Jaime's Cafe

239 E Walworth Ave, Delavan
(262) 749-3107

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Steinberger

Wowwww this place was great, clean, friendly, Good prices, and delicious. I think we found our new Sunday restaurant.

Crystal Fields

Absolutely awesome breakfast. The homemade salsa was perfect. We will be back.

Cairie Virrueta

My new favorite breakfast place! Actually the only breakfast I will go to- I'm pretty picky about my skillet and eggs. My Country Skillet was excellent, veggies not cut up too small (do not like them so small you can't even taste them) and cooked perfect! My medium eggs were the best restaurant eggs I've ever had- just look at the photo! 10 stars!! And great service!!

Andrew Cardosi

Food is very good, but service is quite slow.

Nancy Brown

One of the best breakfast/brunch places around. I highly recommend the crepes, but everything is terrific! The people working are so very nice,

Myles Schumaker

Amazing, it is a must try!!! Friendly service, amazing food. Probably the best spot to get brunch in the entire city of Delavan.

Lori Truckenbrod

Great breakfast here! Veggie omelet with fresh vegs and avocado. Rye toast was fabulous.

Jaime Jijon

Jorge our server was very friendly and attentive, food was very tasty ! Will definitely be

Jorge Alfonso-Schneider

Me and my brother went here and it was absolutely phenomenal! Despite the staff being mexican the food was american and very great and tasty. Fine service with exquisite food. The atmosphere was great and it was quite enjoyable! I reccomend to everyone whos checking out breakfast in delevan!!

Kai Alfonso

I love this place they have great breakfast and great food!!! I been here a couple times and all of its so good i can barely decide what to get! 100% reccomend checking out for some great foods!Kid-friendliness: Lots of kids able to be there and they have juice!

Laurie Harvey

Oh my gosh, what a surprise. We had family in from out of town and we were all wondering where to meet for breakfast. None of us knew that Jamie's Cafe existed. I came across it online and I am so happy I did. First there was absolutely no waiting, I can see this place becoming the most popular breakfast spot in Delavan. There were three employees besides the cook. All three young adults were very friendly and professional. The portions of food we ordered were so big that several of us had enough for breakfast the next day. I would have to say the only hard part of this visit was choosing what I wanted to eat. Their menu is so big and full of so many delicious choices, I was tempted to choose a couple different things, but I stuck to the country fried steak with extra gravy, eggs, hashbrowns and the choice of toast or pancakes. DELICIOUS!!!!!! You will not be disappointed, give this gem a try.

Dan Williams

My wife and I didn't really get to eat there. We tried to get a table and it was packed. We would have waited but we were met with very uncomfortable stares. So we wanted to come back later but it was still rather unsettling being stared at and scowled upon. Definitely not a good place to be if you are a POC or an interracial couple. The staff were ok I guess, but it's the overall atmosphere that was the issue. I don't like being stared at and frowned at or even scowled upon as if I'm less than a person by patrons just for the color of my skin.Will probably never try this place again. That was just too creepy and off putting. Like I didn't belong there.

Mo Rob

Never got to experience the food, the wait time was 40mins -1 hour. We got scowls & glares upon entering from multiple customers and the staff essentially ignored us despite it being a microscopic, crowded space inside and no where for people to wait for a table. If you are a person from the BIPOC community, be aware it does NOT give welcoming vibes at all. Glares and uncomfortably long starring with scowls and low toned remarks like a scene out of a 1950s down south movie made this a really awkward experience. The place has the overwhelming smell of really old grease residue/buildup and stale mop water. Not exactly what you want wafting at you in a food place. The server told us we would have to wait maybe an hour to be seated yet there were a few tables opening up and a couple that came in after us who was quickly seated! We asked the host/waiter if we could make a reservation for later to secure a table and told yes, to do so online. We went to look up the reservation option via Google, etc. It literally states they do not take reservations. I hate to throw the discrimination word around but it was giving every bit of that vibe. VERY disappointed, we had heard such great things and had good expectations. So we left with zero desire to return. I will be posting this review on ALL my social media platforms because that treatment & behavior is NOT ok in 2023. We ended up going to the Delevan Family Restaurant instead, which was quite a different immediate experience and atmosphere. The Delevan Family Restaurant was very friendly warm & welcoming, has excellent food AND service.

Ben Mich

Most delicious breakfast. The eggs here are so buttery and soft. The tres leches crepes are the best crepes I have ever had. Which were ordered, based on a recommendation of another customer and the waiter. We had a group of 7. All of our dishes came out together and were hot and fresh. They were not sitting under a heat lamp waiting for others to finish. Three of us had eggs ordered differently, over easy, over medium and over hard, all perfectly cooked. Jamie's Restaurant perfect addition to anyone's day!

Lisa Scheunert

Ohhh my! Such a gem we found! It's as if we went back in time. Wonderful atmosphere. The staff is amazing. Kind and considerate. The food.. SCRUMPTIOUS! I had the County Skillet. It was so good. We will be going back to Jaime's. Thank you so much to the Staff at Jaime's for taking such good care of us. See you soon! ❤️

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