Habanero's | Mexican Grill

2933 N Sherman Ave, Madison
(608) 244-1992

Recent Reviews

Nic Casey

Don't let anyone tell you it's as good as Chipotle. Way greasier, only plain white rice, not much flavor.

dm scorpius

Best quick Mexican food for lunch. Yum

Michael Anderson

Get food from this restaurant frequently. Excellent value. Good, solid, flavorful ingredients, in large portions. Never have had a problem with GI problems afterwards - which I can't say about some similar, pricier restaurants. Were out of my favorite beverage this time but many places in town also are out of stock.

Logan Beilke- Skoug

Local Hispanic food at a good cost, great taste, and quick. Huge burritos and get to pick out what you want just like Qdoba or Chipotle but better.


Best quick Mexican food for lunch. Yum

Rebekah D

Good affordable Mexican food. They even have horchata. I had a chicken burrito and it was very good. It was huge and filled with all kinds of deliciousness.The only thing missing was a margarita as it appears no alcohol is served there. They do have a nice selection of other beverages to choose from though and there is a bar next door!My friends also enjoyed their food. I'd recommend this place.

Michelle Pena

The food is excellent but the service not sure much the guy who made my food was very rude. But great great food

April Lowe

The quesadilla was decent, i don't see myself though.

Shawn Brown

Love their food, great prices too!

Ken Kahler

Love this place. Large Burritos with lots of choice ingredients. They have big, juicy, pickled Jalapeno peppers. Great bottled Sodas. Need a Westside location.

Edac Arenz

Better than those corporate places everyone seems to like.

Dulce Ramirez

Always very friendly, very clean. the food tastes great and the prices are adequate..?

Eric FaIrchild

Favorite burrito

Elliott Mergen

Favorite spot for quick and tasty Mexican, at a good price.

Kevin A.

Do not recommend especially there tamales all it is. Is a lot of masa and no chicken it's unbelievable. There tacos were alright but if you want real Mexican food I wouldn't go here. This is pretty much Qdoba/chipotle besides the other small options they have

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