served until 2pm, only brunch menu on Sundays before 2pm. Oh well, we probably should have checked their website beforehand. We all decided to try their brunch menu anyway. Between the six of us, we ordered the salmon cakes eggs benedict, scramble skillet, bloody mary burger, and the monte cristo. All the food was okay, nobody was wowed. Some of the roasted potato sides were undercooked, which was disappointing. The food took a really long time to come out (over 30 mins) for it not being busy. In addition, it didn't all come out at once, just one plate at a time, as it was finished cooking?! Kind of awkward for people getting their food before others and not sure if they should go ahead and eat in front of the rest. The waitress was really nice, but failed to keep beverages full, especially water glasses. Overall, not sure we'd come back here. The food was just okay, and the wait seemed really long.

Molly S.

To start, I wanted to check this place out mostly because of the bomb looking mac & cheese photo someone else posted. It looked like a cheesy goddess. The place is cute inside, small but it's to be expected in a small town like Washougal. The service was great. Our waitress was attentive and pleasant. When my plate arrived I looked at it closely. It totally looked like one of those pintrest 'nailed it' memes. It looked nothing like the photo on yelp. Nevertheless, I was going to give it a shot. It wasn't even warm. It looked and tasted as though they just cooked some plain pasta, rolled in it olive oil and topped it with a little Parmesan cheese. It didn't taste bad, it had literally no cheese, no flavor. It was 100% just plain pasta. LAME. When the waitress asked if there was anything more she could get us it took everything in my body to ask for some cheese in my mac and cheese. I'd like to note that the person I was with got the blue cheese burger. I snagged a bite of that and it had more cheese than my mac and cheese and tasted alright. Needless to say, I won't be hitting this place up anytime soon.

David Allen

Great food with excellent service! Upscale atmosphere without upscale prices. I will definitely be back. had a great time with family and friends.

Elyse M.

Came here just days after they were open with a few of my co-workers. Greeted by Shadow and Christian and told to sit where we like. We chose to go bar top. I loved the ambiance and how clean the place was. We started with some super delicious cocktails made in really cool pumpkin cups. Ordered some chicken wings and salmon cakes. Starters were really good so I was excited for dinner. The whole experience was so awesome I just had to get back ASAP. Washougal NEEDED a place like this. I now bring a bunch of my friends here every Wednesday and we all do wine and dinner. On Wednesdays they have wine half off the bottle. They've got an awesome array of beers on tap and bottles of wine. I would have to say that the Pork Chop is my all time favourite thing to order. The flavours are so perfectly blended and it couldn't be cooked more perfectly. My boyfriend often has the burgers and loves them. The steak bites are phenomenal, I like to order them and put them on the Cesar salad. The owners are so friendly and a big part of why we continue to come back. They are always there working hard and making sure things are to satisfaction. People need to remember this is a new restaurant, there will be hiccups but I can tell you these guys are nailing it. It's always pretty busy in here and there's a reason why. I literally cannot rave enough about this place.