675 S Whitney Way, Madison
(608) 277-6735

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Baron Protector to the Emperor Donald C Bachman

Great food great services prices a trade high as everything but worth itFood: 5/5

Terrie Sanchez

Not very nice to have the worker shout at you,"I'm not ready and do not have everything," as the line piles upMadison✌️Food: 1/5

Parwat Regmi

No free birthday reward at this Starbucks. Short-staffed, so expect a longer than usual wait time.

Robert Bluel

Very nice staff!

Sammy Loid

Fast service

Ditra Comer

I never been so humilated in my life I am a disable woman I went in this starbucks for the first time. I accidently left my glasses at home I ask the girl at cashier what types of flavor they have for a frappe. She rolls her eyes and the other worker jump in. She needs to get re-train on her manners lucky I was no mystery shopper or undercover boss like the tv show.

Maria Santiago

The worst experience that I have ever had. I ordered a guava passion fruit the employee that made my drink left out an ingredient that makes a big difference. The coconut milk without it the flavor of the drink tastes mostly like tea and not guava I told my son to go ask the employee if he could remake my drink they made it the same I also ordered a wcmf and they put no coffee in it it tasted like pure white chocolate I went up to the store and told them that they had missed an ingredient in both of my drinks both of the employees insisted that they made the drink how it was supposed to be made I showed them a picture of the drink not to mention the whole time one of the employees had the AUDACITY a of having an attitude!!!! When I asked for the manager they called customer service and we settled it there the employee with an attitude came over to us and blantley said “I made the drinks how they where supposed to be made” the AUDACITY. Lastly they weren’t very sanitary they didn’t where gloves and one of the employees had there hair down this is important because of the pandemic that we are currently in this isn’t optional it’s MANDATORY they didn’t even wash their hands. Me and have a good day

Shawn Valencia

I wondered around the Hyvee location looking for food. I am vegan and it is not always easy. Having been ignored by the grocery staff several times, I decided to get some coffee to go. The staff at this Starbucks location were amazing. The only thing bigger than their smiles was their product knowledge. I left with food I could eat and hot coffee. I will be back and kudos to management. Happy staff equals good management.

Jose Dominguez

Good but drinks not always great. To much ice and water. Pricey.

Raymond Parry

Fast and great service.

Drew L

Safe, clean, following safety guidelines in their fast, friendly and delicious way.

William First

Coffee was about average for Starbucks, so terrible.

Mike G

Great coffee

Angelia Boose

Just left Starbucks in hyvee west. I ordered a Matcha green vanilla latte with almond milk, watch her fix it did not see her put almond milk she put milk from a gallon jug, she called out the drink and asked you put almond milk, she said yes but I saw you put milk from that jug she said have a good day I put it in trash dont drink regular milk. No I won't visit there again. She did not put almond milk in there, some people can't drink regular milk I am one of them. I guess she thought I wouldn't know the difference, my system would have for days. I dare she I won't go there again.

Savage PZZA

Perfect ? double expresso's with sugar and friendly services.

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