Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que

900 S Park St, Madison
(608) 286-9400

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Brittney Lewis

Both times I’ve given them a try have been a disappointment! Obvious sub-par training. If you order take out I suggest checking it! I suggest check your bill as BOTH of my DINE-IN experiences had these issues. I was one person ordering one sandwich meal with a drink and dessert. I was also only one of two total guests in the dining room. I am baffled at how many errors could be made in this scenario both times

Chris Storer

First time there. Staff was great and received food very quickly. Everything we ordered was very good. Will come back again.

Grumpy OleMann

A great spot to visit or Baker group has been to several of them in the Midwest and each one's better than the first. Highly recommended.


Have been recently twice. It has gone downhill. Sides are always good but meat not so much. One to go order I had rib bones were so tiny and thin! The tips their known for I had to go back to my place and doctor them up by putting them in the oven to get crispier. They didn’t seem done all the way and taste was off putting. I’m not coming back anymore all of famous Dave’s throughout the state have gone down. A shame because it used to be a good restaurant. Cook at home!

Ka S.

Ordered the Labor Day Feast. The restaurant was efficient. Generous portions for a small "get together". Will definitely subdue any drunk manly craving. :) Cornbread was good. Chicken skin was perfect. Brisket was a bit dry. Pork was good (smothered in bbq sauce). Coleslaw is the reason for the four stars. Step up that game!!! Also, make sure the lid is on securely! The juices will soak your car seat. :oops:

Steve Standiford

I expected great meaty tender ribs, what I got was o.k. ribs. Yes, the taste of the BBQ sauce was great! However, the meat was mostly hard like it had been sitting for awhile and warmed up in a microwave. The cornbread muffins were awesome. I think I'll stick with mouth watering meaty tender ribs at home.

Kyle Ertel

Stopped by recently for our annual trip with a friend who visits every year. We did not make it last year due to covid, so it had been 2 years. You now have to order at the counter upon entering rather than having wait staff take the order at your table. Not really a big deal, but it makes it feel more rushed and kind of like a fast food restaurant. We stopped around 2pm on a weekend and ordered off the dinner menu.My friend ordered water but was not given a glass. He asked the waitress when she stopped by and she said she'd get him one, but after we saw her go back and forth between the kitchen and other tables a few times (and chatting with a coworker) it seemed she'd forgotten so I got it for him.I ordered the ribs and brisket combo with fries and corn on the cob. When it arrived, none of it was even warm, much less hot. Everything was just room temperature. It seemed to have been cooked properly, but apparently either left to sit before being brought to the table or had been left over from the lunch hour. There was no salt, pepper, or butter at the table. I discovered that salt and pepper had been moved to a self-serve station along with sugar and other things that would normally have been at the table. Considering that there was still ketchup and barbecue sauce at every table, I'm not sure what the point of making people hunt for other condiments is. I had to ask for the butter, which was cold from having been kept in the fridge. If the food had been hot this would not have been a problem, but putting cold butter on room temperature corn on the cob didn't work that well. My friend had ordered a burger and asked for specific toppings but it arrived without anything on it.I'd always enjoyed going to Famous Dave's before, but this was just not a good experience. Granted, we came at a non-peak time, but you'd still think the food would at least be warm. Maybe this was just an anomaly, but I don't envision rushing back to find out.

Akua Adinkrah

Had the BBQ chicken, spareribs and brisket with mac & cheese. Peach cobbler for dessert. They all tasted good. Cornbread as well. Portions are not generous unfortunately. Friendly staff.

Julie Anderson

Great food, good service. The app was giving me problems ordering so I called it in. All in all it was good.

Manuel Rosales Franco

Great food and prices are affordable in comparison with other bbq restaurants.

Gale Demro

Food was great as always. Here's the but. You get no service. You put your order in at the counter, sit yourself down, they bring the food out. No one ever comes back to see if you need anything or ask how it is. Have to go to the counter if you need anything. Had to get your own carryout box. The question is to tip or not to tip, because tipping is for your service, not your food. If I knew the tip would go to the back of the house it would have been much better than what was left


The food was GREAT - as always!!!!! Tremendous BBQ.So why only a 3 Star rating?????1) The staff we dealt with were VERY unhelpful, not much in the way of friendliness, and seemed to pretty much view us a hassle - poor customer service2) BBQ sauces - Famous Dave's had an array of great BBQ sauces - probably 6 or 7 of them. I found a combination I loved - Texas Pit & Georgia Mustard - mixed them together, made a sauce I loved!So I go there now, and I'm told they only have 2 sauces, both out on the table (neither of my favorites). I checked back later and a different person hands me some packets of a third sauce (still not one of my favorites).As we were leaving, I noticed bottles of sauce on a display stand - including my two favorites. I ask about this and it ends up they sell them by the bottle, just don't serve them in the restaurant. If someone had mentioned this to me when I was bemoaning not being able to have my favorite sauces I would have bought some bottles and used them to have my ribs the way I love them.More poor customer service.Great food! Other issues lower the score. Disappointing.

Nikki’Nicole Williams

Food was pretty good. But server wasn’t so pleasant at all. She brought the food and didn’t say who’s food was who’s and left with a attitude.

Cathy Lins

Was glad to get to go food from the Madison site. Food was great. Due to Covid - the doors are apparently one entrance only, one exit only now. I apparently parked on the wrong side for curb side pick up. Could use better signage or online directions. Wish the Lake Delton site honored Famous Dave's specials and pricing.

Lanny Young

I opened my order and found it incomplete. I was not about to drive back to Madison from Stoughton and that is the reason for the lower rating. The food in the order was great. I expected to receive what I ordered.

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