Drink'n Games Arcade Bar

509 W Yakima Ave, Yakima
(509) 424-3348

Recent Reviews

Annie Wesley

Great karaoke and very friendly

Jessica Garcia Wilts

awesome atmosphere and great friends to share the night

Dale Quantrille

Great food awesome service and great people

Amber Buckles

Love it here the owner is great and everyone is really friendly

Jake Crawford

Love this place! Perfect to hang out at, and it has the best DJ in town!

Tami Seidel

This bar is ah-mazing!! The staff is friendly, the drinks are awesome, karaoke 4 nights a week and arcade games, pool and darts!! Drinks are nice and strong and food is great. Best place in Yakima by far!!

Josh Riegel

I'm blown away at these comments about great service and good food. The waitresses have no idea what they're doing and you're expected to stand in a long line at the very back of the bar to get a drink or wait an hour for them to show back up to your table. The food consists of hot dogs and concession stand quality chips and cheese. It's a great concept with the games and all but they need better wait staff, servers, etc.

Maria Jett

Two well maintained pinball machines, centipede and slow of other arcade games, too. Karaoke. Strong drinks. Friendly staff.

Roger B.

Thought i was walking into a game and drink pub. I was but it was karaoke night with 30 or 40 people sitting at tables waiting to sing. The DJ up front was spinning some great tunes prior to the beginning of the karaoke. We grabbed a couple drinks, sang some tunes, was amazed at some perfect renditions from other singers and had a great time. Great staff.

John Peters

Love the KARAOKE, nice surroundings and friendly place, not a bad place at all!

Brandy Sconawah

Love the amazing atmosphere! The energy is so great. The karaoke nights are so much fun. C: Tasty drinks and great costumer service. ❤️

Ray-Sheila Decoteau

I like how they have the underage time for the teens. My sons enjoy gaming out and always said I want go there but weren’t old enough. Now they have the opportunity just having fun! Thank you!

laurie e

Prices could use improvement but service is good so far

John Rohling

Great place awesome pizza and arcade games and kareoke

Kelly Corbray

Thanks for the good time! ??

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