Burger King

2328 University Ave, Green Bay
(920) 770-5022

Recent Reviews

Sherry Rasmussen

My favorite fast food burger,,,the Whopper!


The cook making the burgers is good at it he needs a raise

Paul Piontek

No stars!!!! TOTAL chaos !!!


2 ways to improve service - you add too much salt on the hash bites and you said itd take 5 minutes to make new tots then you have us old tots that were hard and luke warm. And watch the salt

Kyu Seung Sim

My friend had a terrible experience with drive-thru. After ordered food, he was waiting on the second door and she said: "come to the counter and pick up the items". At that time, there were only two customers in the drive-thru he and another person. They didn't deliver food to his car. When he visits the front counter, she said: "Behind the car's order is faster than his order." There was no case like this that drive-thru customer visited counter to pick up the items.

Jesse Perez

This is the third time that this has happened where I come to the place between 10 and 10:30 at night and nobody answers the drive thru. Your hours clearly say 11 pm and there were two associates in the building. No excuse as to why I couldn't get any service. On one occasion they did say they were closed, but it was close to 10pm. Very ridiculous if you ask me.

Jeremy Kotecki

I ordered three sandwiches and some nuggets. Two of the sandwiches were the wrong ones and I didn't even get my nuggets. This place sucks

Nick De Leon

I finally did my first trip to the new Burger King and was really pleased with the service as it shown hospitality and speed. The interior design and decor was really nice and the lobby offered a wide view of University Avenue.


Had high-ish hopes since they're newly opened. Waited 25 minutes in line with only 3 vehicles in front of us.

Cheenou Lee

Wrong closing hours. Would appreciate it if they had actual designated cars parking spots for vehicles to park when their food are not ready. Was told to go park in the front and the spots right by the front door was full besides the handicap. We parked in the spots that was closer the road and was told “next time, park in the front”. But... we were in the front. Also, ordered sprite but got an extremely watered down version. Onion rings were hot but fried were slightly warm and soggy. Place has potential.

Bao Yang

Ordered our food through drive thru and they told us to drive to the front cause “they’re cooking our food fresh” the worker came and yelled at us for not parking in the front when there’s literally no parking spot open and she clearly saw. The food is soggy and not cooked freshly like they claim they were going to cook it. My soda was also mainly watered down due to not changing the soda.

Judy O'Grady

I misread a coupon after already paying and the manager was very helpful. Nice modern environment. Will return.

Gustavo Rodriguez

Food was cold and there is a woman that is really rude I asked for some buffalo sauce and she try to charge me for it when it is free in all burger kings is the second time she does this

Meme God

Good service and great timing

Derek G.

Used to be good, god awfully terrible the last few months don't expect the food to be good and your order not messed up

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