Red Lion Singapore Grill & Japanese Cuisine

515 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison
(608) 467-3018

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I've eaten here over a dozen times since finding it (always takeout), and it's always great tasting and consistent. The staff are super friendly and ordering over the phone or online is quick. The fried rice types all have a different flavor, and the satay chicken is top tier.

Charles Thio (Ploot)

Worst Singapore/Malaysian curry I’ve ever had. Flavors were not balanced at all, curry had no depth and not much curry. Just look at the photo, they basically added a spoon of curry powder to coconut milk and called it Singapore curry. At the price they are charging, I would much rather just get the Prima Singapore curry premix from a Asian grocery store and it would be 10x better than this “curry” that’s just coconut milk


Impromptu date night here and it was great! Fast and excellent service. We got the eel roll, spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon role, and California roll as well as the Singapore chicken curry. Everything was fresh and delicious! To top it off, we got a matcha moon pie dessert that was great too! Will definitely be going back.


This was some of the best sushi I’ve ever eaten. It all had superb quality and freshness. The staff were also very nice. Definitely will be coming back here again!Vegetarian options: Avocado rolls and sweet potato rolls are amazingParking: Parking usually looks available.

Robin Bougie

This place is AMAZING! The chefs are always on point and the food is always fantastic. The staff is super friendly and generous (they included free soup in our takeout order!) And the Singapore Fried Rice is the bestest! We love you!!

Kat R. Wojcik

I got take out today of the eel and avocado rolls. It was excellent! The presentation of my take out order is great, it’s even better that the avocados were fresh. Customer service was great too. Would highly recommend.

Elena T.

Excellent sushi and tempura. The tempura is really greasy. I love the tempura battered fish fry.

zgft L

Amazing! ??????-I just discovered this reasutrant & today my food was served very fast. The sushi was fresh, organic & original. Chef's are Very kind & professional. There are are dozens of creative cuisines at your wish. I love the culture & can't wait to try more of this delicious traditional food!10/10 strongly recommend.

Glenn Brown

Absolutely one of my Favorite Places to eat in Madison.. weather we are dining in or it’s carry out?? The Food is always fresh and delicious!!! 5 Star all day long!!! Jeffrey is amazing and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet too!! I highly recommend Red Lion to anyone looking for a delicious treat…5-⭐️❤️❤️❤️

Jeffrey Hwang

Decent if you aren't looking for Singaporean food. As someone who lived in Singapore for quite awhile, the only Singaporean food here is chicken rice (only available on selected days) and chili crab. Singaporean fried rice and noodle are not Singaporean food, they are from Hong Kong.Wish they were more authentic. Weirds me out they also do sushi and Chinese food. It's more like generic Asian food really, does not stand out to me at all.


We drive by this restaurant at least ten times every week and we kept saying that we had to eat here. We finally did last week Friday. It appears that this is mainly a take-out place even though they have a small but pleasant dining room. We were the only people that ate in while we were there for an hour or so. Lots of take out though. Needless to say the service was prompt - they even have a wireless doorbell to summon the waiter when you need anything. We started with the shrimp shumai app which was good. The sauce was very good. We then ordered a California roll and a Philly roll (OK we aren't super adventurous sushi people) - both were very good and reasonably priced. We then split an entree of crispy fried pork belly with some miso soup. We liked them both. The pork belly came with loads of veggies and a tasty sauce. They do not have alcohol but that just made it a less expensive meal. Next time perhaps we will branch out and try some of their other sushi selections.

Yue Shao

Had a wonderful time here with some sushi and sashimi. The fish tastes fresh and the rolls are delicious. Like all other small businesses, this place is short in staff and gets pretty busy during rush hours. But the food is well worth the wait and I always feel welcomed in here.

wenyuan zhu

This is one of the best restaurants in Wisconsin. I love their sushi dish. Great taste and texture. I'll definitely go back to try other chief specials.

Christian Swomley

Hidden gem! Best Eastside sushi I've had. Even though they were short staffed staffed we had a wonderful time and amazing service. The food was absolutely delicious!

Jason Henry

Ordered 3 rolls and miso soup, was not expecting such a presentation. This is my 3rd time here and everytime everything is amazing. It’s well priced and clean for such a small place. If you are looking for laid back setting for good sushi, I would recommend Red Lion!

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Red Lion Singapore Grill & Japanese Cuisine

515 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI 53716
(608) 467-3018