Taproom at the Brewery

2920 River Rd, Yakima
(509) 654-7357

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Molly Old Person

Had a great time and service was excellent!!!!

Melanie Rae Espinoza-Ulloa

Cold and not very inviting.

Landlord G

Fantastic selection of micro brews, and not just from Yakima Craft. These guys pack in kegs from all over the place, so you can always find something to please your palate. They've got a large stage for live music with sound and lights, and feature some fine tallent. But they don't shut down the Foosball and the bean-bag throwing games during the music, and as some folks were raised without manners, they're screaming and yelling often interferes with the music. They really should get that bit under control, but otherwise, It's a fine joint, and you'll never wait for a table..... it's huge. Snacks upon request.

Bobby H.

Great drinks, great food!!! Austin was an awesome server!!! Definitely coming back!!! Recommend if your looking to grab a drink in a chill atmosphere.


The beer is great, what a space they have for events!!! The beertender was knowledgable and fun to interact with..

Shirley M.

Beer is good but the food is gross. Only ate the burger cause I was starving. Took over 30 minutes to get this.

Rodney Smartlowit

They brew their own micro 's and are kid friendly a fine place to spend an afternoon

Xavier R.

inconsistent Beer brewed, and weak food only thing going for this place is its hours... if you enjoy craft beer order from the guest tap list


Good beer with a decent selection. We've had their beer before and wanted to check out their tap room on our way through town. It was worth the diversion! Tucked away in an industrial area, I wasn't sure what to expect, and then we walked it... WOW! It's huge and is such a great setup! Thoroughly enjoyed our short visit.


Yakima has some great breweries and Yakima Craft is one of them. They have many fresh beers on tap. They offer pub food and frequently have live music on weekends. The beers and food are great tasting. The atmosphere is lively though the place can get a bit loud. There are tables and chairs. It is family friendly.


They make great chicken wings and onion rings! If you want what's shown on this pic, that's not happening. It's a fun space. There are dart boards to play, ping pong table, corn hole games. Since their food menu is limited, they even allow you to bring food in. I've not gone there with a group yet, but I bet that would be fun!

Matt U.

This place is absolute gold! Located down off River Road, it's close to the freeway and an easy place to get in and out of. It's a relatively plain looking building from the outside, but inside is quite impressive! Upon entering, you'll be struck by how much space there is in here. Whether you're meeting with a group of 2 or 30, there's lots of room to spread out. Tons of stuff to do - darts, ping pong, Foosball, cornhole, arcade games, beer, did I mention beer! Tons of options including their stuff, tons of other local options, ciders and a few pops for those who like to hang out, but don't love them hops. They have a few food options - we just opted for pretzels and they were pretzelly as expected! The folks working here are super chill and the beer is priced like you'd expect it. If you love $7 Pabst, this isn't your spot. If you love beer culture and creativity going into your brew, this is a place you need to check out!

Jeremy Daniel M.

Great beer +4 stars, bad lighting minus 2 stars, great customer service + 2.5 stars. 4.5 stars total.


It’s not as small as it appears to be! It has a large patio in the back where they have live music events, beer and service was good, unfortunately for me it’s another local brewery with limited dark beer selection., apparently there is no demand for stouts/porters in the area.

Courtney Shank


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