Vanilla Bean

6805 Odana Rd, Madison
(608) 833-3050

Recent Reviews

Rick Baker

I am not a professional baker, I’m not even a very good part timer. But the Vanilla Bean has been around for a very, very long time in Madison, which in itself says all that needs to be said about this business. They do what they do really well, their staff is great, their selection is wonderful. When I leave Madison, one of the few places I will miss is being able to go there for whatever thing I need. And if I ever come back, they will still be there. ❤️

Teresa Deering

I love this store. Great place to go for idea Shopping. inspires creativity.

Jill Zimmerman

This is an amazing shop with wonderfully kind and helpful employees. I always have a question about how to do something and leave with answers, and a smile, every time! So thankful this is in Madison - we're lucky!

Classy Penguin

Amazing place, everything you need for baking and decorating!!

Ember Rose

Had to walk up to the workers to say I'm ready to check out because they were too busy chatting and goofing off

Eric Straavaldsen

My go to place for baking and cooking items. they are always helpful. and their selection of bakeware is fantastic.

Kathy R.

I can honestly say that this store is great and has everything/anything you would need for baking on any level! I'm just starting out, but the people in here know their stuff and have been super helpful with questions and inquiries. Now I'm thinking that I can't live without it, but I guess I don't have to. It's also close to home. Win-win!!

Andrew Potts

Great selection of baking and decorating supplies. A huge wall of cookie cutters.

Shirley Anderson

Went to the Vanilla Bean today. A staff member help me find the things i wanted. Very sweet lady. So happy

Wendy Porter

I remember shopping there when I was planning my wedding 25 years ago. I started regularly shopping there over the past 3 years. The friendly staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. It is honestly with this help, that I am able to stay home and bake cookies as a home business!

Alissa Castellanos

Their customer service is amazing. I wanted rainbow sprinkles without pinks and pastels and they went back and made a package for me. They carry almost anything you can imagine and their prices are comparable to Amazon.

Chris Schroud

Love this place. Cookie Cutter Paradise

Sarajane L.

We visited in mid-February 2021. Half empty shelves. No effort whatsoever to limit the number of people allowed inside the store to shop at one time, never mind any encouragement for customers to socially distance in the store's narrow aisles. This is a store design that screams for one way only aisles. Clearly unhappy, bordering on surly, cashier. The pandemic has hit this formerly beloved store hard, and they aren't rolling with the punches as they could and should be. We found about half of the things we went in for, and left feeling very stressed out by the whole experience. Very sad to have to give a much lower rating than usual. The bright spot was the high school age girl who was very smiling, friendly, and earnestly trying her best to get us what we needed, but unfortunately also seemingly unaware that unrelated people cannot stand right next to each other during a pandemic. Felt so bad for her. I hope she stays well. I won't shop in the store again until the danger has well passed.

Samantha Anderson

Customer service was top notch. Person who helped was very understanding of autistic students, highly recommended for sweet tooths!

Stephanie Schwarz

I absolutely love Vanilla Bean! It’s my go to for everything cake or candy making.

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