Taste on 26

385 Wright Rd, Johnson Creek
(920) 699-9280

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James Robert

So Ive been getting takeout and it's been pretty good. I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt so I deleted my bad review. No sooner does the safer at home order get lifted, not even 1 week and they are making lies about their exhaust fans magically not working on Saturday and being down till Monday or Wednesday. These people are NUTS! They likely closed because they had a vacation and didn't want to work. This owner is always up to his tricks lying about things breaking down so he doesn't have to work. Just close your business dude. I was willing to give you another shot but once again you let everyone down.

Ann Ocampo

The food was absolutely amazing. By far the best fries I have ever had. Everyone in my family thought it was so good. Definitely will be back!!

Theresa Schwandt

Great atmosphere, the food was very good. We had the fish fry and it was excellent! We sat in the bar area and were served by the bartender. She was fantastic! Will go back again.

jacob hoffman

More like 4.5 stars. Great friendly and prompt service. Food was above average good. Prices were fair especially for the portions of food.

Tim Stotler

Good Food and large portions at a reasonable price! Sat in the Bar area and watched the games on multiple screens.

Carol Riddell

Had lunch with a group of classmates last week. Food and service were great. We will definitely be back.

Karen R.

My husband and I ate here on a Saturday. We were on our way back to Madison from Milwaukee. We had eaten here before, however it was a different restaurant, under different management. We hadn't liked it before, but we saw the new name and decided to try it. We were happy we did! My husband had the Gyro plate, and I had the Gyro salad. They were both excellent!! There were many improvements made to the restaurant and it is now a very welcoming sports bar. The staff was great. In fact, I stupidly, left my clutch purse, hanging under the bar when we left!! And, we were to fly out of the country in 2 days. The next day, there was a HUGE snowstorm and the restaurant was closed. They are also closed on Mondays!! Our flight was leaving Tuesday morning. I was able to reach someone on Facebook, who got me in touch with the owner. He came in on Monday (his day off) so I could pick up my purse-which was actually still there!! Disaster averted. I cannot thank him enough for that generous gesture. We will be stopping there the next time we hit the outlet mall. I am looking forward to trying more of the great menu items-like the Texas toast burger-a beef patty surrounded by TWO grilled cheese sandwiches, with lettuce and tomatos. OMG!

Jacque K.

First time at Taste of 26. Seated right away which was nice because we had our 7 year old grandson with us. Great variety of burgers and hot dogs. Nice variety on the kids menu as well. Service was not the best. She started out good, bringing beverages but it went downhill from there. We ordered appetizers, and they didn't come. We had to ask for them when our food was brought out. My husband asked her if there were any specials and she said yes, a steak sandwich. Ten minutes later a group was seated at a table near us. They were told right away what the specials were. There were like 4 or 5 specials. She brought our check, but ten minutes passed and our server had not come back. Another gal was cleaning tables, snd she took our payment and handed to our server who was in the next room, just hanging out and talking to someone. She never cleaned our table, the second girl did that for us as well. On the way out, I needed to stop at the bathroom. When I walked into the bar, there was our server playing with two young children! Kind of grossed me out, that she was handling our food and possibly playing with the kids. Then I went into the ladies bathroom. There were 4 or 5 dirty diapers laying on the floor! As far as the food, it was all very good, except the gravy on the mashed potatoes, (those came with the steak sandwich) had way too much salt and pepper. But that diaper thing, that was too much.

Tanya Heard

Not a good experience all around:( do not recommend! Extremely slow service not great food! Very pricey!!!

Victor Heard

Service is very slow, wasn't busy at the time. Waited more than 20 minutes for food. Food was really dry. Waitress walked by my empty soda 4 times before asking if I wanted a refill. 2 out of our 4 orders were messed up. I would rather eat McDonald's and I hate McDonald's.

Brad Dollevoet

Food was very good. I was offered a sample of a brisket that was just made. Delicious!! The only bad thing is I'm only in town for work. I would come back again the next time I'm in town.

Max Bennett

Came for lunch and sat at one of the bar tables and was ignored for 10 minutes when someone finally came to take our drink order. They took another 5 minutes to bring drinks and we had to ask for menus. We ordered our food and then waited another 30 minutes for our food to come out!! This is ridiculous how long they expect people to wait for lunch! I had the Italian beef sandwich and it was dry and cold. The chips had zero flavor and tasted like cardboard. Wife had a burger and it was cooked medium, not medium well like she ordered but we didn't have the time to send it back. The check was ridiculously high for lunch. Will never return here. The staff don't seem to care about their customers or their image.

Natalie D.

I think the place is very nice. The employees are very nice and the food is wonderful plus the place looks very good. Especially I know that the kitchen is clean so that is a plus knowing that the food is prepared from a clean space. Expecially I love the waitresses they are so good and the bartenders and I think the owners are doing a good job. I'm so glad that this place opened up I definitely recommend it!!!

John C.

We were really looking forward to this restaurant opening and, sadly, were disappointed. It always surprises me when the food at a new restaurant is not amazing. On our first try we had the Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich and it had no flavor (our favorite Philly Cheesesteak is Jersey Mike's). We gave it another try and did the Friday Fish Fry and it was just okay. All of the fried food just blended together. I hope the owners take the negative reviews and turn it around.

Krystal Wagner

Our food was very good, fast service and got plenty of food for the cost. The atmosphere was calming and casual, enjoyable. Our waitress was awesome she checked in just enough! We will definitely be coming back with our kids to see what they think. Cant wait to try other parts of the menu.

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