Taco Bell

698 S Whitney Way, Madison
(608) 277-2411

Recent Reviews

Joe Wiatrowski

As far as Taco Bell's go this one wasn't too bad. They were really busy I only ordered one thing but they got it to me right away so that was nice

Greg Hasheider

They need help, but the staff they have are friendly and helpful. Food was ready quickly and order was accurate. Thanks

Teresa Cornejo

Ordered a crunchwrap and got a burrito but with the correct receipt.

Terri Gregory

Good, consistent fast food. Friendly, competent service. Coincidentally, a great place to watch and sit out a storm.

David Ballinger

Crunchwrap Supreme was basically empty. The first few bites were nothing but the tortilla.We ordered two and they were identical.

Barbie R

After ordering from them through DoorDash for the very first time since moving here, I found not only one but 2 grey ants in our food! I was absolutely disgusted and contacted DoorDash and then proceeded to contact them in which it says user busy! Call back… very disappointing and grossed out. Worst dash experience I’ve had yet. Never again..

Cres Bau (cb)

Came to tacobell for dine in and had employees talking very loud and vulgar with children present. When asked if they could tone it down they started mocking my family saying we should go home and that minimum wage job they didn't care. When we approached the shift management to see what the issue was when we politely ask if they could just be mindful they became confrontational and started getting aggressive and to make issues worse a another employee started instigate the already aggressive employees to keep mocking and threatening the disrespectful behavior

Jacqueline VS

The west Madison location (across from Hy-Vee) is the BEST. The manager is so personable and kind and the employees really seem to enjoy their job (fast food ain't easy) We will literally drive out of our way to go to this specific location, I hope they get the recognition they deserve!

Melanie French-Ami

Fast, courteous service. Najee gave me eye to eye contact. His coworker was pleasant and kind. My order was presented within minutes and was hot and correct!

Torii Taylor

This particular tacobell is terrible , At 9:30 they told me there was no soft shells and I didn’t even order one on top of that I asked for two Gordita crunches and one steak taco supream . And it was poorly made the shell was stale . You couldn’t see the topping tomatoes thrown every where .my boyfriend ordered( #5)a nacho delgrande no beans . And they put 1 oz of nacho cheese. He paided 30.00 he deserves a refund.

Tanya O'Neil

They are the only Taco Bell in town that doesn't mess up my order ever. The staff is extremely nice the food is extremely good and they're open late.

Fatima Dokumova

I came with my daughter to Taco Bell and we ordered, but when we got our food they forgot the sodas but we asked and showed them that we ordered. But then when we came home we noticed they didn’t give us the chips we asked for and it was freezing outside so we didn’t go back for the chips and when we tasted the food in the bowl the food wasn’t fresh and the deserts were so sweet that I spit it out! But my daughter liked the tacos, I do not recommend going there!!!

Jay Morrissey

Regrettably eat this for lunch almost everyday, but there hasn’t been a single bad experience. Everyone is always working hard and being so friendly despite the long lines they get at lunch rush. Your team needs to be commended!

Jose Hernandez

Didn't like how the man responded when I picked up my food. He didn't care if the food was mine or not. This is not same for people who picks up food. Didn't like the service. But I still like the food.

Noah Deabel

Really friendly and quick service. Not everything was completely clean but it was definitely comfortable.

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