Delaney's Steak Seafood Wine

449 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison
(608) 833-7337

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A little on the spendy side, but well worth it. Staff were professional, food was excellent, and the chicken dumpling soup is to die for. It's the best soup I've ever had. (The seafood bisque pretty good as well). Steak was cooked perfectly, and the asparagus was truly impressive. I would recommend.Food: 5/5

Joyce Parsons

My husband and I visited during a trip to Madison, and were blown away! The food, service, and atmosphere were all amazing! We were seated promptly and had three wait staff waiting on us but didn't feel rushed during our meal. The seafood bisque is a must, though the rest of the food was absolutely delicious. I'll definitely visit again!

Thomas Chapman

Outstanding service, delicious steaks! Went there to celebrate 25 years of marriage to a wonderful woman and was glad we celebrated here. Reasonable price for quality food. Make a reservation for they are busy. Will return again.

Lora L.

We were here a bit before our reservation ... the bartender was funny and made our drinks perfect. (as Wisconsin goes ~ a very nice price indeed ... The staff were all wonderful and attentive.. the dinner however was just okay and not worth the value. I do understand you are also paying for the service, ect. The bread was horrid but for some reason we kept eating it til it was gone. I heard the table next to us say how awful their bread was too. My fish was Perkins quality and you should NEvEr!! Wrap a sweet potato in tin foil. Mushy and watery with no crispy skin. My dining mate had a cheaper cut of meat he said was prepared a 6 out of 10.... Lovely atmosphere in your grandpas kind of place...

Scott S

Saturday night family outing for nephew's fourteenth birthday. Very busy but table was ready, and servers were friendly without being overbearing and very knowledgable. May not seem possible, but the crust on the oven fresh warm roll with plain Wisconsin butter was a show stopper. I'd rather have one great roll than a choice of five forgettable ones. Drinks were fine; supper club quality. Three appetizers: jumbo shrimp cocktail; very good firm shrimp with good cocktail sauce. Same sauce and a creamy one came with a good portion of breaded calamari. The "Wisconsin Cheese Plate" was simple but great. The gouda, cheddar, blue, and another hard white were memorable as was the sesame flatbread. By now I knew this was not your average supper club. I upped my siade salad to a wedge which was huge with an awesome creamy dressing (green goddess?) that was certainly homemade. One diner chose soup: the seafood bisque, and everyone had to taste. The verdict was "heavenly". I noticed the dinner salads disappeared quickly as well, and looked good. I wish I had asked for another of the rolls at this point, as to me a warm roll or bread with a good salad is a great combination. But we still had an entree and side to go. So, the entrees I concede were a mixed bag. My medium rare smaller cut prime rib was big enough and beautiful. What I didn't notice until my third extremely chewy and difficult to cut bite, is that it was raw. Not rare, but raw. Please don't ask why I didn't send it back; maybe its that I was curious; maybe it was the two drinks; maybe its that I like good steak tartare. Maybe its that I couldnt believe this was a blood red piece of meat; top, bottom and middle; except for a brown-gray edge that didn't penetrate into the meat at all. I ate about 1/3 of the meat, and butterflied it the next morning. Browned all four side for about 45 seconds in butter in a hot pan, it turned out to be the most tender, succulent, and delicious prime rib ever. If I had known, I would have sent it back the night before. Why would they put out such an undone piece of meat? Maybe they were in a hurry because my hash brown potatoes were an un appealing gray, like the one I make at home, and barely cooked through as well. Definitely not the crispy ones I was hoping for. I should not have asked for the cheese on top when I ordered because I think they covered up some of the less browned ones in the kitchen with cheese and gave them to me. A third disapontment was my niece's halibut which was dry (overcooked?). Halibut is a very expensive item these days, and you expect better. Fish should be JUST "done", to retain its moisture and texture, as any chef knows. Her husband, birthday boy's dad, said his salmon was "as good as any he has ever had, maybe the best". So they CAN do it. The rack of lamb got a "10" from my sister-in-law, who rarely confers such an honor. The younger great nephew had Chicken Oscar which he found average, with somewhat dry chicken. Rest of the dish was okay, I think. Two other steak eaters (large and smaller filets) enjoyed them as served with no problem. Mashed potatoes received compliments: "like Dad's". (That IS a compliment!!) Brthday teen received a good looking (complimentary I think) sundae, but an aficianado of creme brulee, he got one also, to share. The server advised us before ordering that their creme brulee is not ordinary but is flavored with basil, and he thinks it is excellent, but maybe an acquired taste. No comment. Just be forewarned.. The younger brother of the birthday teen gave an accurate assessment of the novelle cuisine brulee: "tastes like creme brulee with basil in it". If you like basil, well maybe you will try it. We actually all had a good time in this pretty dressy place. Kind of nice to dress up a bit and find youself in the same sort of company. It is not cheap, but not crazy expensive either, for the level of food and service. I guess the halibut and Chicken Oscar could have bee

Nate L.

A west Madison mainstay for decades, Delaney's delivers consistently good steaks and other food. The bar is my preference - great atmosphere and good clientele. Also a good wine list / selection. The filet with béarnaise sauce is my go to. Hash browns are also great, although mine were a touch cold in the middle the last time I ate here. Also, be sure to get some button mushrooms for your steak!

Ross Squires

There isn't much better than a night out at Delaney's! The service is great. The food is awesome. The cocktails are outstanding. I personally like dining in the bar area more than the dining room but can't go wrong either way!

Pat H.

This place is dis functional at best. The bar staff is rude an inept. They know you're there but can't handle taking an order. It's called multitasking. Three bartenders in a small bar that can't handle pressure. Wow. I think I heard the manager justifying there behavior to a couple that moved to a table in protest. NOW TO THE FOOD. Not cuisine. Rolls we're stale. Wasn't offered water. The salad was weak and small. My 10 oz filet had no flavor. Not prime or choice either. Not seared or broiled to lock in the juices. Who's the cook??? Seamed dry and possibly partially microwaved? Cozy and fun vibe but the rest needs attention. Go to work and I hope there's improvement. Maybe these are Madison standards? Okay thanks

Rodd Hall

Having moved to Madison less than a year ago, I was very much looking forward to our first visit to Delaney's. I was underwhelmed. Our servers gave us the impression that what they wanted to do was speak as quickly as they could, then get on to the next thing. For example, one of them brought out my steak while I was finishing my soup and said, "Where would you like me to put this down?" My Martini was very good. The seafood bisque was wonderful. My NY Strip, although perfectly done to meduum rare, was the worst $42 steak I have ever eaten. It was tough and flavorless. All told, I don't ever expect to go back unless we are invited by someone else, and if so I'll order the lamb ... or maybe the pasta.Not recommended.

Sally Biggensworth

Four stars, being a grade 'B' from me.Sometimes I want the Country Club experience without paying for the Country Club or even like being a member of a Country Club. There are a few different spots around town that do this experience well, Delaney's is one of them.Service was top notch, start to finish, top to bottom from the Host/I assume Manager to the Bartenders and wait staff. Come here for a hassle free easy dining experience.The prime rib was ok. The wedge salad was great. I kind of expected an old fashioned here to be stellar; they didn't muddle the fruit. Older, but not that old, crowd.

Emelia F.

It's a great place! The bathrooms are really clean and the food here is amazing. I would definitely recommend coming here.


Really cute, supper club type of restaurant. It looked updated and had a romantic feel to it. The prices were good, the service was excellent, and the food was delicious! Our server gave me a great recommendation for a wine blend the was really smooth. We'll be back whenever we're in the area again!

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My 80-year-old parents recently received a gift card here and were looking forward to celebrating their anniversary with take-out from the restaurant. Beforehand, the restaurant had told them they could place an order for pick-up. But when they called the restaurant the night of their anniversary, the manager told them sorry, Charlie! No take-out tonight. When the restaurant sold the gift card they had said: 1) They did take-out orders, and 2) That the card could apply to take-out orders. When take-out apparently no longer applied, they refused to refund the card's balance. If duping 80-year-olds during a Covid surge is how Delaney's chooses to run a business, in my opinion they aren't worth patronizing (especially with so many other fine options in the Madison area). Hard pass.

Susan W

My Husband & I were visiting Madison & decided to go to Delaney’s. There are several dining rooms, so the atmosphere was cozy. Our waitress was Rebecca. She was very personable & efficient. We had the Strip Steak & Mashed Potatoes. Dinner was fabulous. Fine wine selection. Prices were reasonable. We enjoyed ourselves immensely & will definitely recommend and go back there again.

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