4630 E Washington Ave, Madison
(608) 298-3200

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gourav sood

They never answers the phone never ever?


Recently when I was visiting family, I was assisted by this young fellow with black hair and glasses. He was very nice and made me feel so welcomed. Its like he knew that I wasnt from around here which made it even better. Keep it up!

Fayyad Huq

Ive been here a few times, when it comes to quantity, they could give a little more but when it comes to customer service they are great. Usually when I go, theres a guy who wears glasses. I cannot remember his name but he always puts a smile on my face and is very entertaining. He’s super nice too.

Andrew Margolies

NIce place


I normally come and order in person and have ordered once before on Eatstreet with no issues. But this time when I ordered a chopped salad it wasn’t chopped and my ‘extra bacon’ consisted of 2 pieces of bacon. I tried calling the store twice with no answer.

terry moore

They should put more meat on their sandwiches. Yeah it's neat that you bake your own bread but I'm not ordering a sandwich for a ton of bread and a little meat. Maybe stop baking your own bread so you can afford to put more meat on your sandwiches

Jack Dobson

Had a 6" tuna on asiago bread. Outstanding. Friendly service.

Aaron jackson

Forgot to ask the guys name but he had wire wrapped glasses. This guy is always offering up new ways to have a sub. He is also very kind. I come back because of this guy. Keep it up buddy

Katie Bibbens

Bad attitudes.

Taylor Schwartz

Horrible service! They didn't know what they were doing at all.

shadow demon

Greatly appreciated the friendly aditude of the sandwich artist but a little unfortunate that the subway here closes at 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday nights

Ben jackson

They're ok

Ranger Ben

They're ok

Aimee A.

Great service, super clean and fresh! My sub was perfect! The employees were happy and fun to chat with! Love the bell ringing for perfect subs!

Mary M.

Most unsatisfactory party catered order ever. The subs had nothing but meat in them and the veggie subs were JUST BREAD! On Wednesday afternoon I ordered 3 party platters for pick up at 9AM the next Sunday morning. On Thursday I stopped in to make a change to my order. I asked for all sandwiches to be made with lettuce, spinach, cucumber and green peppers leaving the cheese, tomato, onion, pickle, mayo etc on the side. Landon, the person on duty, remarked that when he saw the order the day before he "thought it was a joke," and then continued to complain that he doesn't come in until 8:30, works alone and couldn't possibly get it ready by 9. Afterwards I made arrangements to pick up the order at 10 and tried calling (298-3200) the store to tell Landon. On Friday and Saturday I tried 11 times to call the store. No one ever answered; there is no message option, fax or email. At 9:07 Sunday, Landon called from 298-3200 to tell me the order was ready, taking up room in his kitchen and I was late. When I arrived at 9:25 he greeted me with "Here you are, WAY LATE!" Told him I was surprised it was ready and had tried to call with a later time but no one ever answered the phone. "You could have stopped in again," said Landon. He blew off when I explained I live on the west side. Never. Again.

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