Burger King

2328 University Ave, Green Bay
(920) 770-5022

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This place needs new management or should just be shut down. Just look at all the 1 star reviews. I ordered from them on 3 different occasions. ALL 3 TIMES MY ORDER HAS BEEN MESSED UP! Never again. This morning, my sandwich was so wet and soggy the wrapper was starting to fall apart. It was like they dipped it in a bucket of water before wrapping it. Un eatable.

Leonor Hernandez

I love them burgers there but I wish they had McDonald's fries. I don't care for their fries so I usually get onion rings.

Nathan Van Enkenvoort

Burger King on University Ave needs to pick up their game. They constantly mess up orders and food is sometimes cold. Enter at your own risk.

Rebekah Pipik

Wow! Don’t eat here! If you can get the extremely rude employees to even take your order your ahead of the game! Zero stars here. The woman was yelling through the intercom and just plain acting crazy we had to cancel our order and drive away. This is the bottom of BK barrel save yourself some time and do not stop here.

David Shaft

The items on my receipt were correct, but the items in my bag were incorrect. I ordered and was charged for a double sourdough king but was given a single sourdough king. This kind of mistake seems to happen too often at this location (the last three times I have purchased here). I recommend other brand or location choices!

Joseph Zimmer

Slowest place ever. Come if you want a 20 min wait for them to get your order wrong and give it to you cold.

I eat watermelon

They NEVER get your order right ! The fries are always cold and if you order chicken fries you should just give them the money and walk away because they never have them ?,terrible place definitely do not recommend it

Darianne Johnson

How does one ask me to repeat what I asked for twice and still get it wrong?

Trick Dawg

This place is absolutely terrible. Messed my order up 2 different times and the staff is very rude.

Linda Duerr

Delicious food with fast service

R H.

Dont try to order coffee at this location at 6:30pm three and a half hours before they close. I ordered coffee with my meal and was told they had no coffee. I said I would wait only to be told I cant have any because they cleaned the machine. I was then told I had to have a soda which as a diabetic I cant have. Shear laziness on the part of this store.

Alber RS

Bought the 2 for $6 ... 2 whopper and two fries only got TWO napkins ! The food was good but definitely not happy with the very little condiments that I got.

Neeshenna Lowe

I like how they handle no contact aspect of things. However, I always have food missing each time I go. Fries and hashbrowns are always stale. Dont waste your money.

Greg Smith

The worst fast food restaurant you will ever deal with... Be very aware of the employees and customer service especially the manager is useless.


There food is hot and they haven't good it wrong yet on a drive-thru order !!

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