Mad Town Gastropub

Dane County Regional Airport, 4000 International Ln, Madison
(608) 243-9614

Recent Reviews

Sophie Saxton

Decent food. Bad service. It’s an airport and they move incredibly slowly. When we asked someone else to take our credit card since our server was busy, she said no. Pretty useless.

Robert Westcott

Only full restaurant at the airport, so the pricing premium is in full force. The best value we could find was sharing the kettle chips. They were a lot like loaded nachos, and it was enough food before a 4-hour flight.

Chelsea M.

Gave me a menu finally and never came back?! Where does that even happen at! Dont be in a rush its a hot mess of a place thats for sure and crazy expensive for no service lol!

Ramon Compton

I celebrated my nomination earlier this evening in this great restaurant. Well we passed a enjoyable evening and the restaurant was no doubt the reason for this successful celebration. The crew contributed in a splendid manner, the meals were extremely good and my friends were very glad. We shall absolutely come back again for more joyful events. thanks very much.

Karina Vega

Excellent service good facilities all great, fast without any complications

Petra Towery

Everything great!! Clean, fast and delicious!

Ashish J.

Madison is a small airport and not too many full service places to eat on the air side. Lots of burgers and they would sub the patty for a veggie patty. The sauces in the burger were awesome but missed not having caramelized onions and tomatoes (maybe I picked the wrong type of burger). Chips on the side by default and they were Okish (but you can sub them for other sides for an extra charge). Not the most vegetarian friendly place but nice accommodating wait staff. A burger here sets you back by $18 bucks, so not exactly great value even for an airport.

Jaime T.

Service sucks. If you are pressed for time? Wait to get to your next stop. You will get there before you are even asked, "what would you like". By the way, I am still waiting!

Karl Ellis

Zero if possible. Ordered soup- waited 30 mins and never got it. Service was poor at best and clearly not organized. Several people had left before given their food.

Faith B.

This airport bar is expensive as hell (even for an airport). I spent almost $40 on to drinks and an order of cheese curds. The drinks were fine, but the bartender was alternating between surly and indifferent and didn't care who heard him complain. The cheese curds were overcooked and hard. The other waitresses were mostly clumped in a corn, wrapping silverware bundles and talking. This was not a good experience andI won't go back.

Tikhon P.

Fried carrots is their definition of fresh vegetables! Don't order any wine before asking for the price! Surprised that house wine costs $22 a glass.

J ..

Absolutely ridiculous how expensive this place is. $16.99 for a Bloody Mary, $15.99 for a small Memosa!!! Are you kidding me? When I confirmed the price on our bill the waitress said, "Hey, that's airport pricing." No no...that's not airport pricing that's highway robbery! That's taking adVantage if people who are traveling. Yes I get that it's booze and I don't have to consume it but give me a break. There is absolutely no reason to charge people these kinds of prices. The food was good but also outrageously expensive. This is why less and less people eat at these places. Save yourself the trouble. Hit the coffee shop across the hall and grab a bagel. Shame on you Madtown.

Michelle Murphy Burcin

The service and handling of the incoming flights on Saturday night were horrific and very disappointing. I highly recommend before you continue to add more flights into this airport you do a better job of the flights already associated with this airport.

Ann Sherman

Anne is great! Creative menu options - good drinks — all good! Anthony Bourdain are here when he was in Madison :)

Archil Pitimashvili

Nice spot to eat at the airport. The food is decent quality for airport food. Service is usually good and quick in my personal experience. Also, the place has many electric outlets which is great if you are working and need to charge your laptop. If you are heading on a non-business trip, the beee selection here is pretty good too for an airport bar.

Gregor Gorjan

Ate a burger & it tasted good. Price could be lower, but i guess since it is airport they have to pay for rent. Service was fast.

Kevin G.

Restaurants in airports have gotten better over the years. However this is not one of them. The service was substandard. Waited too long for greeting and menu, also it took a long time for food to come out. You expect airport food to be over priced, but $18 for a frozen 1/4 lb Pattie on a nothing special burger, outrageous. The dinning options at Dane county regional airport is limited, you are better served eating elsewhere prior to coming here, rather then waste time and money on this place.

linda halpin

Waitress was attentive and saw to it that allergy concerns were dealt with. Prices were consistent with what you would expect at an airport restaurant (on the high side). Food came quickly and was tasty. Menu offered some interesting flavor profiles that are not usually seen on airport menus.

Elaina Genthe

Bad service. Mediocre food. Mediocre ambience. Spend your money elsewhere.

Katie Shahwan

Server was not great. Fries terrible. I did not know it was possible to make such bad fries. Burger was decent.

Dan Koellen

For an airport restaurant the food and drink is very good. I have even visited after an incoming flight. My favorite is the Tomato Ball soup. Tomato soup with a rice ball in the soup and a bit of cheese. Add a warp speed Scottish ale and you have a wonderful combination.


I just had a wonderful beet salad dinner at Mad town gastro pub. Everything was very fresh and the dressing was perfect. The lady, Jennifer , who was the server was so engaging, helpful and service was excellent. Give it a try. You’ll like it

Biff Borowitz

Slow service. Food is one star. Heaven forbid you ask someone that works there for something if they aren't waiting on you. I fly weekly.....This is the worst restaurant of all that I have been in at any airport.

Jeff Prashaw

Way overpriced, service is terrible, and food is marginal at best. Eat before you come to the airport cause this place is as bad as it gets.

S J.

Had a ribeye steak. Very thin cut. Over cooked. Very strong taste of burnt meat. Side dish was deep fried carrot!!? Even worse, the carrot has no seasoning at all and lots of residue oil. The only thing that is a bit more edible on the plate was a 3 quarter ounce ball of hash brown. Had to spend another $10 for a Sam Adams to wash half of the plate down. Did not feel being ignored but Service was minimum. Do not recommend this place.

Linda K.

Skip this place! There were no prices on the menu and that should have been the first clue of how overpriced the food would be. I had the chicken club and it was decent but for $20 I would have assumed I would get more than potato chips but not without an additional charge. We shared over priced semi cold fried cheese curds. We thought we should have one more before we flew out of town but we should have skipped them. My friend had a salad with chicken- chicken that looked cooked yesterday. Our service was slow. We basically had to beg to pay our bill. They seemed to only have one portable card reader that the servers were trying to share in one of the only restaurants in the airport. I suggest you buy a bagel at the place across the way.

Jane M.

Prices are hideous, even for an airport eatery ($18 for a BLT). Service was even worse, snotty and had a negative attitude even about where we were sitting. We left before placing our order, and were told: "Good luck, prices are the same anywhere else"!

F L.

Very poor service. The male server, who might be the manager, working today was extremely inattentive. Unfortunately, if you want a sit-down place to eat, this is the only place in terminals 1-10 area.

Tenny D.

Airport eatery's aren't usually great but I was expecting better out of a Tony Miller restaurant. The Wisconsin burger was on the dry side, the chips on the side wasn't great. Upgrading to fries cost $4 more which we thought was a rip off. The Korean chicken even though it said was spicy was more on the sweater side. The wait staff was slow. We had to catch our flight and had to ask the waiter for our food to remind her of us. It felt like it was left in the kitchen for sometime when we got it. I won't waste my time here again. The drinks were over priced as well.

Adrian Swanson

$10+ for a 13oz pour is outrageous, even for an airport. Not even a full pint. Staff was nice.

Jon Augelli

Decent food, decent drinks. A little pricy.

Alice E.

Why didn't I read the reviews. We sat at bar and ordered immediately. Lots of empty seats so not very busy. After 20 minutes I inquired about our order of two burgers. I was informed that we had ordered 17 minutes ago and this is a restaurant with made to order food and not pre cooked. At the thirty minute mark which I was corrected once again that it was 25 minutes I asked again. When it finally arrived at 35 plus minutes the fries were cold($4 upcharge) And the meat was cooked to kingdom come. Two burgers and one ice tea for $50. Weird after taste from this prefab frozen patty that did in fact seem like it was precooked food. Yuck.

Mac M.

I totally underestimated this place. I had the wisco-burger and a Scotch Ale. The burger was great, it tasted as if came straight off of a charcoal bbq grill...delicious. The Scotch Ale was great too. This was my first time having it.

Rohan D.

You should avoid this place. I should have read the YELP reviews. I always read the YELP reviews. But I had luggage and, well, it doesn't matter I should have read the YELP reviews and listened to my Spidey Senses tingling. The menu has no prices. That's because to eat here you need about $50 per person, I am not exaggerating. I know what airport food costs, this place is expensive by airport food standards. This place is more expensive than Rick Bayless in O'Hare and at least that food is good. The waitress was lackadaisical but acceptable. I'm sure she's used to horrified patrons seeing their bills and stiffing on the tip. The burger was okay but so not worth the price. $4 upcharge for fries instead of potato chips. The evening I arrived in Palo Alto I ate in an upscale elegant hotel and my bill was about the same. Just don't even think about this place even if money means nothing to you, give the $50 to charity.

Christian C.

The 5 is based strictly on service. All I did was drink beer. Service was excellent!!! Beer was cold

Jason S.

Ansolute garbage. Food was horrible and epically over priced!!! For a Burger, Curds and Spotted Cow $45.33. Yes it's an airport but this place is awful. Server was nice and apologetic even but acknowledged that it was way overpriced for the food offered. Pay your check right away both me and guy next to me went through several mobile card readers before finding one that worked!!!

Mikaela Lelonek

This place was great! The bartender suggested an awesome beer to me when I told him what I like. The korean chicken sandwich is the best sandwich I’ve had in my entire life!! The price was worth it for the delicious good and wonderful service. My bartender was very attentive and friendly. I wish more restaurant airports were like this

Shane Thoms

Had one of the rudest bartenders on 8/18 @ 3pm. Waitress was running slow, so asked him if he could cash me out. Quickly told me "No, I can't do that.". I asked if he could find the waitress and help me. He snapped back "which one?" She just emerged from the kitchen, but at the far end of the bar. I pointed her out, then he said "well, go down there then." I mentioned the poor customer service and he said "nothing I can do" which I replied that he could have walked to her and brought her to us. Sad.

Jordan Carey

Waitress was friendly and the food was of fine quality. However, the wait for the food was a bit on the longer side and the prices are simply unfathomable. Of course one expects to pay more in airports, but the prices here are more than I've ever paid in New York, London, or really anywhere else. The price of the drinks was not listed on drink menu, so when the bill came and I saw my bloody mary was $17, I about fell off my chair. Try to arrive at the airport after already have eaten.

Kenn Soendergaard

Really not all it's hyped up to be. Famous chef and all and understand their spots in town are GREAT - But charging 15USD for their famous cheese curds, which are basically fried cheese sticks, is outrageous. Salad was Ok - hence 3 stars. Will look at other options next time I'm there.